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  1. Do your research & prove me wrong. As long as it is an experimental drug, it is illegal to require people to get it. If the vaccines are so good, what difference does it make if I have it or not?
  2. It is illegal to require anyone to get an experimental drug. You can start by researching the Nuremburg Code & then try various government laws. Then start researching various laws against HIPPA & Disability Acts. The Chinese Virus vaccines are still experimental & schools can require them but they will loose when challenged.
  3. The Jewel of the Seas. We have sailed on her 10 times. We had 4 cruises on her cancelled. Will start booking cruises again when things start stabilizing.
  4. RCL you made the correct decision. It is illegal to make people get an experimental drug. Is illegal to require anyone showing a vaccine card.
  5. Bet the farm on MSC they have the worlds largest cargo fleet behind them.
  6. We do the same thing. Once was tempted to remove tips from room attendant Had them change room attendant instead.
  7. They can not require experimental vaccines. It is illegal in several different ways.
  8. March 30, 20 Eclipse, last Celebrity ship sailing.
  9. In March 2020, Celebrity gave us a free 14 day cruise, free booze, free flights home & 2 free cases of Covid. Since we are Pinnacles, it would be nice to have a different ending.
  10. We got back everything back for our May cruises. Applied the FCC to our Aug. Cruises. We got FCCs' but are still owed taxes, port fees & gratuities. My sister received her FCC & fees back for her Aug. cruise plus an extra $ 7000 & her son got an extra $ 600, oops.
  11. The thing with an airline, it is almost impossible for someone to say they got sick on that flight. With the cruise line we can say we got sick on that ship along with at least 200 other people. Can also say that 4 passengers had died from Covid. We can testify that the Captain lied to us twice a day, that no one was sick.
  12. The cruise industry did a lot of this to themselves. Lying to port authorities & passengers has to be addressed. Putting passengers in danger will be a high price the cruise lines will be paying for.
  13. Nope, interior cabins went out the door a long time ago. With a nicer room, the time spent in the room is much nicer.
  14. Please tell me it isn't so. I will miss being packed like a sardine in the hot sun.
  15. Cuba was a great place to visit. It is the only place where people stopped us on the street & thanked us for visiting. Would return as soo as cruising resumes there.
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