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  1. came available for feb. 28th cruise a few weeks ago. can also find it on manage cruise page under catagories, near top left of page
  2. just got off getaway today, buffet was self serve.
  3. do they send a message to app message center as well?
  4. cruising getaway march 1st, prices have gone up and down since booked last july, i think. holding about the same price as a few weeks ago.
  5. only been 6 cruises, but seems roughly an hour, even when we did specialty restaurants
  6. I'll wave as I'm getting off! lol look forward to rest of review
  7. in our area they won't recycle waxed paper products
  8. yes, but fulton $10 a day cheaper, free shuttle to and from port. other things i would rather spend my money on
  9. people like him are reason i don't like buffets, but it actually started the 1st time i heard sneeze-guard.
  10. nice to hear,. we'll be parking at fulton garage, until i watched a youtube video, i had no idea esy walk to cruise port rather than wait for shuttle
  11. started watching youtube vlog by "life with Favor" on getaway. she shows dailies from ncl app on side of screen, you may be able to get idea from that.
  12. can't seem to get an answer, are they done with road work around port? read somewhere that it was wrapping up soon. on getaway 3/1/20
  13. it's my understanding that people who buy Priority board after haven and platinum
  14. enjoyed your review. do they still punch cruise cards on getaway for lanyards?
  15. anyone had cabin below splash acedemy? much noise at night or early morning?
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