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  1. https://www.nejm.org/doi/full/10.1056/NEJMc2009316 https://thorax.bmj.com/content/early/2020/05/27/thoraxjnl-2020-215091 DON
  2. These are the results of a study where they tested all of the women who came into a NY hospital to deliver their babies - "Between March 22 and April 4, 2020, a total of 215 pregnant women delivered infants at the New York–Presbyterian Allen Hospital and Columbia University Irving Medical Center . All the women were screened on admission for symptoms of Covid-19. Four women (1.9%) had fever or other symptoms of Covid-19 on admission, and all 4 women tested positive for SARS-CoV-2 (Figure 1). Of the 211 women without symptoms, all were afebrile on admission. Nasopharyngeal swabs were obtained from 210 of the 211 women (99.5%) who did not have symptoms of Covid-19; of these women, 29 (13.7%) were positive for SARS-CoV-2. Thus, 29 of the 33 patients who were positive for SARS-CoV-2 at admission (87.9%) had no symptoms of Covid-19 at presentation." Looks like in this study, 14% of the women were asymptomatic. Here is an abstract from a paper published on the outbreak of the disease on the Greg Mortimer - "We describe what we believe is the first instance of complete COVID-19 testing of all passengers and crew on an isolated cruise ship during the current COVID-19 pandemic. Of the 217 passengers and crew on board, 128 tested positive for COVID-19 on reverse transcription–PCR (59%). Of the COVID-19-positive patients, 19% (24) were symptomatic; 6.2% (8) required medical evacuation; 3.1% (4) were intubated and ventilated; and the mortality was 0.8% (1). The majority of COVID-19-positive patients were asymptomatic (81%, 104 patients). We conclude that the prevalence of COVID-19 on affected cruise ships is likely to be significantly underestimated, and strategies are needed to assess and monitor all passengers to prevent community transmission after disembarkation." Does that sufficiently respond to my highlighted part of your post? DON
  3. We finally got our $3000 refund on a cruise that we cancelled in January before the Covid problems became evident. Took them long enough. My first potential cruise w Oceania and we are not happy. DON
  4. Why would you think that non-suite passengers would be entitled to suite privileges? After all, they did not pay for them. DON
  5. Call me harsh but I have gone on 2 AK trips w 10 year olds both times without their parents. I told them that we are in AK for the scenery and for what AK uniquely offers. They were not to waste their AK time in the kids club and miss the beauty and tour opportunities that AK offers. They understood and spent no time in the kids club although they did spend some time on the pool. In fact on 1 trip when we were in Glacier Bay, my 10 year old noted that the people in the private spa area probably could not see much of Glacier Bay and commented that they were really being stupid. That is one smart kid. DON
  6. Call me cynical but the cruise lines will do the absolute minimum that their lawyers and the relevant government agencies will force them to do. No more and if they think that they can get away with it - less. Medical people will have much less influence than their accountants. DON
  7. If you plan your airplane arrival that closely, my answer would be that you should have made better travel arrangements. How many posts have we seen on CC where a person posts that they are arriving at the airport at 1:00 when their ship departs at 4:30 which means that final boarding is 2:30 and they are asking if they might have a problem. People need to plan ahead with regard to arrival at their cruise port and many of them do not. I always arrive 1 day early but I understand that some people feel that they can't do it. If they insist on arriving on the day of the cruise, they should make flight arrangements that get them early in the morning. DON
  8. Simple although harsh solution to the boarding problem. Everyone has an exact defined time to board. You could even give the people the opportunity to pick their boarding time when they book their cruise. If you are not there within 15 minutes of your defined time either early or late, you do not get to board and there is no refund. The important thing is that the cruise companies need to enforce the rules which they won't have the guts to do. There are a number of companies out there who give you a suggested boarding time but they then end up letting everyone board whenever they want. DON
  9. I have been on the Ocean Adventurer on a Falklands / South Georgia Island trip. It is a neat ship. You should do a trip to South Georgia if you ever get a chance. Imagine being on a beach with several hundred thousand nesting penguins pairs. DON
  10. +1 on that comment. All of my suitcases but 1 have 2 wheels which are of a decent size so they roll over stuff. My wife needed a new suitcase and she insisted on a 4 wheel suitcase. I understand that it is nice that you can push it and it will not fall over but that is the only positive. To me, the negatives far out weigh the positives. Tiny wheels that hang up on everything and try using it on uneven surfaces outside of the airport. I will also add that stuff sacks are great for organizing stuff and if you have jackets and largish stuff such as jackets, compression stuff sacks are just wonderful. It is amazing how much you can force into a compression stuff sack - https://www.rei.com/product/766677/sea-to-summit-ultra-sil-compression-sack#product-reviews. I will bet that I could pack almost enough for a longish trip into 2 of these compression sacks. DON
  11. I have not checked it out but how many days do you get to spend in Hawaii and how many days are sea days. You have to really like sea days to take a cruise from the West Coast to Hawaii. DON
  12. That interview is a total nothing. The Vikand rep does not say anything about the product except that it is wonderful but he really does not present any hard evidence or data that it actually works. A pure puff piece of nothingness. When I tried to open up the company WEB site to check them out, my Malware program told me that it was a dangerous and that I should not open it. DON
  13. I am surprised that they did not try to claim that the hill roll down was a preplanned part of the excursion. DON
  14. This response has no relevance to my post. To my knowledge, cancer is not caused by a specific organism but by the body misbehaving and some cells replicating themselves beyond control. So what does this have to do with a disease that is caused by a specific organism which could eliminated or at least eliminated until is mutates by causing the body to attack the organism. If you find a way to eliminate the organism, you eliminate the disease. I am not saying that this search will succeed (see my prior note on HIV) but we might be successful and control Covid. That is unless we allow the anti-vaxers to set the vaccination agenda and you can be sure that to do their best to keep this from happening by trying to convince people from taking the vaccine. I would add that while there is not an overall magic bullet type of cure for cancer and there probably never will be, many specific cancers can be controlled better and patients diagnosed today have a much better life expectancy than if they were diagnosed in earlier years. Consider this data for leukemia. It used to be that if you got leukemia, this was considered to be a death sentence. W are now much better at controlling or curing leukemia - "According to the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, the five-year survival rates for patients diagnosed with leukemia from 1960-63 was just 14 percent. Fifty years later, it reached 61 percent. For Hodgkin lymphoma, the five-year survival rate has gone from 40 percent to 88 percent. Five-year survival rates for non-Hodgkin lymphoma has also improved from 31 percent to 73 percent since the 1960s." DON
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