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  1. Thank you for sharing. Is this change confirmed for both September 23 and October 2? We embark on October 2.
  2. Hello - we have done a few Star Clippers. In fact, we were to be on the second week of your itinerary but have shifted for this year and will return next year. I can share some thoughts. Like you, I like to plan my own tours and have often use Tours by Locals. So, I think I can relate. When we do a Star Clipper, I reset my expectations. I do not find the ship tours to be anything more than ordinary, but also very relaxed. This seems to align with the nature of the typical Star Clipper passenger. They are not on the cruise for the shore excursions and most just wander around in the port cities. We also had some last-minute changes to our itinerary that required us to cancel a pre-planned tour. We made many friends on our last SC cruise. On more than one occasion, they joined us for last-minute plans in port. For example, a large group followed us on the train for an excursion to Seville from the Port of Cadiz. In Gibralter, we joined with another couple and hired a guide outside of the port. Last minute plans seemed to fit better with our sail-mates. I have spent much time in Athens. The city is easily reached by the HOHO bus, metro, or Xpress bus. All have stops near the cruise terminals, although it is a bit of a walk to the Metro. Athens is very easy to navigate and there's a pretty standard set of sites. I always recommend touring on your own and using the Rick Steve's Audio walking tours. They are perfect for seeing the Plaka area, the Acropolis, and the Forum. Hope this is helpful! Enjoy - - we would have committed to sharing tours! Maybe another time.
  3. I can confirm that COVID tests are very easy to find and arrange in Italy - offered in testing tents and pharmacies. I have never found appointments to be necessary. Of course, I would anticipate the situation may change as the demand for tests go down.. Therefore, you should verify closer to your sail time. I have also used the Binex "telehealth" tests many, many times. The certificate does not specify "telehealth" and looks like every other certificate.
  4. Lisbon is easy on your own. Rick Steves App has a nice audio walking tour that you can download. Makes it easy to go at your own pace and gives a good overview of the city.
  5. In the past, we have called and asked for the schedule and the agent provided. Of course, everything is subject to change. For the most part, the schedule was fairly accurate with a few exceptions on a 14 day sail during COVID.
  6. Will you be rebooking with WIndstar in September? If so, have you asked that they honor the $500 pp offer of ship board credit if you change itineraries? Windstar agreed to move our existing $200 pp perk over to a new itinerary. We are waiting to see if they will honor the $500 pp that was offered to stay with the Star Legend for the same cruise dates.
  7. As an FYI, I phoned WIndstar yesterday to talk option. The agent was very good but it was Saturday so he had limited ability to work with a supervisor. The new 17-day itinerary is basically the 8 day itinerary twice, same ports. I explained this and I was permitted to change to a new itinerary (Haifa) with the same perks in place. He could not offer me the $500 ship board credit from cancellation of the Black Sea on the new itinerary. My issue is that new itineraries are significantly more expensive than when I originally booked (so now paying a price increase) and I was not really offered a reasonable option (same cruise twice). The agent elevated my request to a "Monday supervisor" - -I hope to hear tomorrow that I will still be offered the $500 shipboard credit if I do not cancel but rebook on another (more expensive, shorter) cruise. This shipboard credit will help offset the price increase. Will see what they say.. BkylnBorn47 - about the flights. I travel often and finding good routes has been challenging because of the reduced flight schedules. My flight next week to Seville, Spain has three legs when I typically an able to find a reasonable flight with two. Hoping the airlines will soon bounce back.
  8. Tonight we received an email from WS notifying us of the change in itinerary and offering $500 shipboard credit to remain on the cruise. Our current itinerary is a Star Collector which is essentially two back-to-back cruises. The Black Sea itinerary is the second week. Unfortunately, the new itinerary (2nd week) is essentially the same ports as the first week. This is a little disappointing - hoping they will permit us to transfer everything over to another itinerary. We have future cruise credit applied to this cruise (based on our previously paid deposits) and other perks from the specials that applied when we booked. Anyone else have this experience?
  9. We are scheduled on a September Black Sea itinerary (Legend) so watching developments in the Black Sea area closely. It seems likely that there will be significant modifications to itinerary even in the best case scenario. The first Windstar itinerary to that area is schedule to depart in just over 2 months. Is anyone on one of these earlier cruises and hearing anything from Windstar about modifications to the ports of call? Curious as to where they might pivot.
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