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  1. Per the NCL deck plans, it is an accessible room that will accommodate 3 people. I believe that the room has wider doors and aisles that will allow wheelchair access plus bathroom fixtures designed for handicapped individuals. IF you are not handicapped and you want to reserve it, I'd suggest that you contact NCL directly to find out their rules regarding the booking of accessible rooms.
  2. Suggest that you also have proper documentation from the mother giving you permission to authorize medical treatment for the child if necessary along with copies of applicable medical insurance cards.
  3. We had a great experience on the Getaway the last week of July as well. Martina was the concierge for that cruise.
  4. Same offering in Cagney's Surf and Turf being filet and lobster on the Getaway out of Copenhagen the last week of July. The week before the surf part was shrimp on the Epic out of Barcelona.
  5. Lesson learned when boarding the Getaway in Copenhagen this past July...assume same could be applied to Encore. Oceankaj pier was set up with two different terminals for the larger ships....one terminal for the odd numbered decks at the stern; the other terminal for the even numbered decks at the aft . Of course, we were dropped at the wrong one resulting in some delay in boarding. There might have been signage indicating such but our focus was on the ship as was our driver's.
  6. You can buy them onboard...from what I recall $8 and up dependent on the "style"
  7. It was offered on both of our July Epic and Getaway cruises. From what I recall, it was offered on the 3rd or 4th day. We used it on both cruises and were completely satisfied with the results and the price.
  8. Yes for the Getaway as well and as it should be.
  9. Never any issues with NCL laundry. Laundry bags hold a lot of items....crammed and I do mean crammed nearly 100 items into one of those on $19.99 laundry day special without issue. I always take a 3 oz bottle filled with liquid Woolite for in room uses.
  10. Did the same cruise in July.....Dollars and a few Euros. Credit cards can be used for even the smallest purchases.
  11. How much time should I allocate to get to the airport and thru airport security, etc. when returning to USA staying in the OSJ area?
  12. On the Getaway the last week of July, in Ocean Blue you could order either a whole 1 1/2 lb lobster or 2 lobster tails as an entree. On the same cruise in Cagneys, the Surf and Turf came with a 6 oz lobster tail. The week prior however, Cagneys Surf and Turf came with shrimp.
  13. Just returned from a Western Med cruise on the Epic. I don't recall the exact time that the Haven Restaurant opened for breakfast but fairly certain it was adjusted based on ship arrival time in the various ports. That being said, the restaurant can and does become very busy resulting in what can quickly become a lengthy event. If you are wanting to order off of the menu, expect to spend some time there not to mention having to get up earlier to do so. It does offer a buffet consisting of cold cereal, fruits, breads, yogurt, meats, cheeses, etc. if that appeals to you. Obviously, the buffet is a much quicker option. All of our excursions began early so we had a room service meal for our stops in Naples, Rome and Florence. Less intensive days like the sea day, Cannes and Palma gave us the opportunity to enjoy a leisurely breakfast in the restaurant.
  14. It was for our July 22 embarkation out of Copenhagen on the Getaway. As stated in other posts, very few people in the restaurant at any time or day with IMO nothing special about the food offerings. Definitely would not pay to return. We did however enjoy the nacho appetizer with a few margaritas.
  15. On July 22 Getaway cruise out of Copenhagen, a whole 1 1/2 lb lobster in Ocean Blue and 6 oz lobster tail as part of surf and turf in both Cagneys and OB were available. Used UDP for both restaurants. On Epic the week prior, surf and turf in Cagneys only came with shrimp.
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