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  1. Service on the ship: We had great service from everyone we came in contact with. Our room steward found extra blankets for our girls and found a mattress topper for the couch so it was a bit more comfortable for my daughter. He gave us extra towels, and was very quick to exchange any wet towel we had. The wait staff were all very attentive and accommodated all the request our teens had with swapping out sides for the entrees and adding extra appetizers as the meal. The bar staff at the district was fabulous. My husband found a chair at the bar and got to know each of the guys behind the bar pretty quickly. I did witness a few altercations between staff and guests... but found that each time the guest was being rude from the start. Unfortunately it seems that some guests act very entitled once they walk on the ship and they lose all manners when speaking to employees. We ended up tipping some of our favorites at the end of the cruise and filled out the hero cards for them as well.
  2. We were just looking for 2 regular loungers together. I recognized that we were going at busy times (cold sea days), but it was still disappointing to have to wait for a lounger to open up. I did use one of the heated loungers once .. and found it relaxing. But after that first night, I didn’t attempt to find a heated lounger because we had such trouble finding two regular loungers next to one another. I do want to say that this really didn’t ruin our spa experience, we still enjoyed the pool ... it just didn’t add to the positive side when we decide if we will do the spa passes again.
  3. Excursions: We bought all our excursions through NCL. Bought the the bus pass to Cocoa Beach for our Florida stop. I was hoping that it would drop us closer to the peer, but it drops you at the shopping area that includes Ron Jons. We rented chairs and a boogie board and spent a few hours down in the sand. The weather wasn’t fantastic, but we enjoyed ourselves none the less. Next time we will probably just take a taxi down to the peer area. The next day we made it to GSC! We had an early tender time because we had bought the swimming with sting ray excursion, so tendering was a breeze and felt very organized. We rented a clam shell as soon as we got on the island because I had gotten a little too much sun in Florida and needed the shade. We were happy that we snagged a clam shell when we did because when we got back from our excursion we overheard an employee telling someone that there were no more clamshells available. Our 2 teen girls found loungers right next to our clamshell. We all had lunch from the taco stand where the line was super short. The tacos were pretty good too! We did the swimming with the stingrays while at GSC. Took a short boat ride to the area that had a small dock and an area fenced off in the after for the sting rays. We spent about an hour in the water. The sting ray ‘handlers’ were fantastic! They seemed to really enjoy their jobs, and loved the animals. The one handler was able to identify the sting rays in the water and told a us their history and names. He was beyond fantastic and earned his tip. We each held a stingray and they took pictures for free download from their website. We also were given the opportunity to feed the stingrays. This was a fantastic excursion that I would highly recommend. Our final excursion was to Blue Lagoon while we were in Nassau. Mixed reviews on this one. We met outside the ship at the designated time and then stood in line for over an hour before being led to a boat. The line turned into a mob trying to get on the boats. It was very unorganized. When we were finally let on a boat we quickly realized that there were no available seats so we had to stand for the ride. Just didn’t seem all that safe, but we did finally get to Blue Lagoon. The location is absolutely beautiful! We had to go searching for loungers but eventually found some. We also had upgraded our excursion to include the Segway tour of the island. This was a lot of fun, and showed us pieces of the island that otherwise we would have not seen. The island itself was fantastic. But when we were ready to leave, it took another hour of waiting in line for a boat. Not sure we would do Blue Lagoon again purely for the fact that we had spent over 2 hours waiting in lines.
  4. Food: We did not have a good package, so much of our dining was in the MDRs. Our kiddos had some meals in the buffet ... but I find that area annoying having to search for seats ... so we typically stick with the MDRs. Had good food each time. My husband was a little disappointed that the MDR menus did not have any upgrades which they had on the Getaway a few years ago. On the Getaway he added lobster to his MDR meal a few times for an extra charge. No options like that this time around. My daughter was sad that we only saw the lava cake on the dessert menu one night. But she made up for it by eating her weight in ice cream from the buffet 🙂 We did enjoy one dinner at Cagneys. It was delicious! It was nice to have breakfast at 5 o’clock Somewhere during the warm sea day. You can’t beat that view.
