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  1. If you have cheers package, does buying a bottle of wine count as 1 drink of your 15 allowed?
  2. that's the screen i'm used too, but it's changed today when i checked.
  3. atrium bars seem to be open regular times in port if I recall correctly.
  4. Will be by myself in cabin for 1st time next February. I opted for twin beds, at home I just stick to one side of queen bed. Just wondering what other solo travelers usually opt for, is it a big deal to you whether beds split or not?
  5. I want to do an eye roll every time i hear someone say they're a "foodie". We all are in my opinion! Food is like art and music, just because you rave about a certain dish or restaurant doesn't mean I'll like it too. I enjoy trying dishes I would never make at home, but enjoy tacos, burgers as well. Blue Iguana is my favorite.
  6. living in Florida, just a 50 foot walk from car into medical building for appointments, they had to recheck me because I was overheated. humid as all heck in summertime.
  7. Out of idle curiosity, if you're booked in Haven are drinks included? Thought someone posted that drinks in Haven were free, which would mean drink package unnecessary (even with free-at-sea promo). unless of course you're a big drinker.
  8. my 2nd cruise was on her, inside cabin, apparently right next to anchor. lol, but slept great anyway.
  9. thank you, couldn't remember which cruise line had fee.
  10. I may invite someone to join me on cruise in 2022, not paid in full, does CCL charge a fee for add-on?
  11. We're scheduled for Feb. 28th cruise on Glory, hopefully!
  12. if someone buys you a drink that doesn't count against your 15 does it?
  13. came available for feb. 28th cruise a few weeks ago. can also find it on manage cruise page under catagories, near top left of page
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