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  1. Consider the fact that if you are delayed getting to Ushuaia, your ship leaves w/o you and there is no catching up. I would get there at least 1 day early or maybe even 2 days early. The 3 times I have been through Ushuaia, I got there 2 days early. Considering that your Antarctica trip is probably costing you ~ 10K, having to pay a few hundred dollars extra for a flight to Ushuaia is good idea. At the end of the cruise, you might as well take the charter home assuming that the cruise company will let you do just the charter home. Discuss it w the cruise company before you book. DON
  2. I would never cruise under such circumstances and I never said that I would. I just pointed out one way to encourage people on the ship to follow the rules they agreed to when they boarded the ship and wear the masks. Personally, I don't plan to cruise for a long while or perhaps forever. DON
  3. Take a look at the number of states that still use the federal minimum wage of $7.25/hour - https://www.paycor.com/resource-center/minimum-wage-by-state. If you work full time at a $7.25/hour job, you make $14,000 per year. BTW - the rapid response test that you will be taking right before your flight has a high rate of false negatives so it is not a very good test. DON
  4. There is a way to greatly increase the percentage of mask wearers. You provide OBC to people who report other people who are not wearing masks. In other words, the ships makes it worth it for people to report people who are not following the rules. All the person has to do is take a picture of the non-wearer and turn it into the customer service desk. I will bet that several people are kicked off, the rest of people who would prefer not to wear a mask would figure that it might be a good idea if they did wear them. DON
  5. I hate to agree w anything that the cruise companies suggest but they do have a point. If they really have submitted a plan, the CDC owes it to them to either approve it, reject it or suggest improvements. They shouldn't just sit on the plan and do nothing. DON
  6. I assume that you read the total number of very bad reviews on TripAdvisor. It was also intriguing that a few people loved it or else were paid to love it. They do have a wonderful location and as I recall it was quite crowded. DON
  7. This is a TripAdvisor review of a cafe located right outside of the Vatican - https://www.tripadvisor.com/ShowUserReviews-g187791-d1089060-r534942627-Caffe_Vaticano-Rome_Lazio.html. You can see that we were a bit underwhelmed w the place. DON
  8. I would add every island that we have been to in the Caribbean as underwhelming, very underwhelming or extremely underwhelming. Also every place that people go to where there is a beach. I feel that a beach becomes deathly boring after about 2 1/2 minutes. DON
  9. I have looked at Cruise Travel at book stores and my impression of it as well as other similar magazines is that they are just advertisements for places and/or things that you pay for. They never seemed to be worth the money to me. The only magazines that I get now are ones that have intellectual value such as Atlantic. Virtually all the camera or electronic magazines have gone out of business. Another thing is that most of the cost of the magazine is probably for paper, printing and mailing. I have not figured out why they don't "publish" the magazines on a flash drive. It would be much cheaper. DON
  10. When we were in Australia a few years ago, my wife had a medical issue and had to spend 4 days in the Royal Darwin Hospital. Her care was wonderful and the staff was very caring. Also, the fee was much less than it would have been in the US. DON
  11. You talk about on board activities and bells and whistles. I have been to AK several times by ship, driving and by Alaska Marine Highway. I just do not understand why people worry about ship facilities and ship activities on an AK cruise. When you go to AK, you go the for the wonderful stuff (sights and places to visit) that is outside of the ship and not the stuff that is on the ship. You can worry about ship board stuff if you are doing a Caribbean cruise. On an AK cruise, you are there for the sights and experiences of AK. Ignoring those comments, I will make specific comments on the 2 places that you get to stop at on your 7 day cruise. I like Sitka much better than Skagway. The town of Skagway is totally a tourist town. The full time population of Skagway is less than 1000 and it the ships stopped coming, the town would dry up and blow away. The town of Sitka is a real town with a population of about 9000 that was founded in the 1860's with a great Russian and Alaskan indigenous peoples heritage as part of its history . If the tourists stopped coming to Sitka, the residents of Sitka would continue to live there as they did before tourists arrived. Do you want to visit a place that only exists for the tourist or a town that represents the real Alaska. Also, Skagway gets a bit overcrowded when they are hit with 4 or 5 cruise ships with more than 2000 people per ship. Sitka tends to not be overcrowded because fewer ships visit. Juneau tends to be overcrowded almost every day of the week during the summer and most of them never leave the downtown shopping center. I don't go to AK to shop. I do feel that the Quantum port times for Juneau are better than the Ovation port times. One final comment and I will get off my high horse. You say in your post that you do not want to miss anything. You are going to be on land in Alaska for 2 days so you will be missing almost everything. Almost everyone who takes a ship cruise to AK misses most of Alaska even if you add a 3 or 4 day land tour to your cruise. On one of our trips, we spent 2 1/2 months in Alaska driving about 10,000 miles and we missed stuff. You will be missing almost almost all of Alaska. Regardless of which ship you select, you will have a good experience but don't believe that you are really seeing AK. DON
  12. Since both of them have only 2 port stops, I wouldn't take either of them. Also, port arrival and departure times are important to know and you have not told us what they are. DON
  13. Based on how well many of us have followed most of the other Covid safety requirements, I doubt that many Americans will comply with the rules. I predict that if the companies actually enforce their rules, a large number of people will end up getting kicked off their ships. I also predict that a lot of these people will try to sue the cruise companies for kicking them off the ship. DON
  14. Italy and in fact most European countries have excellent train systems. I realize that most Americans never think of taking a train to get somewhere but Europeans do it all the time. Fly into what ever airport has good flights and take the train to Florence. Also, you don't have to be dependent on Princess Air to get your flights. Do some research and pick your own flights. DON
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