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  1. 10 minutes ago, chemmo said:

    So looking forward to following your adventures! We are not boarding Infinity until next September so interested as to how you find her.


    Surprisingly we considered just about every ship in the fleet before we decided we fancied a return to M class. There is something about the ship’s layout that is very classy.


    Your window looks lovely! I can imagine sitting next to it reading a book on a sea day!

    Following Also on her september 2024...

  2. 16 hours ago, Enkcream said:

    Just off the Rotterdam, used cpap, no extension cord needed outlets are on each side of bedside wall.

    Perfect thank you we are in an oceanview for our first Holland cruise...I would think they would be the same layout as a balcony.... I think we will pack one just in case... thk you for your help   🙂

  3. Just now, 1kaper said:


    March in Halifax is usually March break for schools.  I'm guessing you are likely looking at the same timeframe as March break.  It is always the most expensive time because so much demand.  
    If you can be a little flexible, you can get it cheaper if you go a day or two early or leave a day later.  Wed-Wed is the cheapest option I think but that turns a one week cruise into a 2 week vacation. 

    we were planning to fly on Monday week before our March Break our cruise leaves on Wednesday... we were off the cruise on a Saturday... that is the most expensive....

  4. 23 hours ago, shirley valentine said:

    I will only flight direct , so my options are limited . I use Holland Flight Ease with the help of my PCC . I find they have been the best at sourcing my flights . Everything is up in price post pandemic . The hotel prices in cruise ports are crazy if you don’t book early . And with the Canadian dollar now , Hugh ouch. 

    our flights  are from Halifax to FLL in March... and the cheapest is over 2300.00 with Holland....its crazy...not the best flights either...   😞

  5. 26 minutes ago, chisoxfan said:

    Sorry for the blank reply above...... tried to delete.

    Anyway appreciate the comments on this cruise. The Commodore (excuse my ignorance but this is first Commodore I have run across) confirmed that there were a 'few'  more cases than normal. I agree more transparency in these cryptic comments would be helpful. Speaking to crew and passengers I understood that infected passengers were staying in their original cabins. One couple we spoke to at length said that there was a Covid passenger next door and that the attendant had 'special' tools to clean their cabins (ie, red containers for bedding and towels, etc.). They were upset that this was their same attendant.  

    I know we were fighting  large swells and had slowed to approx 17 knots for an extended period which is the reason given for missing Boston which I would tend to accept. In my mind the day early entry to NY was not much of a 'bargain'.  We had to spend several hours Friday going through immigration before we could return to the ship. Everyone sitting for hours in a great hall was not my idea of reducing opportunity for disease spread. 

    My wife and I came down with strong 'head colds' on Friday and on Saturday (maybe we were just hyper tuned in to it) heard coughing everywhere on embarkation. 


    My takeaway is mixed... we had a wonderful cruise on a beautiful ship and Princess did many things right. We would take the trip over without hesitation. I could not sign up for a cruise on this ship at max capacity however..... I kept picturing this as a full Caribbean cruise with people fighting for pool seating, waiting for dinner, full theatre shows, lines at bars, etc. Perhaps unfair but likely accurate. 

    We used to enjoy at least one winter warm weather cruise every year but this will be replaced with an all inclusive experience in the future. More space, less drama, similar cost.


    We will continue to cruise but now view it more as an efficient way to see areas around the world versus a shipboard getaway 'vacation'  (exception perhaps for MSC Yacht Club).


    Thanks for indulging these rambling thoughts.



    We too were on this cruise first with Princess... we have another booked this february for 10 days ... we have decided we will cancelled I cannot imagine sailing when full....   

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  6. 13 hours ago, Ombud said:

    Request: if boarding in SOUTHAMPTON between now & August 30th, can you please let me know if the port authorities (or check in personnel if done by Princess) requested a copy of your covid test results?? Princess is all over the board:

    Website -> not needed, attest only

    Chat -> added ArriveCAN.  I don't go anywhere near Alaska

    CVP -> medically assisted test needed

    we are in the same situation we got two different answers from the chat... very confusing..

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