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  1. Great review! On the BA in November. I've got to make a note about some of these drinks...
  2. Do you mean that there was no upcharge for the surf & turf at any restaurant, or that there was no upcharge from the SDP at any restaurant? If the latter is true, I'm about to cancel my La Cucina and go to Ocean Blue in December.
  3. Flying in the night before, and I usually try to get onboard early and have a nice lunch at Savor, which usually isn't that busy. I know that it's not a strict rule, but every time I've sailed out of Port of Miami, it has let me choose a time to arrive at the pier as part of the online check-in, then when at the pier they'd check my docs and if it's in the allotted time, they send you straight in... maybe they just sent everybody in, I don't know because I've always shown up during my allotted time, but this was at least a way to try to spread out the crowds. The pic that is attached is off of a cruise earlier this year. This column is not on my eDocs for the November sailing. Just thought that was odd.
  4. Sailing out of Port Canaveral for the first time, and just did my online check-in. I wasn't given the option to pick a time to arrive at the dock as I always have been able to do at Port of Miami. Do they not do this for Port Canaveral, or did NCL change something up? I hate the thought of 4000 people showing up to this ship all at the same time.
  5. Pros: cheaper Cons: you can't pick your cabin That's about it.
  6. I just booked Breakaway for the week after Thanksgiving. When everything is equal I book directly with my PCC at NCL, but this time the TA gave me a $300 lower fare, $150 OBC, and prepaid gratuities in addition to the "all 4 free" promo, so it saved me almost $700 overall, or about 20% of my original fare. Just gotta shop around and pit a couple TAs against eachother.
  7. The annoying thing is that EZ Pass is accepted on parts of roads in Florida, so driving from Orlando to Cape Canaveral, for example, you can't use EZ Pass from I-4 to 417 until you're half way to 528. Then you can use EZ Pass. Once on 528, you can use EZPass, but only until you're about half way to 95. Then you can't use it any more.
  8. This is great. I always set my GPS to avoid toll roads so I don't get whacked from the rental car people. Now if they'd just all accept EZPass like every other place we'd be set.
  9. Looking at doing a cruise 11/30 out of Port Canaveral. Because that's Thanksgiving weekend, flight prices in to Orlando are ridiculous. I can save almost $700 by flying in to Tampa instead, which is only about 90 minutes away. Does anyone know of shuttle companies that go from Tampa to Canaveral? I can rent a car for $100, but if someone else could drive us I'd rather do that. TIA.
  10. That was what I figured. Thanks for the info. My youngest will be fine eating off of the kids' menu, but if my 13 year-old sees me with a steak and he's eating grilled cheese he's gonna be mad!
  11. I was going to start a topic on this, but this seems like as good a place as any to ask this question. I've sailed with the dining package before, and I've sailed with kids before, but never with both at the same time. Just saw the "every offer free" promo for a cruise I've been following and I think I'm going to jump on it. I'm assuming the dining plan is similar to the UBP where only the first 2 guests get it? Beverages don't bother me because my kids are under 18, but what do they do regarding 3rd and 4th pax for the dining plan? Am I stuck paying for them, or will they let you do (for example) 2 meals with 3 people instead of 3 meals with 2 people? TIA.
  12. We finally started buying Cruise Next certificates after our 5th NCL cruise, realizing that this is our thing now so we should take advantage of it. My question is, if I book through an online site like expedia or something like that, how do I apply the certificates to the cruise? TIA
  13. Usually Nassau or Grand Bahama if they know in advance. If you get there and it's too rough to tender then it may just turn in to an additional day at sea.
  14. Although I didn't do it, there is a shuttle to the mainland. You need to book specific round trip times, as it's capacity limited. I don't remember much else about it, but search around and I'm sure someone has done it.
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