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    escape 11/11/18 review

    Wow, this is unacceptable. The Termal Suite is VERY expensive and I'd be very unhappy if people just sneak in and occupy the chairs. On our last Escape cruise we had to leave the card and the attendant opened the door to the Termal Suite every time with her/his key. And even with such tight control the hot stone chairs were hard to get, people were laying on them for hours. I can't imagine how it is crowded when people sneak in and use the amentities.
  2. Aldeya

    Why do you cruise?

    Same for us. My friends keep asking me why do we go to the same places on a cruise.. As long as we're on the ship we are happy.
  3. Aldeya

    World Cruise Mistakes and Horror Stories

    Great answers! Any insights how to find this GOOD HARDWORKING HONEST TA who specializes on WC? Unfortunately none of our friends or relatives ever took WC so none can offer any referrals or suggestions. We plan our first WC so finding a trustworthy and knowledgeable TA is a must.
  4. Adventure of the Seas. Coming back to Royal after few years.
  5. I don't drink alcohol because of health concerns. Can I get something else (water, soda. etc) instead or those are strictly alcoholic or sugary drinks?
  6. First time on Adventure . You are saying that showers, hot tubs. sauna, etc. are FREE to use for everyone? I thought it's only for people who use spa services...
  7. Aldeya

    CocoCay Beach Lounger Rental Question

    Can you reserve the beach lounger and the clamshell online or you have to do it onboard? How much is it?
  8. How do you get a clamshell? I need to be in shade due to the health reasons and the clamshell would work great. Is it free, if not how much does it cost? Also do you book it online, while on the ship or get it on the island? Thank you.
  9. Aldeya

    Diamond Coupons

    If both of us are Diamond will we receive TWO coupons books? Do we get TWO Free Internet days?
  10. We are coming back to Royal after a few years, going on Adventure of the Seas in a month. I'm trying to avoid the madness of Windjammer on the embarkation day. Is there anything else open for lunch? A dining room?
  11. Aldeya

    Summit Live, June 27-July 8, 2018

    I do not recall the jacuzzi in the spa area. Is it something new?
  12. I know we can bring CANS of beverage on board. Can we BRING plastic bottles of Pellegrino on board? The Cheers package will not work for us (not big drinkers) but would love to have Pellegrino with us if possible.
  13. Thank you so much for the review and a great video! We are going on Pride in July. We have a YTD for dining. The main pet peeve on our other Carnival cruises was that tables for two in the main dining room were literally inches from one another. You couldn't have a conversation because the other tables were so close to each other. Did you notice if the tables for two are close to each other on this ship? Thank you.