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  1. We love doing Transatlantic' s. Also enjoyed doing a Transpacific.
  2. The best breakfast is at Cafe' Manolin on Calle San Justo, just a few blocks from the Sheraton OSJ. We eat there every chance we can. Even going there instead of eating on the ship. Will leave the issue of hurricane recovery alone. Got our eyes opened doing several B2B's out of Puerto Rico.
  3. we always have used a TA. If you have a problem with RCCL let the TA spend all the time on the phone fixing things.
  4. Just ask your waiters to please speed things up. We can get out of there in under an hour.
  5. Just ask your room attendant, have had no problems in 4 years. I always bring my own extension cord.
  6. Usually right after final payment.
  7. We have taken another couple & only pay for 2 meals total.
  8. Have always had to pay a deposit on both cruises. After all you are taking 2 different cruises.
  9. We enjoy our cruises, maybe we are cabin snobs. We have been upgraded from our balcony rooms to Jr. Suites & Grand Suites. We have been upgraded from Jr. Suites to Owner Suites & 2 bedroom Suites. With the new structure of bidding on upgrades, looks like the days of free upgrades is over. We have even refused a free upgrade to an Owners Suite. There are plenty of great rooms on ships. There are also bad rooms on ships. Why risk it?
  10. We did dinner at large tables & for years everything worked out. We then started doing a table for 2. Tables are close enough to talk with other people. We will only do a table for 2 from now on.
  11. Let's face it. If they pick your room, you are getting the rooms nobody wants. It's not a deal, unless you don't care if your view is obstructed, room directly above lounge or any other crappy situation. We'll pay more & have a better room.
  12. They were not left behind. They chose not to board the ship at the appointed time.
  13. When Royal Caribbean started going to China. The Chinese couldn't say Pinnacle, hench pineapple. Sorry for the boring explanation.
  14. We were there on a cruise. We were the first ship to spend the night in Havana. Sounds like nothing has really changed.
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