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  1. +1 on this suggestion. I have been there 3 times. DON
  2. My brother David Schoengold may be on your cruise. If so, tell him that his brother is hoping that he is having a good time. DON
  3. This is a bit late response but I looked it up on Google. It took me about 1 minute to get an answer. DON
  4. For those who are knowledgeable about cruise ship plumbing, can they trace it to a specific cabin? DON
  5. So you do not care if you start a fire and burn down the ship. Tell me what ships allow you to bring water heaters on board or do you feel that rules do not apply to you. DON
  6. Typing "Princess Wine Policy" into Google would have gotten you an answer really quickly. DON
  7. Short of not cruising, do you have any choice? What about the fine print in most of the other transactions you do today. DON
  8. Is the Howling Dog Saloon still around, When we were in Fairbanks on blues night several years ago, the band was great. Disagree w you on anything in North Pole. On the same trip, we found the whole town to be a big tourist trap. The rest of your suggestions are right on however. DON
  9. Do your own research and create a spreadsheet to sort your results anyway that you wish. Really easy. DON
  10. I would suggest a cruise on a sailboat which does not have an engine therefore having almost no environmental impact. Try the Lewis R French - https://schoonerfrench.com/. "The French is still operated much how she would have been during the age of sail. She has no inboard engine, relying on 3,000 square feet of sail to propel her. She has four lower sails and two topsails. If the wind dies, a push from our yawlboat "Greyhound" will help her along. All the sails are still raised and trimmed by hand, and the anchor is manually raised each morning using our windlass. There are no engines on deck or below to spoil the serenity." DON
  11. Regardless of whether it was marked "no upgrades" and it should have been so marked, how hard would it be for Princess to routinely notify you before they upgrade you. They bombard you w e-mails on everything else concerning your cruise and especially things that they can make money selling you. With regard to your "fine print" question and remember we are talking about cruise lines here, I am sure that the fine print says in effect that they can sc**w you coming and going and you have no recourse. DON
  12. Everyone is missing or ignoring the point. Regardless of what we may think, the OP does not regard the change as an upgrade. He wants his original cabin back and he should get it back. When we cruise, my wife likes her cabin mid ship and low as a result of a very very bad experience on a far forward cabin on a north sea ferry in late fall probably 50 years ago. If we were offered an "upgrade" to a suite at either end of the ship, she would say "don't take it". One learns after many years of marriage not to argue w her on some things DON
  13. It is if you are facing forward or towards the bow. DON
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