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  1. I was also looking at an early 2021 cruise out of San Juan, same price as you. I am tired of the normal eastern and western Caribbean ports (some variety, NCL, PLEASE!) and the SJ cruise on the Epic has 5 southern Carribean ports that I haven't been to. My worry is mostly that we still won't be cruising in February or that the islands won't let us disembark. I checked flights out of Pittsburgh, and while Southwest's schedule isn't out yet and I prefer to fly with them, Spirit is offering flights for $79 each way... so figure about $250 round trip per person including bags, seat a
  2. Long pants and collared shirts for guys. They didn't seem to care about what women wore.
  3. There are two companies that run shuttles. Sensation Ferries and Speedy's. They have similar pricing, so the decision is mostly on what time their shuttles run and what's convenient for you. There is no discount for booking ahead, so you can just walk up to them. It's about a 5 or 10 minute walk from where the ship will dock to the smaller dock that the shuttles use. They'll take you to Virgin Gorda where they'll put you on a private bus/taxi and take you to the top of the baths. You will still need to pay to access the Baths, it's $3 for adults, free for kids. They'll ask wha
  4. I'm not sure about that. We had the free 250 min of internet and just used that whenever we needed, still had about 100 left over at the end of the week.
  5. When we were there a few weeks ago, the deepest area of the main trail through the baths was waist deep. You should be fine as a non-swimmer.
  6. No, it was on the 5th or 6th night of the cruise.
  7. Just noticed this... that was supposed to say a MAGICIAN on board. There are always comedians on board. The shows were in the main theater and complimentary.
  8. NCL's "private brand" wine used to be called North & South. Now it's called East & West. I thought I was going crazy, but I confirmed afterward that the name did indeed change. I'm thinking that they just put them up later on this ship. On the Getaway it looked like they were making good money off of pics by the decorations, so I can't see them not doing it at all. It was on the Breakaway, and no idea why. I did not investigate further! :)
  9. So I got caught up with the holidays and never put together a review for our Breakaway cruise from the first week of December. Everyone knows the deal, though, so I'm just going to give some random thoughts about our first time on this ship. First time cruising from Canaveral and not Miami. There were dolphins swimming along side the ship out to sea, that was fun. We were told to get to port no earlier than 11am. We arrived about 10:45 and were on the ship about 10:55. No holding area or boarding groups, just checked in and walked on. Upon embarking, we went direct
  10. This was the case on the Breakaway a couple weeks ago as well.
  11. Yeah, just ask for a double or don't get the pre-mixed ones. You can watch them pour the alcohol in, so you know what you're getting. Different bartenders will also pour differently. Last week some of them would put a shot of rum in a daquiri and mix it. Some would double up, then put another on top when they were done.
  12. In that case, everyone dressed nicely in Cagney's on their own.
  13. Breakaway last week they were definitely enforcing pants and nice shirts in the Manhattan room and Cagney's.
  14. I was referring to the two Virgin Island Brewing beers pictured above, which are actually brewed in Florida then imported to USVI and distributed from there. That place looks great, though. Is it anywhere near the port?
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