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  1. Maritime law. Not working conditions laws. DON
  2. donaldsc

    Dolphin Excursions?

    Check out this site - https://www.onegreenplanet.org/animalsandnature/what-to-know-about-swim-with-dolphins/ - and any of the many other sites on the internet which shows how all the swiming with dolphins programs are inhumane and cruel to one of the more intelligent animals on the planet. Then imagine how you would feel if you were captured by another civilization and they had swiming-with-human programs, especially if the captured you and separated you from your whole family unit. DON
  3. donaldsc

    Key West Shark Encounter

    Post your message on the cruise roll call. DON
  4. Basically you are responsible for keeping track of your payment due date. If you booked through a TA, the TA should as a courtesy notify you but ultimately you are still responsible. We keep the payment due dates for all cruises and for all prepay tours on our calendar. I do not think that you have any recourse. DON
  5. donaldsc

    Type 1 diabetes and cruising

    Not "may". They will. DON
  6. I would suggest that you really need to contact the cruise line. Only they can say for certain and maybe not even them. DON
  7. That is overseas. I would assume the US law does not apply. DON
  8. donaldsc

    Insurance through Credit Card

    How would we know. We and probably also you have not read the policy details. Remember, the policy summary does not tell you what is really covered. That is in the 25 or more pages attached to the policy summary. DON
  9. donaldsc

    Cruising to Bermuda in December.

    If you are running Windows 10, there is a very good climate ap built into Windows 10. DON
  10. donaldsc

    Advantages of travel agents?

    Lots of people tell you that they get perks from their TA. So do we but that is not why a good TA is invaluable. You need someone on your side when the cruise companies try to scr**w you over and then don't want to even talk to you. A good TA will know whom to call at the cruise line and get your problem fixed. Right now I have a cruise booked on Azamara and the company is giving me a real hard time. My TA has made a number of calls to Azamara and will hopefully get the problem fixed. When I tried to contact Azamara about the problem, the basically said "tough". There have been several other times in the past when she has gone to bat for us and gotten problems solved. To me this is worth far more than a free bottle of wine or a few bucks of OBC. DON
  11. donaldsc

    Earliest Flight home on disembarkation day

    Are you suggesting that the OP arrive at the airport at 10:00 AM if everything goes perfectly for a flight to an airport that might have major security delays that takes off at 11:45. This gives the OP 1 h 45 m from when they hopefully arrive at the airport to when the plane leaves the runway. I would not take that chance. DON
  12. Relax and enjoy yourself. Minor problems may occur but you will have a great time. DON
  13. There aren't any more shore excursions on this cruise. Half the ports have no shore excursions at all which has not been a problem for me as I generally do private tours. However, this cruise has gotten to be a total mess and this mixup with cruise ports is the final straw. I am totally sorry that I ever booked on it. If I hadn't already paid for my air fare, I would cancel it and also the Japan to AK follow up cruise. I used to say that people should cruise on Azamara because the cruises were good and the on board personnel were excellent. No longer. The on board personnel may still be good but the cruise line has become absolutely awful who have no qualms about scr**ing the customer. I have done maybe 10 cruises on Azamara. These 2 will be the last ones I ever do on them. I like the ships. I like the on board personnel. I hate the company. DON
  14. donaldsc

    Coffee Card Expiration

    I understand that the Cruise Contract takes precedence over everything and the cruise contract basically says that Princess can do absolutely any they want to do and I have absolutely no recourse. However, common sense should tell you that regardless of what the cruise contract says, if I pay you for 10 pizzas and you only give me 2 and when I complain, you say tough - that is stealing. What would you call it. DON
  15. donaldsc


    Goodbye. DON