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  1. This is just a data point on processing times. I sent in our passports for additional visa pages before the price increase took effect. The passports were received at the passport agency in DC on Monday the 12th, (just before the price increase on the 13th) and the passports arrived back on the west coast today, Friday the 16th. We had paid for expedited processing because of an international trip coming up early in August.


    Factors to keep in mind:

    This service was merely for extra visa pages, not for a new or renewed passport

    The checks cleared our bank account on Tuesday

    We could track the processing progress on the passport bureau website on Tuesday

    We paid for expedited processing and overnight mail return

    Even so, I am impressed by the quick turnaround time



  2. I am not sure when that was discontinued (probably around 2003), but name amendments are no longer done that way, now State just issues completely new passports.


    Thank you for letting me know that -- now I won't be giving incorrect information to other folks who have a name change issue.:)

  3. Admittedly, I have not read the full 16 pages of this thread, so please forgive me if this information has already been posted.


    In 1998 I got a new passport. In 1999 I married and changed my name. In order to have my passport match my new name, I sent it in for a name change. The same passport was returned to me with an amendment that my name had changed. The amendment was printed on the last page of the passport.


    Some TSA's and airline employees were reluctant to acknowledge that yes, the amended passport does match my air tickets. I had to explain numerous times that the amendment was valid. Often these employees were not properly trained in how passports can be amended.


    It was a relief this year when I got an entirely new passport and that the amendment was no longer necessary.

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