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  1. Hello! I know Carnival allows the bringing of one 12-pack of soda on board. Does anyone know if they have to remain in the box they come in? To save space in our suitcase, it would be helpful if they could be packed as 12 singular cans, outside of the box. Thank you for your information! KCcruzor
  2. Also, we want to see the nearby Celarain Lighthouse, as well. Do we just tell the taxi driver we want to make a stop there? I would guess three fares then? Port to Lighthouse. Lighthouse to Punta Sur. Punta Sur back to Port.
  3. I was wanting to check out Punta Sur on the west side of the island. What is best / cheapest way to get there and back from the Puerta Maya cruise terminal? Thank you! KCcruzor
  4. Is the street named Front Street? I'm just trying to determine to which street you refer.
  5. Since we're not big on snorkeling/cave tubing/zip lining, I thought the rum distillery tour could be fun. Has anyone taken the tour there? How much is the taxi ride to and from? Thanks a bunch! Ryan
  6. Is this flea market named Brodies (that I saw mentioned in another post)? Thank you!
  7. KCcruzor


    Wow, this sounds fun! Which tour operator did you use? Thank you! Ryan
  8. Looking to make a reservation at Port of Galveston. We are on the Carnival Breeze. Is it a problem to arrive at the parking lot at 9:30 A.M.? Thanks! Ryan
  9. It appears that parking at the port in Mobile is $20/day. I was curious whether there were any other nearby lots that offer shuttle service to the cruise terminal. We will be driving in the morning of our cruise, so we will not be needing a hotel. Thanks in advance! Ryan
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