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  1. I posted the OP and maybe 5 people tried to give me their reason which I appreciate. The other 372 replies were a waste of time. I guess this was not a good idea on my half.
  2. I’m the OP and after 4 pages of posts not one person even attempted to give me an answer to my question. Everyone goes off on their only platform. If someone could take a stab at my question I would appreciate it. Why do they take the drink package away when you put your 2 children age 10 and 8 in your cabin?
  3. I think it is good for any one that has a VIFP number. It is code RU2, sure it has exceptions but I just can’t come up with a reason why they take it away for taken your family?
  4. I received an email which I’m sure many have from Carnival giving the drink package if you are a VIFP. We decided to take the family and called Carnival and requested 3 balcony cabins for 6 adults and 6 children aged 7-16. We told her the cruise we wanted and got everything we wanted except the drink package. I asked why we didn’t get the drink package and she informed us because it is only for cabins with double occupancy, so even if they are children under 21 you lose the perk. I don’t understand why Carnival would do this, you take an extra 6 people and it seems you get penalized. What are
  5. We were denied boarding after we had a 1 hour layover in Hong Kong. We flew to Singapore on January 30th for a Celebrity Cruise leaving February 1st, on January 31 we received an email saying anyone who transited through Hong Kong would be denied boarding. We purchased this trip as a package and our TA said since we used the air we would not be reimbursed for that or our hotels. Were talking almost $2500 that we thing Celebrity should give us back. We did get a full refund plus a 50% FCC. We have filed a claim with insurance for interruption but not heard anything yet.
  6. Has anyone that was denied boarding once you arrived at the port city filed a claim with insurance for refund of flight and hotel. If you have, could you let me know where it stands and if you have heard back from them. No offense but I would appreciate if only those denied boarding response to this post.
  7. I feel since they denied us boarding when we were already in port Celebrity was willing to throw our money around!
  8. I goggled Elliott Advocacy Group. Thanks for the info, I may need it.
  9. I don’t get where your coming from on I would have to have taken those flights either way. If we would of had two days notice we could have switched to flights not going to Hong Kong. Can you tell me what the Elliott Advocacy Group is.
  10. No, we left Singapore Saturday 2/1 at 6:30 PM and got home at 11:00 AM Sunday after 4 flights and 36 of flying and sitting in airports. Our fight that our TA arranged for us home was back though Hong Kong where we didn’t change planes but required us to exit the plane and go though security which was the same way coming but this time going home they took our temperature. When we arrived in SFO it was same as normal, just went though customs and on to our next gate. I don’t know what would have happened if 1 of us would of had a temperature in Hong Kong. We keep thinking that Celebrity will ste
  11. Plus we would have change flights not going to Hong Kong
  12. Then insurance kicks in, they say since we use the flights we are entitled to no compensation
  13. We were in Singapore when they decided to deny us boarding and our flight was though Hong Kong.
  14. What I meant about being booted from our hotel was our flight out was not till 6:30PM we asked for a late check out but didn’t receive. We will get a refund from Celebrity for the cruise but we will not be reimbursed for airfare which was $2498.13. I feel since they waited to the last minute to deny us boarding they should reimburse us for flights.
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