  5. Entertainment: My husband participated in a few different games in the Atrium ... which is always good for a few laughs. We also enjoyed Howl at The Moon a few different times, and even dragged our 2 teen girls who ended up enjoying the show as well. We went to the magician’s show ... and were pleasantly surprised by his show because we saw him on Worlds Best and weren’t impressed. But his show on the ship was pretty darn good, and he was funny. Much funnier than the comedians we saw on the ship. Unfortunatly the comedians weren’t all that great. I wondered if it was due to the fact that we went to the early shows and there were a lot of young kids at those shows so the comedians had to keep it very G rated. The highlight of the entertainment was Choir of Man. That was a fantastic show! If you want to ‘participate’ in the show sit on the aisle seats close to the stage. I’m hoping when they go on tour they come to a city near me because we will go to see them again.
  6. During warm days, we spent time outside. We didn’t have too much trouble finding loungers in Spice 2 O. And when we didn’t want to be in the sun, we spent time on the coaches on the Waterfront. Much of our evening time was spent in The District. My husband loves beer, so this was right up his alley. I love live music, and JR the piano player did not disappoint.
  7. We bought Spa passes before we got on the ship. I did this after reading so many great reviews, and figuring we would have some cool sea days while cruising out of NYC this time of year. The spa was beautiful. The therapy pool was fabulous. Lots of powerful jets to massage any kinks out of your body, and the water is wonderfully warm. The other rooms felt more like a novelty ... we spent a few mins in the salt room and the snow room, but once we checked it out once we didn’t use them again. The lounge chairs were hard to come by a few times we were there. This was a disappointment. The locker room room was lack luster. Our gym at home has a nicer locker room with nice lotions and soaps and amenities. While this locker room did offer robes, twice the girls’ locker room was out of them. All in all, I don’t think we will do the spa again. We just didn’t use it enough to justify the cost. And when we did use it, it was crowded. Next time I think I’ll purchase massages, because I think that also gives you a pass to the spa before/after your massage.
  8. Just got back from our trip on the Escape - NY to Florida and the Bahamas. Here are my takeaways from the trip: Embarkation was a breeze. We showed up at the peer around 1030 and had just enough time to find seats to plop our butts in before our boarding group was called. The Escape is a beautiful ship! We had a mini suite on the 10th floor. Because we were taking advantage of the family sails free perk, our 2 teen girls were in our room with us. One on the couch that they turned into a bed, and one on the pull down bunk. I was a bit nervous about squeezing us all in one room, but space was never and issue. However, for anyone that is sharing a room, note that deadbolting the door does not stop someone from entering the room with a card key ... my husband and I learned the hard way, and we may need to pay for our girls’ counseling when they are adults. 😉
  9. We bought the spa passes for the Escape because of the rave reviews here on cruise critic. While we enjoyed it, I’m not positive I enjoyed it to the tune of $400. The thermal pool was very nice ... but we didn’t use much more than that. Went to the snow room for about 5 mins total. Fell asleep on the lounger one afternoon when it was too cold to be outside ... but otherwise we wanted to feel the ocean air and sun ... so we did a lot of time out on the decks vs spending time in the spa. Not sure we will do the spa passes again ... unless we take a cold weather cruise. I also felt that the spa was oversold. There were two times that we found it hard to find a lounger open ... and we weren’t even trying to find a heated lounger. Those times we soaked in the thermal pool for a few mins, then changed and went on our way. I also echo the person who said the locker rooms were lack luster
  10. Is there stuff to do at Atlantis if you haven’t bought their expensive packages?
  11. Yep, I’m aware it could be another sea day. But I would like to have a back up plan if we have an opportunity to get off the ship for a few hours. If it were just my husband and I, I wouldn’t be too concerned about finding something to do ... we could always find a bar and hang out if nothing else. But with two teen girls, I would like to have some idea of what we could be doing.
  12. I’ve heard that there is a strong possibility that the ship will end up skipping Great Stirrup Cay and head to Nassau early. If this is the case, what time does the ship generally dock in Nassau? We we have two teen girls with us, and I would like to have a backup plan for things to do in Nassau in the event we arrive a day early. Thanks in advance!
  13. I’ve heard of spa discounts on port days ... but not sure how big of a discount it is.
  14. I have to say, I love these boards! All the tips and inside info keeps me occupied as I count down the days to our next cruise ... which is in a few weeks on the Escape. Every once in awhile I come across someone mentioning deals/discounts on board for certain things / at certain times. For instance I just read someone mention that the first day there is a discount at certain restaurants! I wasn’t aware!!! So I ask all of you ... what deals/discounts should I keep an eye out for?
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