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  1. Anyone know how long it takes to get the captain points for this webinar? TIA
  2. Just wondering the time Holland will releases these 2026 carribean itineraries? Early planner here...lol TIA
  3. Your Flight should be with your final payment.. I would call your TA..
  4. we booked our flights with celebrity... you have to click go to canadian site... mock book ur cruise flights.... they are in Canadian funds... than i would call flights by celebrity and they will book in canadian flights...
  5. We have always sailed Celebrity.. tried the Rotterdam for 10 days in March... we enjoyed the music walk much better than Celebrity... And the dive in restaurant pool side blows Mast Grill out of the water!!! We would not hesitate in booking again!!! 🙂 Great service and very clean...
  6. Perfect thank you we are in an oceanview for our first Holland cruise...I would think they would be the same layout as a balcony.... I think we will pack one just in case... thk you for your help 🙂
  7. We are sailing for our first time on Holland Rotterdam next year... I know I have to prepay for distilled water but do we have to bring extension cord? TIA
  8. Just wondering if there is enough time if doing self disembarkment??? we arrive on Saturday March 18 2023 at 7 am....First time on Holland... TIA
  9. we were planning to fly on Monday week before our March Break our cruise leaves on Wednesday... we were off the cruise on a Saturday... that is the most expensive....
  10. Hi everyone just wondering if men need a dress jacket and tie for Gala night or a nice collar shirt will do??? TIA
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