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  1. We had James at Cucina and requested him every time after that! Definitely one of the best servers I've ever had, really nice guy.
  2. I'm pretty sure I read a post by John and saw in a vlog that masks are not required in the thalassotherapy area
  3. Was anyone able to just print out their test results and show that? I noticed that ones I've gotten before don't have QR/Barcodes for them to scan or anything. Just want to make sure that's ok. Not really sure how they verify it's authentic.
  4. Does anyone know what the table mins are? Curious about craps specifically
  5. I get that the cruise lines are just trying to be safe, but I wish that more people had the attitude of vaccine = no masking anymore. On a cruise where pretty much everyone is vaccinated... who cares about a mask?
  6. The Mardi Gras seems like a huge step up from other Carnival ships. I think the updated interior/promenade areas are going to be amazing. It looks like there's a lot to do on the ship.
  7. Hi everyone, was wondering if anyone has some experience with this. I have a cruise booked on the Mardi Gras in September with three people, two fully vaccinated adults and one child under 12 who is unable to get the vaccine. Although the rules for September haven't been announced yet, assuming they're the same as July and August, I'm thinking about just not bringing the child so we don't have to go through all the extra hoops and have to worry about them cruising unvaccinated and with no camp ocean. Has anyone been able to get a refund for just one person in the cabin? Assuming I don't want to cancel the cruise just want to cancel one person given the health protocols. I know normally this wouldn't be possible but thinking it might be different with covid. Thanks.
  8. It's pretty stupid that he can be vaccinated and have a negative test but still be denied. What a sham
  9. I feel like with all the protocols and testing cruise employees have to go through now, they're probably in a much better position and 'safer' than most people on land working around kids.
  10. The same reason why schools, daycares, restaurants, stores, malls, movie theaters, etc are all open to kids and 'putting their employees in harms way'. With the vaccine any risk is pretty much completely mitigated.
  11. I'm booked in September on the Mardi Gras with a 2 year old and this is the only thing I'm worried about. What was the offer they sent you if you don't mind me asking?
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