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  1. And, in addition to the correct information about the necessity to have the ETA, you would not even be allowed to board your flight from the US to Australia without proof of having the correct documentation. The ETA is different from a visa, but it is a vital document to have when flying to Australia.
  2. Shorex

    Contract bridge

    Yes. On sea days there is a beginner and an intermediate lesson in the morning, and in the afternoon a duplicate game and, if I remember correctly, a social game. There is a pair of ACBL teachers on each cruise who present the bridge program.
  3. IMO, "hope" has no power. It's on the level of a contestant for Miss America who "hopes" for world peace. Sure, I can wish for something positive to happen, but all the while acknowledging that I have no power. However, I am prepared to deal with the uncertainly of the reality of the situation.
  4. IMO, it's too early to even hypothesize about the final itinerary for this cruise. The situation in the Red Sea may or may not be dire. We will be on this cruise and are beginning to look for the return flights from Mumbai. We are not worried, Crystal will handle the situation as it unfolds, and we will plan accordingly.
  5. Seatguru is no longer updated. The most accurate site for airline configuration (to the best of my knowledge) is aerolopa.com Here is the page for AA: https://www.aerolopa.com/aa and one config for AA 788: https://www.aerolopa.com/aa-788 Booking a bullkhead seat can be problematic as some airlines will displace you for a parent with a baby (if bulkhead is a bassinet location on a long haul aircraft.) Also bulkhead seats may be allocated at the gate to handicapped passengers. Booking an exit row will give you more legroom, assuming you meet the requirements. Personally, I'd choose premium economy, but it's your evaluation that matters.
  6. Autumn cruise to New England and onward to Quebec. The foliage is gorgeous.
  7. Ugh to the new format. Seems to have created with all the maturity and wisdom of tik-toc.
  8. Silversea is an "all-inclusive"* luxury line. No, do NOT tip your butler on arrival. I suggest you post this question on the Silversea board, but in a different format. Perhaps ask the frequent Silversea cruisers to explain what is included and what is expected of the staff. The "all-inclusive" lines do adjust the salary of the staff to compensate for gratuities that would have been paid on a mass market or premium line. https://boards.cruisecritic.com/forum/108-silversea/ On a recent Silversea cruise we did receive "above and beyond" service in a very special circumstance and we did choose to tip. Otherwise, nope. And, as mentioned previously, a positive review means a great deal to the individuals serving you. *The asterisk is because nothing is totally ALL inclusive.
  9. Thank you for posting this affirmation of the quality of medical care on Crystal. Also very impressive professional care from the paramedics and immigration staff. Best wishes to your wife for a complete recovery and a safe trip home.
  10. While a TA might book air just to satisfy a client, this is no longer in their wheelhouse. They have no more expertise than anyone who can use the internet. There is no commission from the airlines and hasn't been for about 30 years.
  11. What Flatbush Flyer said. Is the $6,574 per person or for both? Makes a difference. We would never use a "one person" operation as a TA. TA's that are part of an established agency with a record of building a successful client base have more clout with cruise lines they sell. And our TA's clout has resulted in her quickly and efficiently resolving some issues with the cruise line.
  12. Shorex

    White Night

    Looks like a deck party on other ships I've sailed that merely added the "white party" element. Very nice experience but obviously Crystal's conception of "white party" is different. Different, but also one that affords a very entertaining and enjoyable evening. Personally, I consider the event quite the success.
  13. Obviously, the risk of Norovirus increases when numerous people touch items such as serving utensils. All it takes is one person who has not sufficiently washed/sanitized their hands, and the virus spreads quickly. Anecdotal reports are just that, anecdotal. FWIW, I enjoy the beautiful display of a Grand Buffet, and I enjoy partaking. However, I am aware of the risk. On some occasions, on any open buffet anywhere, the virus can be contracted and spread.
  14. The Silver Spirit recently had a port stop in Oman (December 1, 2023). I suggest you post on the Silversea board: https://boards.cruisecritic.com/forum/108-silversea/ Posters on that board should be able to give you the details about a port stop in Oman.
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