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  1. I have a friend currently onboard who posted on FB they are getting 100% refunds or 150% FCC.
  2. Just click on the link in the email and read the information under suspended sailings.
  3. If you want to give one away I will happily accept. Going to book a TA for next April to replace this years cancelled TA.
  4. My email says book buy March 31 for the 20 percent off but the link says April 10th. Between the FCC and the discount I will probably book for next year instead of a refund.
  5. The top link. When I click on it it takes me to a page that has info on suspended sailings. They also offered me 20 percent off a new booking if I book by March 31. Any one else get that offer?
  6. Fell to 9.25 after opening. Hovering around $9.30 now.
  7. 100 shares is what you need to get the OBC. Doesn’t matter how many shares over 100 you have, you get the same amount of OBC. I use TD Ameritrade but in your case I would call Fidelity.
  8. It fell to $9.90 a share earlier. I picked up 100 shares at $10 even.
  9. My TransAtlantic on the Star is due to stop in Halifax, Nova Scotia April 11th. Maybe Iceland will let us in instead.
  10. Where is the NCL call center located? If it’s Florida they are a two party consent state.
  11. I will be visiting this port in April. I have booked a tour with https://dorsettours.com
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