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  1. Like many other aspects of cruising, it depends on your objectives. Personally, I loved the suite perks with a great daily happy hour, reserved seating at several venues and access to the Coastal Kitchen. Our Allure concierges were wonderful and very helpful. The extra space in the room was appreciated with the downside being access to the shower. It's in the bathtub which has tall sides and is difficult for people with shorter legs to jump in. Is it worth the cost? Only you can decide.
  2. NCL was suppose to be in Port Stanley with us (Sapphire Princess) on Feb 1 but was a no-show. Our tour guide was informed the prior evening and the rumor was that Captain requested a 5:30AM arrival, was told it was not possible and replied by telling port authorities that he would skip the port because of this.
  3. Did you leave out the last step, leave it on a steam table for 20 minutes?
  4. I've had great luck with Tours by Locals who give you a more direct access to potential guides to ask questions, request modifications to the listed tour or detail preference attractions. Bigger question is whether this is the start/end of your tour or just a stopover. You could easily fill a week before or after with little need for a guide.
  5. Aerolineas Argentinas just pushed our Feb 5 flight back 3 hours. We opted to add a 4 hour tour with airport dropoff, will give our group an overview for our days after Iguazu
  6. Can't help but was insulted when Shiner Bock was not on the Texas menu!
  7. It's 1.2 miles without a direct sidewalk, as shown here. Certainly possible but pretty tough with any sort of baggage. I know it's a tough to consider an uber or taxi for such a short distance but these are probably your best option.
  8. Loaded the new Princess app today to try it out before I embark next week. Glad I did, had no idea that the port of San Antonio is in Canada! Wonder if it's too late to change my flight....
  9. Can strongly recommend Vonlane but have since seen that RedCoach has seats almost as nice and is significantly cheaper, about $50 RT
  10. Thanks for the report. We're doing the same on Feb 5 except we're stopping at a hotel booked for after our falls visit to drop off most of our bags. And, based on a recent report, we're packing more layers for the Drake Passage!
  11. I stopped reading when I saw the word putrid used to describe the food.
  12. Absolutely hire a car for 4 days as, as much as I love Galveston, 4 days gives you opportunity to see much more of the area. Moody Gardens is a must, even if you don't stay there. NASA is right up the road as are several attractions in Houston proper. If your family has any interest in history, the San Jacinto Museum and Battlefield is a great visit. By the way, my weather prediction for August is Hot and Humid. Possibly VERY hot! Please note that Houston is sprawling area that spreads out into infinity in most directions. Also note that the reason that Houston and the Gulf Coast is ground zero for refining and chemical production so, although very nice in some areas, is quite heavy industrial in others. Have fun!
  13. Don't have first-hand experience yet but have been reading suggestions from Secrets of Buenos Aries site. The posted link is to their restaurant recommendations. Our group is planning on going to Fogon Asado
  14. Not in Argentina, suggest you read https://secretsofbuenosaires.com/change-money-euro-dollar-buenos-aires/
  15. It looks like the info they need uploaded is: - JPEG of passport page - 2" X 2" passport/visa photo - Bank info OR credit card statement OR paycheck - round trip flight itinerary My flights go into Santiago and depart from Buenos Aries. We do have transportation from Puerto Iguazu to the falls and from the falls to IGR. I'll send the flights and falls transport info, hope that works...
  16. Just FYI "Argentine president-elect reiterates plans to "hand over" Aerolíneas Argentinas to the workers" What can go wrong?
  17. Keep in mind that the menu does not change. We enjoyed it the first time on the Allure and popped for the extra cost wine pairing. Booked it again on the Voyager in September, exact same menu. Our party really enjoyed it the first time. It was nice the second time as we were with travel mates that had not experienced it before. Would not consider a 3rd time.
  18. One option is to take a 3rd party tour. I just looked at Tours by Locals for Houston and they have several options available. It's likely that one of the guides will customize a tour for you as well, contact them through the web site.
  19. Our story exactly, planned to go to the Brazil side before heading to the airport for our flight to Buenos Aries that afternoon. If we were spending multiple days the cost would not be an issue as it is a small % of the overall trip but the hassle of getting the visa is a show-stoper. I can appreciate that Brazil feels slighted by the US fees and wishes to reciprocate but going from no visa to a formalized application for tourists staying just a few days seems counter-productive. Will keep looking online to see if the e-visa approach goes live in December but a further delay would not be unexpected.
  20. I read in another forum that online applications should be available early December, per the Brazilian government. Sorry, can't provide a link.
  21. I've never found it to be terrible unless you try to sneak over to I45 on Shoreline drive. The last 2 times I did this, a train blocked the street for a very long time and eventually had to u-turn and head back to somewhere where I could cut over to Broadway. I really can't say why I did not learn my lesson after the first stoppage.... It's the Gulf Freeway that seems to always give me problems.
  22. Would my leisure suit work for an 80's party? It's polyester so I'm sure it's still intact.
  23. Agree with ssb (single sideband?), especially good around Christmas or if you have children. Christmastime features a great walk-through light display (cost $ but worth it) and other kid-friendly activities. For other times of the year, you can visit the aquarium/gardens and walk the grounds located on the West Bay. Ample dining options at prices you'd expect in a resort hotel. Our group stayed there for a NYE cruise in '22 and the Christmas decorations were still up. Have not been through the attractions since the kid was younger (somewhere between 20 and 99 years ago, can't remember) but they were good fun back then. Worth the money? Depends if you want the attractions or not. If it's just a room for the night, go somewhere else. If you intend to see the aquarium and gardens, it's a good place to pre-cruise.
  24. I've parked in the uncovered area in the north lot a couple times, great location. I recommend finding a spot on the east side of the lot (nearest to the parking lot main entrance) as it is closest to the terminal exit. I can state that the Suite area of the terminal is wonderful! Grab a seat and someone will be by to check you in shortly. After that, grab coffee and pastry and enjoy your time until boarding starts. Disembarkation seemed efficient and immigration has the face scan cameras for those with passports. Grab your bags, face the camera, and head for the exit. I've only been through twice but never saw the Texas tax collector scanning for passengers holding duty-free bags.
  25. I suspect we're on the same cruise (Jan 20?) and the person in our group responsible for Santiago transportation booked the airport pickup through Viator. Sorry, don't know the exact one but I convinced him how nice it is to have someone holding up a sign with your name! He also booked Santiago-San Antonio using Viator, the Traslado Santiago a Puerto de Cruceros trip. I was tempted by the Transport/Tour combos from various sources (including Tours by Locals, by typical go-to) but we will have 2 days in the area pre-cruise. I looked into Princess transfers to the ship but the web site only mentioned airport pickup. I asked a Princess person on a recent cruise who seemed to confirm that but I'm not sure they were well-informed. We're staying at the Sheraton Santiago Hotel and Convention Center pre-cruise, it had reasonable prices and in a good location. One of our new cruisers also noted that it was close to an Irish pub which, it seems, is one of his weaknesses!
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