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  1. Back home after the 5 day Anthem trip to Bermuda. It was a great trip and overall we were very pleased. There were 6 in our party (4 adults and 2 kids, 4 and 7 yrs old) and we had two balcony rooms on deck 8. Bermuda: We took a glass bottom boat tour and visited Horseshoe Bay for a few hours on our first day in Bermuda. Horseshoe Bay was amazing of course, though very, very crowded. My husband waited in line for almost an hour to get us lunch. The line for the bar was equally as long! We took a taxi to Horseshoe Bay and had no problem getting there and back quickly--lines for buses and transfers through the cruise line seem long. On the 2nd day in Bermuda, we took the kids to Snorkel Beach. It was so convenient and a good beach for kids to swim at. Obviously not as beautiful as Horseshoe Bay but my kids were very happy. We noticed storm clouds coming and were able to get the kids off the beach and back onto the ship before the rain came! Positives: Service: Service was great all week and the staff was great with my kids. Adventure Ocean: My kids enjoyed going there and there were lots of options for times and activities. Our cruise was for our 10th anniversary and we wanted to have some time each day to ourselves and the program was perfect. We dropped them off on 2 afternoons, 1 evening, and then utilized the Adventure Dining once and the My Time Family Dining once. It was great. H2O zone: My kids could not get enough of the wave pool. We spent most our sea days there and despite the many people on board, that pool did not feel too crowded. We were not able to find a lounge chair around the outdoor pool, but with young kids that didn't really matter because we were always in the water with them. In addition, we noticed a great deal of vigilance by the staff around the pool deck due to the sad event on the last cruise. I also liked the fact that the swim diaper rules were being enforced. Another passenger on board became quite angry with the staff that her child was not supposed to be in the wave pool because the child was in a swim diaper and despite her anger, they enforced the rule. iFly:We loved trying the iFly and the instructor was really great working with my children. My son was quite nervous and the instructor went out of his way to make him feel comfortable. SeaPlex--my son took the acrobatic class and my husband and children loved the bumper cars. My son loved the Xbox, though he was only able to play once and we all enjoyed the ping pong tables. Food:We liked the cafe at 270 and had lunch there on Day 1 and Day 4. My husband and I ate at Izumi one evening and enjoyed it very much. We had a nice adult meal at The Grand the first evening and all 6 of us at at Silk and even though we had two different reservation windows (6-6:30 and 6:15-6:45) we were able to get a table for 6 together. My family of 4 enjoyed a meal at Chic, as well. We thought there was a nice selection at the Windjammer and the desserts were great all week long. Sorrento's was decent for a snack. While the food wasn't amazing, we thought that it was all fine for such a large ship. Movie on pool deck: They showed Zootopia. Fun way for families to spend an evening. Wish they showed another PG or PG13 movie at 7:00 pm another night on the cruise because it was a great venue! Negatives: Schedule changes. I made all my reservations in advance for meals and shows and there were several changes to show times which then threw off meal reservations. I then tried to make changes while on board using the app to no avail. Called ext 7000 as was advertised and couldn't get anyone to answer. The DreamWorks character breakfast was moved from Day 5 when I initially booked it to Day 2 and I had our iFly and North Star reservations for Day 2 in the morning as well, so it made it pretty busy for that morning. I would not have booked the breakfast if I had known it would be on Day 2 (and would not recommend the breakfast as I thought it was not a good value--see below) DreamWorks character breakfast: I booked this in advance and paid $50 for 4 adults and 2 kids to go. Not worth the money IMO. The breakfast was the basic dining room breakfast (not surprising there) but then there were just 3 characters from Madagascar--my kids were really hoping for characters from Shrek or Kung Fu Panda, and I thought for the $50 there would be just a little more to it. Maybe more dancing or interaction or a small souvenir. Since there were meet and greet opportunities with those characters throughout the week, I really don't feel like we got anything extra for our money for the breakfast. American Icon: I didn't eat there personally, but my husband and parents did and they said it was their least favorite meal of the week. Great trip and we would cruise Anthem again with kids!
  2. Definitely still reading! Keep the review coming! Send from device_name using Cruise Critic your_app_name App
  3. There was a Honeymooners party on our Honeymoon cruise on Freedom of the Seas in 2006. We had a fabulous time on that cruise, but I remember that particular party being BAD--terrible cake, awful champagne, etc. I think there are just too many honeymooners for RCCL to do much of anything too special.
  4. LOVE this review! What a wonderful adventure for you and your family! After reading this, I hope I can do a similar trip with my children in a few years.
  5. Awesome thread...excited because we booked 1688 on Explorer of the Seas today...our first AFT!
  6. I would do this, but we have approximately 20,000 points that are approaching 5 years, so if we don't use them, we will lose them, correct?
  7. Hi all- Please help walk me through the best way to maximize our RCCL Visa points. We are planning a cruise on Explorer of the Seas to Bermuda next July or August. Ready to book, but before we do, I am trying to figure out the best way to use our approx. 50,000 Royal points (just under that now, will have that in the next month or so). We ultimately want to have a balcony stateroom for our family of four. Wondering if the best way to maximize our points is to book an oceanview and then use the 50,000 to upgrade to a balcony (can we do that as we are 2 adults AND 2 children?) OR to simply go for the $500 off the cruise. We need to use the 50,000 points over the next few months as a bunch of our points will expire (they do after 5 years, correct?). Thanks in advance for any help you can provide!
