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  1. Your portion is posted on your MyNCL account.
  2. Anyone had any success getting ticket refunds or have knowledge about changes to the standard ticket refund policies for the Colosseum, Vatican or the Accademia Museum in Florence during these unusual times? I know and understand that under normal circumstances, there is a no refund policy but these are not normal times. Thank you.
  3. I apologize in advance if this has already been asked. Our July cruise has yet to be cancelled but most likely it will be. My understanding of the FCC program is that each traveler will be issued their portion of the cruise expense to their respective Latitudes number separately and not to the adult that actually booked and paid for the cruise itself. My question pertains to the issuance of FCC to minor children that do not have a Latitudes number. The children have cruised on NCL before but have yet to have a Latitudes number assigned or at least not identified. If they have no Latitudes number, how is their FCC to be tracked? Thank you.
  4. In Copenhagen, the larger ships actually board from two different terminals. I'm sure that somewhere in the NCL paperwork, it indicated which terminal Haven guests are to board. Of course, we were dropped at the wrong terminal. That mistake resulted in a delay boarding as our keys were at the other terminal and had to be retrieved or remade. DUH......
  5. How far of a walk is it from the city back to the ship?
  6. Last summer, it was open prior to leaving for excursions. I fondly recall having a bloody caesar or a mimosa in my hand by 7 or 730a.
  7. Flew into Barcelona three days early last year and did the Western Med on the Epic then jumped on a plane to Copenhagen for the Baltic cruise on the Getaway a day later. Many wonderful ports but my favorite is by far, Barcelona. Returning soon to do the 10 day out of Rome which goes to Croatia, Greece, Montenegro with stops in Florence and Naples.
  8. In reading your original post, I'm confused as to what you want and what has been asked of him....my guess is that he might be as well. As $hip$hape suggests, talk to your steward.
  9. I always pre-purchase as it will be in my room when I arrive.....one less thing that won't take time away from my vacay.
  10. Totally agree with hamrag. Should become a permanent solution fleetwide.
  11. Discontinued on all NCL ships a few years ago.
  12. 130 days out for suites and above; 120 days for all others. You didn't mention LeBistro which IMO, is the best.
  13. I believe that Million Dollar Quartet is being replaced with Six.
  14. Yes, you have five. Reservations can be made 130 days prior for Haven and Suites (not mini suites); 120 for all others.
  15. If I'm booked in a suite or the Haven, I usually receive the letter from the PreConcierge, not the actual concierge on the ship, around the same time as I receive my luggage tags or around 50 days prior to the cruise itself. Some feel that contacting them is worthwhile while others....not so much. NclConciergeDesk@ncl.com is the email address. 1.855.625.4283.
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