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  1. Glad to see a gradual, controlled reopening. Galveston would be the first place I'd consider a return to cruising, good to see that they are working on a plan other than hoping for miracles to happen. On the other hand, my favorite coastal event, the Port Arkansas Wooden Boat Festival was rescheduled from April to October and is now cancelled for 2020.
  2. Sorry, you're too late. I already bought it, needed something for the 4th of July. Think it will tow behind my Hyundai?
  3. Interesting, thanks for the link. I was struck by the statement: "These include mandatory touchless temperature screenings at embarkation, when returning to the ship, and before entering onboard events and dining venues." and wondered what happens to people off of shore excursions who have elevated temps for any reason.
  4. Please don't think this is a "go google it" statement but you might want to search Youtube for crew videos. There are several interesting ones showing cabin tours from all staff levels. I found the ones from DavidColaDrums pretty entertaining but there are many more. Have to dig a bit deeper to find videos from the staff positions such as housekeeping but you should still get a good overview.
  5. You responded just to rant? Feel better now?
  6. Jean Shepherd was a humorist who is often associated with his long-running radio broadcasts as well as a writer who penned the stories that led to the oft-replayed "A Christmas Story." "Jean Shepherd's America" was a series that ran on PBS (the US public television network) in 1985 and one show featured a cruise on the Emerald Seas. Hope you enjoy the nostalgia. Extra points if anyone recognizes themselves on the ship! Jean Shepherd's America - Cruise Ship (please let me know if there are issues viewing in non-US locations)
  7. Update; United gets the Cranky Flier Jack*** award after all!
  8. +1 on the early bird suggestion. Families get to board after the "A" group which mostly means you can get seats together but not always. For example, if the flight has several thru-passengers originating at a prior city then many desirable seats may be taken. I consider Southwest my go-to airline* and the open seating policy means that, with a few precautions, I can get a reasonable seat without being an A+++ super gold-platinum member but there are a few downsides. Flying with families without being prepared is one of them. I do feel sorry for people coming in with the C group
  9. Another view on the subject from the Cranky Flier United Escapes the Cranky ***** Award
  10. An Air Force Base is built in the following order: The Officer's Club The Golf Course The Flight Line
  11. azbirdmom, thanks for the information. We're on port side so should be good there. Lois1112, appreciate the offer! Just starting to focus in on excursions, have a lot of questions.
  12. I appreciate your feedback! The Coral seemed to be a bit of a strange bird, what with the buffet forward and the IC next to the casino. Grew to love the lady as our September cruise went on with the great Wheelhouse Bar entertainment and a wonderful CD. Looking forward to it. May I ask what excursions you took, Princess or otherwise?
  13. My wife and I are booked on the Coral for a Jan 3 Antarctic cruise which features several scenic cruising days in Cape Horn and the Antarctic Peninsula. In talking with friends who have cruised this area before, wind speed and temperature were part of the discussion and we received a recommendation to try to find a balcony on the ship with as much protection as possible. We are currently booked on the Dolphin deck in a mini-suite with exposed overhead. I know that, wherever we are, to expect the possibility of wind and low temps but have a question for those of you that may have expe
  14. Loved it. The food was outstanding and the drinks were good quality. I must admit that part of the love may be from the fact that we had the extended family there as well (16 of us) and all had a great time. Tried to recreate the magic in an all inclusive when we had a Progresso stop. Poor quality food, overly sweet and weak drinks, etc... Made me miss Nachi Cocom all the more.
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