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  1. Depending on your budget, staying in Galveston would be your first choice. My wife and her cousin stayed at Moody Gardens before a early December cruise and greatly enjoyed the Christmas displays. On the other hand, Galveston has the possibility of being crazy expensive. As others mentioned, staying south of Houston is a less expensive option. I've stayed at the Holiday Inn off of NASA Road 1 and enjoyed the evening in Kemah. Not Galveston but not bad.
  2. There are a couple of decent hotels on NASA parkway that are close to Kemah attractions and a $50 Lyft ride to the cruise terminal. Galveston is a great pre-cruise location but prices have been off the charts the last few years. I stayed at the Holiday Inn/NASA prior to a princess cruise from the Houston port (remember that?) and was pleasantly surprised.
  3. Wonderful news and I support the decision to vaccinate the crew. I volunteer at a vac site and have seen availability increase and demand start to sag. The Sam's Club near me had someone at the entrance informing shoppers that the vaccine was available immediately. We have more than enough supply to support crew.
  4. I'm fully vaccinated and my blood-donation antibody test (1 month after 2nd shot) was negative. (although I know you were mostly kidding!)
  5. This was more of a "how do things get done in Galveston" question, did not not know if island time can affect completion. I suspect private projects stand a better chance. By the way, you should try a magic 8 ball, they only run out of juice when broken!
  6. I used to spend a lot of time in the Far East for work and masks were common in the more polluted areas. Never stopped anyone from smoking through the masks. Yea, masks for pollution --- smoking --- never figured it out....
  7. I read the book "Freighter Captain" by Max Hardberger who claims to have been the captain of a tramp freighter working the Caribbean. The book describes how a poorly maintained ship managed to successfully elude inspectors, perform makeshift repairs and scrape by without sinking (at least I think they did, couldn't bring myself to read to the end.) The author tries to make himself out to be the hero but basically comes out as someone with little regard to safe passage and the lives of his crew. The book tends to pitch the idea that many ships on the seas are in this condition.
  8. The equation changes when you have more people in the group. I've been on a couple cruises with larger family groups and a set dining time was the one time we were guaranteed to be together. No arguments, no question of where or when to eat, no waiting for stragglers. Selected early dining due to med issues for one of our group but everyone looked forward to our evening meet-up, regardless of what we did or did not do together earlier. We were always able to arrange adjoining tables pre-cruise (linked our reservations) and swapped seats most nights to mix the groups. Was assigned the same
  9. You receive: Club class dining - Never experienced but sure I'll enjoy. Not a make/break perk. Not like Celebrity where you have access to a very nice suite dining room Priority embarkation/disembarkation - Already have but helpful if you don't Half bottle of red & white wine - I suspect it's not their best vintage, not helpful if you have a drink package anyway Upgraded robes - OK.... Priority specialty dining reservations - may be useful for some Evening Canapés - OK, this is something we'll probably use All in all, I don't think I'
  10. If DFW is your best option for flight selections, AA has frequent flights to HOU, price runs around $167. OTOH, I played with pricing from various Iowa airports and, assuming you're looking at AA, don't see massive differences when tacking the DFW-HOU leg onto your trip (yea, I have too much time on my hands...)
  11. Glad to see a gradual, controlled reopening. Galveston would be the first place I'd consider a return to cruising, good to see that they are working on a plan other than hoping for miracles to happen. On the other hand, my favorite coastal event, the Port Arkansas Wooden Boat Festival was rescheduled from April to October and is now cancelled for 2020.
  12. Sorry, you're too late. I already bought it, needed something for the 4th of July. Think it will tow behind my Hyundai?
  13. Interesting, thanks for the link. I was struck by the statement: "These include mandatory touchless temperature screenings at embarkation, when returning to the ship, and before entering onboard events and dining venues." and wondered what happens to people off of shore excursions who have elevated temps for any reason.
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