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  1. Very sad to see Magellan on you tube heading for the scrap yard, had a lovely cruise on her to the Baltic and although not one of the prettiest or stylish ships my wife who is not that fond of cruising rated our trip 9/10.
  2. yes I did note that a lot of the replies were from USA based contributors but I will tip as usual as if taxi drivers helping me unload my cases.
  3. so somewhere In the middle would be ok lol
  4. is it usual to tip Porters at Southampton cruise terminal
  5. amazingly my wife has both her hips replaced within the last two years and caused no damage to either of them in the fall.
  6. I am pleased to report that after many emails sent to my travel agency and RCI plus phone calls and not getting anywhere fast I spoke to a lady called Lola at the TA and she said let me try and help. After talking ,holding ,talking, she was on another line to RCI so there was times when the jingo music was driving me to distraction but she managed to get me a deferment but I only had 24hrs to choose what dates. Fortunately being optimistic after our first few minutes chat I looked up an alternative sailing again on Indy but at the end of July and was so pleased with her help that I upgraded to a Junior suite so my wife could enjoy the luxury of a bath. Yes it cost more but the fact I did not have to pay any excess on my Insurance had I had to cancel defrayed some of that cost. Well done to Planet Cruise and RCI for helping me out. I informed my insurers that I would not need to claim but received not a single word from them but today got my renewal in the post but as it says advise of any damage to the neck/back the operator said that will be no problem so I asked if I could pay there and then and lo and behold it was £60 lower than my renewal quote, win win so far. Thanks again for everyones advice and help as I really appreciate it.
  7. thanks for your replies, I am exploring whether I can defer the cruise, my favoured option or the Insurance route.She has a Burst C1 fracture of her vertebrae and is in a neck brace which looks like a 6/8 minimum wearing and would totally ruin the cruise.
  8. We are in a quandary after my wife accident on Saturday evening. We have a cruise booked on Indy departing Southampton 01/06/2019. We are insured but the insurance which is a annual policy that automatically renews actually runs out on 04/06/2019. Now whether the I insurance will honour a claim I do not yet know but as an alternative will Royal Caribbean allow a deferment of our cruise in the worst case scenario if the Insurance will not allow us to cancel without loss. thanks for your time, Ian t.
  9. Thanks Host Clarea, all other posts were saying 5.0 was good enough so I will get a more modern phone lol more expense
  10. my galaxy j3 has the 5.0.01 but will still not let me download the royal Caribbean app and still says phone not compatible
  11. thanks to both of you, decided to book private hire from port to cathedral and the tour extra, its a one off trip so hang the expense lol.
  12. I am looking at a tour with Viator and actually rang them to see if pickup at the ship is an option but left more confused than when I started. It would appear some tours pick up at the ship but tickets for the sites are not include while others are said tickets are included but no ship pick up, help and advice needed please.
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