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  1. Cruises to nowhere are now specifically prohibited. Details are in this post: Post #4 by chengkp75 spells it out: "According to CBP [U.S. Customs & Border Protection], while cruises to nowhere are specifically allowed under the PVSA, they were never legal from CBP's viewpoint regarding crew visas, and were only allowed on periodic scheduling when one or two were needed to align itineraries. The court case mentioned above was Resorts World Bimini Superfast (owned by Genting Group, a past owner of NCLH, and owner of Star and Genting cruises) v Winkowski, and
  2. I've always taken a box of disinfectant wipes in carry-on. Planes are filthy - swiping the armrests and tray tables will eliminate some of the bacteria. Don't expect the wipes to kill any viruses though.
  3. Found this info on marinetraffic.com https://www.marinetraffic.com/en/ais/details/ships/shipid:369704/mmsi:309168000/imo:9066667/vessel:CRYSTAL_SYMPHONY Where is the ship? Passenger Ship CRYSTAL SYMPHONY is currently located at INDO - Riau Archipelago at position 1° 41' 3.793" N, 104° 54' 29.16" E as reported by MarineTraffic Terrestrial Automatic Identification System on 2020-08-16 08:05 UTC (2 days, 15 hours ago) Where is this vessel going to? The vessel departed from SEMBAWANG, SG on 2020-07-05 09:52 LT (UTC +8) and is current
  4. "We'll get you there", okay RC. How about a closed loop cruise where the guest brings along birth certificate and ID, but no passport? Just try to get them on a plane to the first port (which might be the Bahamas or Mexico) without a passport. Or how about a getting to a trans-ocean cruise where the first stop is many days from embarkation rendering the cruise experience an exercise in futility? Or how about flying to a cruise where the first port stop requires a visa but guest relied on the cruise ship to get the visa. Oops, can't get on the plane without a visa.
  5. Hurtigruten claims the earliest return to ocean cruising with its MS Finnmarken which set sail on June 30. Most passengers were from Norway with a few from Denmark. https://www.cruisecritic.com/news/5426/ More Hurtigruten ships will sail from mid-July through September. https://www.cruisecritic.com/news/5442 I'd love to be on that cruise to Svalbard.
  6. I like The Bistro. We'll all probably need reminding not to actually discuss Crystal 🙂
  7. Jim, have a look on the Silversea board at the thread "Silversea Water Cooler: Welcome!" On page one, post one of the 5200+ posts, moderator LauraS gives the terms and conditions. If Silversea can do off topics, why not......
  8. I've mentioned this one recently: Ephesus in the evening for a classical string quartet concert.
  9. To clarify the smoking policy: (edited to ocean vessels only) Connoisseur Club Crystal Serenity, Crystal Symphony VIP Casino on Crystal Serenity and Crystal Symphony (during play, upon request) Decks 10, 9 and 8 Aft on Crystal Symphony and Crystal Serenity Deck 11, aft Crystal Serenity Seahorse pool area, port side only Promenade Deck, port side only Basically, it's a few areas outside, the Connoisseur Club and the VIP casino. Personally I've never been bothered by the smoke and neither have our friends who are particularly smoke sensitive. If that's a deal breaker, c'
  10. https://www.crystalcruises.com/ Absolutely! We are thinking of booking one for November. On the "Find a Voyage" tab search for cruises in October, November or December of this year and choose the Serenity. Crystal is "all-inclusive." Before the quibble begins, no cruise line includes literally everything. However, you will not pay gratuities, for most alcoholic beverages (yes, you will pay for JW Blue or Opus One, etc., but you won't pay for Talisker or Botanist for example), specialty dining in the Nobu restaurant and the Italian restaurant, specialty coffees, unlimited wifi, 24 hour ro
  11. In addition to previous suggestions, I'd recommend adding Windstar to the mix. https://www.windstarcruises.com/ Explore the website and get a feel for the personality of the cruise line. Actually that's good advice for every line that you are considering. Some highlights: Voted 2019 best small ship cruise line Partners with James Beard foundation for cuisine Ships have a sports platform that lowers in back for water sports in safe harbors In some ports you can accompany the chef to local markets for dinner shopping The bridge is open -- sto
  12. Port of Dubai now closed to cruise ships. https://www.cruisecritic.com/news/5097/?fbclid=IwAR2_IfAbIY0GtWEFKCYGjA6TQO3sr1aygAE4UI2BLkrHe15aYkeE7BPc2gM Our cruising may be over for this year.
  13. This again? The crew loves money, and would never make a sour face at getting a silly $2. They know how to fake a happy smile. Whatever floats your boat.
  14. Actually, there are a few more. I keep track for the lines we cruise, and then just tried to see how many I could find. For your bookmarking pleasure: Crystal https://www.pinnacletds.com/Crystal Silversea https://www.pinnacletds.com/Silversea Regent http://visacentral.com/tourkits?bookmark=1&login=rssc Celebrity www.visacentral.com/celebritycruises Seabourn https://cibtvisas.com/tourkits?bookmark=1&login=105788 HOLL
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