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  1. Let the dust settle and we'll be on board. Maybe a bit more cautious but we WILL cruise again.
  2. I enjoyed reading your first post on your blog. It's interesting to hear from someone who was "on the other side" of cruising :) Will be following your blog. Good luck!
  3. Keith, I've followed at least 4 of your WC blogs and enjoyed all of them tremendously. At the end of your last cruise you mentioned to your readers to check back in the middle of December. I keep checking your website for the start of your new adventure. Are you planning to do another blog?
  4. I didn't realize that service charge on the bill can be removed. I thought it's mandatory, no questions asked, and then I can tip above if I want to. So it was always removed from your bill when you asked?
  5. How much do you tip when you use a voucher?
  6. OP, I feel the same about our recent NCL experiences on Dawn and Escape. The level of service is way down from what it used to be. Those little touches that made cruising with NCL special are dissapearing, little by little. We are also reconsidering our booked cruises with NCL.
  7. We know about these "upon requests" items because many of us are seasoned cruisers. What about people who never cruised before? How would they know to request these things? Is it mentioned anywhere in cruise documents? Also few months ago we were on Dawn and wondered what happened to the Fairwell Show we used to see at the end of every NCL cruise? Well, after the cruise I asked about it here and someone who was on the same cruise posted that the show was at the end of the last performace: as usual "we aree the family" song, crew members on stage and all that. Apparently we missed it. So this time we decided to go to the last show of the cruise to make sure we see the lovely ending of our cruise. Well, there was no Farewell Show. Nothing. So I'm asking again.. Did NCL took away this Farewell performance, at least on the big ships?
  8. We are planning our first MSC cruise. Are those that you call "experiences" equal the same as "perks" on other cruiselines? Like perks for Platinum level on NCL for example or it's something different? Is YC an equivalent to Haven on NCL in fact that it is a separate part of the ship with their own restaurants, pool area and such? I'm just trying to understand if YC experience is just a different name for the comparable exclusive experience on other lines?
  9. We just off the Escape and discovered new changes since our Escape cruise in March of this year. There are no more beach towels left by an attendant for you in the cabin. We were informed by our cabin attendant this was implemented just 2 weeks ago. Now you have to go to the deck 16 pool area if you want these towels and then return them afterwards. Quite an inconvenience if you have few beach days in port one after another. We were looking for a little nice voucher booklet with our Platinum perks for specialty restaurants. We couldn't find it until we saw that those vouchers are now a simple printout on a piece of paper. Another little touch lost. I know I'll get the responses "go get your own towels!", "who needs nice paper for the vouchers" and such. Every time we cruise with Norwegian something is taken away, little by little, and IMO it's cheapening the whole experience.Well, this is MY opinion and things along with non-existing towel animals and such it's what made cruising special for us.
  10. Was on the same cruise. My husband was asked to leave the cigar lounge because he smokes cigarettes. The only place for smokers is on 17th deck at the outdoor bar. It was always crowded. In the casino there were announcements that people were allowed to smoke only if they were active players.
  11. We were on Dawn 2 months ago. Out of all NCL cruises (Platinum here) this was the worst food we ever experienced. We are not picky eaters by any means but the food was overall pretty bad. Limited choices, bland, the soups were not edible a few times we tried them. Even in LaCucina and The Bistro the dishes were not up to par with our previous visits. It was definitely a surprise.
  12. Is this in real time webcam? The image I'm seeing is the same with the same time stamp ....
  13. Mods, this forum should remain VERY specific and contain information and links to the cruise-related blogs and websites. There are many topics started here that should be directed to other forums.
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