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  1. Celebrity has pushed final payments to 60 days before for sailings through March 31 2022... Good news :)
  2. I hope it gets extended into January also... :) It would be a great peace of mind about taking the chance of travelling only to test positive....
  3. I check daily our fare and airfare.... just today save another 100.00 on ezair and saved 250.00 on cruise fare and extra 100 OBC... :) Nothing wrong with saving money... lol
  4. Just wondering if anyone got their FCC extended to use in 2023? with all these cancellations just wondering about availability to cruise by December 2022? TIA :)
  5. Just wondering if anyone got to use their FCC for a cruise in 2023? With all these cancellations it might be hard to find availability? TIA :)
  6. We also reschedule for 2022... we are in Canada so we have to fly .... hoping 2022 is better.... :)
  7. No it goes on the one you used.... I just found this out yesterday from our TA :)
  8. we had a january 2021 cruise booked and cancelled it only took 7 days to be put back on our cc... that was June... Just had our taxes returned to cc from March 13 2020.. this week... there is no figuring out how long it will take.. hope you get it resolve quickly...
  9. Our TA says it going back on our CC.. Again last week she was dealing with Princess. there is several of her clients waiting... If I did not get the generous FCC I would not be booking with Princess again.. it was to be our first cruise with them... we had a Celebrity cruise cancelled same time ... everything was back by May 15.... 😞
  10. we are still waiting on taxes from March 13 cancellation..... 😞
  11. Hi we are just wondering if it is easy to get to a beach club in Barbados after leaving ship or should we do beach ship excursion? thk you :)
  12. We are thinking of doing the 15 day on the Grand In March 2022 ... just wondering if the seas tend to be rough ... we have 5 seas days there and sea days back.... th you for any help
  13. 129 days just taxes owed....this is just so frustrating...i know its not much $$$$ but why are still waiting from March 13??
  14. we just cancelled a january cruise last Wednesday and only waited 5 days... Still waiting for our taxes on our March cruise that we cancelled March 13....CRAZY..
  15. I was talking to our TA she said our taxes will be on our CC.. day 101...... 😞
  16. We chose option 1 with the first pause March 13 for our sailing March 21... just got our FCC on June 16.... thks...
  17. I believe the Fcc dates were issued that they had to be used by May31 2022... pretty sure that is what our is and we just got ours this week from March 21..
  18. Just got our FCC yesterday day 96...was Happy with the amount...still waiting for our taxes on our CC...
  19. I chose Option 1 on day 92..never did cc dispute but thinking i will.. this was going to be our first with Princess... not impressed.. we already received our FCC from celerity (70 days).. and that cruise was the week before cancelled March 10 2020... Princess cancelled March 13... so frustrating..
  20. Day 89 for us for option 1...this was our first Princess cruise we booked...:(
  21. This why I am so confused....lol.. we got an email couple weeks ago saying if we wanted the refund to do nothing...but yet my TA says no we would get FCC... we did cancel before Princess was still allowed to apply for Option 1.... it was when this mess started... we are in Nova Scotia and there was a government travel ban in place.... Thks for your comments...
  22. Just wondering if anyone has received their FCC yet? Are you getting the correct amounts? We cancelled our March 21 and have got nothing??? We are booked through TA...
  23. We are booked January 23 2021... I just hope we know before final payment...
  24. We booked for january 23 2021 but we did that because of the FCC we had to use by the end of 2021 but if we have into 2022 we will most likely cancel until than... we have a March 2021 cruise booked and I am not sure if that will be a go... we are Canadians so we might not be allowed to travel out of country if things are still the same.... 😞
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