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  1. We just returned from the cruise on Norwegian Dawn. We were really surprised that there was no Farewell show at the end of the cruise. Is this something that is also going away and we were not aware of?
  2. Just came back from Dawn. There were tons of door decorations all over the decks. A lot of fun actually. Some people got REALLY creative.
  3. NCL shareholder benefit might no longer be combinable with other perks.
  4. gaabee, I can't thank you enough! With 4 days until our cruise I was getting really frustrated that I couldn't get any answers to our request. I called the number you provided and OBC was applied to our onboard account immediately and we already received a confirmation. I let the rep know that there are a lot of shareholders that are not getting replies to their requests. She said they are overloaded with requests and are working on solving the problem. Well, I think it might have something more to do with the current changes to the shareholder benefits but that's the answer I got. Anyway, gaabee, thank you so much again for your help!
  5. Resubmitted the request, received a standard reply. E-mailed Investor Relations Department, no response. In many cruises this is the first time we have so much trouble even getting an answer. Still waiting. 5 days to the cruise.
  6. We need to have a basic Wi-Fi access while on our Dawn cruise. No need for streaming but social media, access to the e-mails, web surfing,etc. If someone bought it and used it on Dawn how reliable was it? TIA
  7. We'll be on Dawn in a week for a first time. Can you tell me which MDR was open for lunch on embarkation day: Aqua or Venetian?
  8. We are one week from our cruise and still don't have a confirmation for our OBCs. The request was sent 2 weeks ago. Usually we hear back in 48 hours the most. They do not respond to the e-mails and we are running out of time. Very frustrating...
  9. Wait, you booked at Sailway Rate and got all of this? I'm still trying to figure out if we can do this (at least double points and OBC).
  10. Can someone provide the phone # to call? We are still waiting for e-mail confirmation.
  11. No problem:) I can't tell you how many times people on these boards helped us with great information! This forum is the first place I go to if I have a question about cruising.
  12. I know about this. I was asking about an extra point for each night and $100 OBC for the past guests which is listed under our cruise.
  13. I'm trying for 2 days to get through to the Latitudes department to make sure we get this Past Guest offer applied to our upcoming Dawn cruise. I can't get through on the phone. Does anyone have an e-mail address I can use? Also we booked a Sailway rate. Will the extra point per night and $100 apply to the Sailway rate? We do have this offer listed under our cruise.
  14. Can you tell me what is open for lunch on embarkation day? We are trying to avoid a madness of the buffet area. Thanks!
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