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  1. Sorry that none were accepted JamieLogical! It sounds like you still have a great cabin, so have a lot of fun this weekend!
  2. I don't know how long it takes to send out the emails and change the bid status, but I will admit that I'm going to be very surprised and disappointed if neither of my bids were accepted. There were so many still available today and I have pretty high bids, so this would be a bummer. Thank you for your emotional support! 🙂 I hope much better luck for you!
  3. It looks like they are finally making strides on the Feb 3rd Getaway sailing. All mini suites and most balconies just immediately switched to "sold out." Anyone received their happy emails?
  4. You haven't heard ANYTHING? I thought they had to send out rejections at least 48 hours before sail? So approve or deny you should have heard. I would call if no word at all. Or check the actual bid page, the status may be listed.
  5. Agreed, this process is stressful! And please no one get preachy about I should have booked outright if I wanted my upgrade that much; this process evolves for sure. Next time I will do it differently!
  6. Thank you! I’ll try it. 🙂
  7. Hi all, This is a very hot topic for me, but while I like mixed drinks and am not happy about liquor changes, the biggest issue for me is the wine that is now covered under the UBP. All absolutely crap wines are kept on the list, and there is a HUGE discrepency between those and the next offered glass up 20-21$ per glass. That is so strategically screwing anyone who wanted to just have a decent glass of wine that was between 10-15$ prior. And all wines have been affected, so even if I'd like to try other types, the issue is the same across the board. This brings home the real problem: I book NCL because the UBP makes their slightly-higher prices and party atmosphere worth it for me. This change really affects that value.
  8. There are other benefits that may be of value to you in Haven. Private pool, bar, restaurant, etc. and that of course means less crowding. Also, I believe there is personal butler service in some or all? Also priority boarding and waiting area. I've never thought it worth the ticket price, but understand it is very luxurious. THE mini suite has been worth bidding on for me in the past. I like the bigger bathroom and shower. I REALLY like the bigger bathroom and shower! I've never done the spa, and so wonder how much I would use it, but have been tempted to bid on that also!
  9. I trust you. My last NCL was December 2017, and that was my 3rd bidding experience. I've only been following the process for about 2 months now on this thread and my roll call, and I was expecting more around the 7-10 mark this time because it is undersold. If you think this is pretty normal, I believe you! This is new to me; in the past I've been upgraded farther out if things are available, and if not it's more of a last-minute waiting game to see how things shake out. But I've had more time to prepare and know what to expect (even if that's "I'm probably not gonna get it"), this time I'm like a deer in the headlights
  10. I'm now somewhat suspicious that they changed the upgrade process when they made other changes on or around 1/12. More ways to save money... hold out on upgrades until the last possible second... In the past I've seen upgrades go out more around the 10-15 day mark, if there are a lot of cabins left.
  11. I've done this before and my group had an absolute blast. I will give the caveat that the puzzles were challenging; but we liked that! 🙂
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