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  1. donaldsc

    Gluten free

    The chefs on the ship are very good at handling GF meals. Some of the items on the menu will be GF. However, you can also discuss your dining options and get what you want but you have to do it the day before. My daughter has Celiac disease. DON
  2. donaldsc

    Help with Juneau Plans

    Why are the 2 people who are doing the tour going back to the ship to get a bite to eat. Grab a bite to eat and stay in town. DON
  3. donaldsc

    What do you actually do on the boat?

    If you are on a boat, this means that your ship has sunk. Large watercraft are called ships; small watercraft are called boats. The general rule is that you can load a boat on a ship but you can't load a ship on boat. With regard to your question, as one who hates sea days, be thankful that there is only one sea day. I just bring lots of books for my Kindle. Most of the people on CC will disagree w me but in my opinion, there is very little to do on a sea day but trivia, port or shopping lectures and a bunch of other boring stuff. Thank god for my Kindle. DON
  4. donaldsc

    B2B Cabin Change Query

    Simple but drastic solution which means that it will never happen. If they are supposed to be out by 8:00, at 8:15 the steward comes into their cabin, throws all of their stuff into a large laundry bag and puts it into the hall. They will only have to do it a few times and the word will get around that 8:00 mean 8:00 and not 9:00. DON
  5. donaldsc

    Trying to book on a sold out cruise!!!

    Is your sister having a TA or wedding coordinator handling all the arrangements for the wedding. She should check w them. DON
  6. donaldsc

    Anan Bear Viewing Trip - Some Questions

    Been there 3 times and loved it. It was the high point of my granddaughter's trip to AK. We are taking 2 more granddaughters to Anan this summer. DON
  7. donaldsc

    small cruise ship thru Norwegian fjords

    A bit longer than 9 days but Azamara. Ships are the refurbished R class ships and hold about 680 passengers. We have done many cruises on Azamara including one up the Norwegian coast. They do really great cruises. https://www.azamaraclubcruises.com/find-a-voyage#dest=EUROP&country=Norway&sort=date-asc DON
  8. donaldsc

    To the experienced travelers: What would you do?

    I agree. I like both cities but to me, Florence is a real town and Venice is sort of an amusement park. DON
  9. donaldsc

    Hotel Suggestions in Tokyo

    I have 3 days in Tokyo pre-cruise. Looking for some suggestions for a reasonably priced (I don't need a luxury hotel) decent hotel in a central location in Tokyo. Any suggestions would be appreciated. DON