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  1. Glad to see another review from Radio. I followed all your reviews and they are always detailed with great pictures and videos. AND tons of information about the ship and cruising. Keep cruising and those reviews coming! πŸ™‚
  2. Game changer for us, ONE show in the theatre on our last 10-day cruise didn't work for us. The entertainment choices are important and lately NCL really disappointed. Some like casino, some like comedy, etc.. we like singers, dancers, orchestra. Obviously cruisers like us are no longer taking into consideration by NCL. Too bad, we really liked the line and kept coming back over and over again, Time for a change,,,
  3. There are no more full-production shows NCL was so famous for. It's applied to the whole NCL fleet. After Getaway we went on Escape, only one show for 11-days cruise The Choir Man , and we were told that after their contract is ended they will not be called back. The main entertainment choices are singing duos in the Atrium, a lot of trivia, music performers in the bars and lounges,. Maybe for some it's enough, we missed the shows in the theatre. I'm sure you'll be fine on your cruise, go with open mind and have fun πŸ™‚
  4. We sailed with NCL most exclusively for the last 10 years.It was a good fit for us. The last 2 cruises on Getaway made us switch to other cruselines. The reduced level of services, Drastic changes in entertainment choices, the whole experience was just not up to par The crew is overworked, they do try very hard but with the amount of work and lack of adequate staff it's just not working. There were many unhappy people especially on our last Getaway cruise in December. Everything that made cruising with Norwegian special is gone, not worth it for us.
  5. Thank you so much for the review! Taking notes for our upcoming cruise. What is the brand for the packable ice coolers you use? We'd like to have something like this with us. Thanks!
  6. I'd like to know this too. We want to pre-pay for the Internet using this offer but I'm not sure if this would work... Also while checking out on the Carnival website there is an option to apply OBCs to the purchase. We don't want to use OBC for this so we can take advantage of $35 cash back from Chase. If we didn't click Apply I hope the site will not add our OBCs as payment automatically. The Chase offer wouldn't work then.... Anyone tried it?
  7. The OP is talking about the UPGRADE on day 2. Can you just BUY a premium package on day 2 to save some money or it works only if you buy the package pre-cruise and then upgrade onboard?
  8. Thank you so much for such a great review! Much appreciated because of our upcoming Escape cruise. Not in the Haven, just a balcony but seeing there pictures and dailies help tremendously to plan our days! I will need to have Internet to check on work a few times. I don't want to pay $279 for the whole cruise. I wonder if there are some promotions for the day purchase. I didn't see any in dailies.
  9. This is so true. I follow your cruises for quite a while now (through Cruise Critic posts and then through your wonderful blog) and really appreciate that you take time from your vacation to share your adventures. Thank you. Will you update your blog as well?
  10. We'd like to book thermal suite passes for our upcoming Escape cruise. It is expensive ($299 pp) but worth to us. Usually we pre-book a thermal suite before the cruise but this time we have a lot of OBCs that we'd love to use for the passes. The Breakaway class Thermal suites are very popular, my concern is that even at this price the passes can sell out. I know, first world problem πŸ™‚ but it's a splurge for us when we cruise. It would be nice to use those OBCs for something we need. Did anyone have the situation when you were not able to get thermal suite passes while trying to book them onboard?
  11. Is there a way to apply our Latitudes discount while booking online? what about $50 discount per cabin that comes with the booking?
  12. I think that on our previous Norwegian cruises we got a discount when we pre-booked excursions, packages, thermal spa, etc online before cruise. When I go to out upcoming Escape planner I don't see any discounts. Everything is full-price. Did it change?
  13. Speaking of free drinks in casino... What kind of drinks are considered "house brands" which as I understand are covered under the "free drinks in the casino while playing"? What non-alcoholic drinks can I order? And yes, we always tip per drink :)
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