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  1. Simple solution to this problem. I almost always do private tours. I just allow 8 people max on my tours and I have the company book a 12 passenger van even if it costs a bit more. This leaves us a bit of room in the van. DON
  2. donaldsc

    Hot water immersion wand

    Not allowed. DON
  3. There are many companies and ships that do the Galapagos with ship sizes from 16 passengers to up to 100 and with comfort levels from basic to luxury. There is lots of information on the internet about your options. You need to do some research on your own and then come back with some more specific questions. DON
  4. donaldsc

    The Falklands and South Georgia - Fall 2017

    I did the 21 day Falklands and S Georgia in Nov/Dec 2018. It was a wonderful trip. However I do not think that they are doing it in 2019 as we had on 89 people on a 130 passenger ship. Contact Quark to find out. DON
  5. donaldsc

    Filling Cabins

    Depends upon when. DON
  6. donaldsc

    Walkie talkies?

    Tell them where and when you will meet them. If you change the meeting time/place, leave a note in your cabin. Low tech works. What do you think that people did before electronics? DON
  7. donaldsc

    2021 World Cruise will not be on the Pacific Princess

    So desert Princess and do your cruising on the lines that still love the R class ships such as Azamara or Oceania. Much better cruising experience on those lines anyway. DON
  8. donaldsc

    Recommendations On Budget Friendly Binoculars

    Meant to say "can't afford". DON
  9. donaldsc

    Advice on Alaska

    Huh????? DON
  10. donaldsc

    Recommendations for Fairbanks activities?

    Fountainhead Antique Automobile Museum https://www.fountainheadmuseum.com/ I go there every time I visit Fairbanks. DON
  11. donaldsc

    Recommendations On Budget Friendly Binoculars

    How could binoculars not be unisex. Does anyone know the difference between male and female binoculars? BTW - when I bought my last set of about $400 binoculars, I made a mistake of trying out some really expensive ones - $1500 and up. Major mistake as they were worth the money. Never try optics that you can afford. DON
  12. donaldsc

    Jewelry stores in port

    None of the above. Go to your local full service non-chain jewelry store or a local craft show. I don't do jewelry but a friend who does buy jewelry and knows what she is buying has told me that if you don't know jewelry, make sure that you know your jeweler. DON
  13. donaldsc

    Possible Rainy Embarkation Day Question

    It may be a female thing but why would you need 2 hair dryers especially as they have one in the cabin? DON
  14. The reason that they are doing it is that we are requiring Visas for them to enter the US. It is called "appropriate response". DON
  15. donaldsc

    B2B on two different lines?

    By definition, cruising on 2 lines or even 2 ships on the same line is not a B2B. DON