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  1. I agree with the Old Lahaina Luau being the best and have done it numerous times. Family and I attended one in July (not on a cruise) and found it to be much different than previous experiences due to Covid. The only things that remained the same were a great show, a beautiful sunset and free adult beverages. Was not a buffet but instead was served a pre-set dinner comprised of Hawaiian dishes. To me, the luau was never about the food but instead the experience. Previously, various craft artists were selling their wares and Hawaiian demonstrations were available to watch prior to the show itself. No more or at least not in July. The ceremony to uncover the cooked pig was gone as well. As others have mentioned, Lahaina is approx 30 miles from where you will dock and dependent on traffic, could be a lengthy ride/drive. If you want or need to rent a car anywhere on any of the Hawaii islands, you need to get it reserved NOW and expect to pay some big bucks. And speaking of money, if you are looking for a cheap, inexpensive luau it is not going to happen....
  2. Current list of officers/staff for the Getaway? Butlers and Bartenders in the Haven?
  3. Personally, do not like the Nespresso. I always order a pot of French Press to be delivered each morning.
  4. Our challenge is that we are booked on the Epic out of Barcelona in July 2022 using FCC's that must be used for bookings made by December 2021. Three of our party are under the age of ten. We were cancelled in both 2020 and 2021. Hoping that things change for the better and if not, NCL extends their FCC expiration dates.
  5. Never been given one in the past.....doubt that has changed.
  6. Has the someone with some inside news "Heard" anything about Europe or the Med? Of course, asking for a friend.....
  7. So not being political, but IF Biden was so inclined to issue an Executive Order allowing cruise ships to be exempt from this requirement and not require a stop in Canada, that's all that it would take?
  8. Whose law/rule is it that requires the ship to make a stop in Canada?
  9. He didn't talk about "off ship" requirements. Having to remain in a NCL "bubble" using only their excursions is a total deal breaker for me.
  10. The mention of touchscreens makes me wonder as to whether or not they will "survive" or be operational until Covid is under control.....maybe we can all wear rubber gloves with our masks?
  11. https://www.ncl.com/cruise-faq/are-fccs-transferable
  12. Whether it is 5 hours in Tortola or 10 hours in Rome, I simply can't get past the idea of having to be in the NCL "bubble" when I get off the ship and having to pay their ridiculously high excursion prices. That is a deal breaker for me right now, regardless of the itinerary.
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