  8. Following this great thread! Read through your awesome review of your Canada/New England cruise...it was wonderful! We live in New England and have been to Montreal, QC, and Portland (and Bar Harbor which you didn't make it to) and you gave me the urge to book a cruise with that itinerary some day. Thank you for taking the time to report on your cruises!
  9. Have a great trip!!! I'm back to work tomorrow :(
  10. Maybe they are hearing the complaints that some give that the formal night is scheduled on the only late night in a port, so they are moving the times around???? Just a thought.
  11. Yes, it has a grand atrium. Not as amazing as the Royal Promenade on the larger RCI ships, but still very nice. I was on the Carnival Fascination 6 years ago and the Majesty was much much nicer than the Fascination...if that is at all of a comparison to the Elation and the Celebration.
  12. We were scheduled to be there until 11 p.m. I believe.
  13. Hey Carol!!!! How are you? We've been great. Have an awesome time on Majesty!
  14. We left Nassau after midnight. We were on deck until 11:45 and we were still in port. No, I didn't hear a thing about it on the cruise, only read about it online. My two cents--the cruiseline did the right thing.
  15. My suggestion would be to wait until 1-2 months before final payment is due if you are using the points towards paying off some of your cruise. We redeemed 50,000 points that we earned with our January credit card statement, got the certificate in two weeks, made our final payment in February and then received the credit back on our card once the certificate had been redeemed. If we had had the 50,000 points in December I would have redeemed it then and not had to worry about the credit on our card.
  16. I thought the service was a touch better than on the Freedom as well, although overall the service on that was great.
  17. This was our second cruise on Royal Caribbean and we cruised with 5 other adults, all in their 20s, 30s, and 40s. Day 1: We flew from Boston to FLL via Detroit, as we had purchased the cruise air as it was the cheapest price (surprisingly) that we saw. The cruise transfers from FLL to the Port of Miami were very convenient and we would definitely use them again. Upon embarkation at 2:00, we checked out our room (interior room, 2nd deck) which was TINY as we had heard before. It was sufficient and for what we paid for this trip, still a real bargain. We then ate lunch in the Windjammer and spent the afternoon on the pool deck. Mustering seemed to take longer this cruise then it did on Freedom of the Seas, which seems strange--our muster station was in Boleros and we waited in line to get in there for over 20 minutes. We went to the Welcome show, with comedian Rick Corso, who was amusing. We had late seating in the Starlight Dining Room. Our service staff was wonderful and we were especially impressed with the head waiter who really seemed to be taking the time to see every table and converse nightly---we didn't meet our head waiter once last cruise. DH went with the chef's menu every night and enjoyed it. I ate the vidalia tart (yummy!), shrimp ravioli (ok) and strawberry pavlova (ok). Day 2: Nassau: We ate breakfast in the dining room and then walked on Deck 7. We had an excursion booked for 10 a.m., but the time was moved until 1, so we walked around Nassau for a bit. This was our first time in Nassau. We are not shoppers, so it wasn't really our thing, so we went back to the ship and ate lunch at the dining room before our excursion. DH had the pulled pork sandwich (ok) and I had the corn cakes (yummy--but they were not as described in the menu). We went on the Seahorse Sailing and Snorkeling excursion that afternoon. Snorkeling was decent (we've snorkeled all around the Caribbean and this was okay). Boat and trip was very nice. We then met the rest of our party at Senor Frog's for a drink. We went back to the ship and got ready for formal night. Many people we met on the ship were disappointed that the formal night was on the one night that we had a later port of call (11 p.m.). We checked out the Schooner Bar which was one of our favorite spots on Freedom and we liked it a lot as well on the Majesty. At dinner, I had the escargot (very good), beef tenderloin (also very good) and I can't remember what I had for dessert. DH once again had the chef's suggested menu. He had ordered an espresso after dinner the first night and our assistant waiter brought him one every night after that without him even asking, which was a nice touch. After dinner, we changed and went up to the pool deck for the dance party. Day 3: Coco Cay: We ate breakfast in the Windjammer and caught an early tender. Seas were calm on the tender over there, but were quite rough on the tender back in the afternoon. We found our spot to lay and then went to our excursion at the SeaTrek Aqua Park, which was a lot of fun (and a lot of work to climb some of those things). We would definitely recommend it. BBQ lunch was ok. We then explored the island and took the nature walk which was very nice. We really enjoyed our day in Coco Cay. It was DH's birthday, so when we got back to the ship, we changed for the evening and then went to get a drink and go to the casino to try his birthday luck. We also used some of the Crown&Anchor coupons at the casino, but to no avail :( We once again went to the Schooner Bar and then went to the juggling show, which was really great---I didn't think I would like it, but not only was he a talented juggler, but really funny as well. As soon as that ended, we went to the Crown&Anchor reception, which was very nice. At dinner, I had the Caprese salad (good), garlic shrimp (good) and then we all shared the birthday cake I had ordered for DH's birthday. Day 4: Key West: We went to the Windjammer for breakfast and then walked on Deck 7. We had the last group to go for customs at 10:45, but it moved very quickly. We then walked in to Key West. We walked up and down Duval Street, from Mallory Square all the way down to the Southernmost point. We did our own "pub crawl" and had a lot of fun. We got back to the ship around 3 and had a snack at Sorrento's and the Compass Deli, which was a nice spot to go in between meals. At dinner that night we were still full from our earlier snack, so we both barely touched our food, but we did enjoy the ceasar salad served family style. I ordered the spinach dip as an appetizer which was really disappointing. I had the risotto for dinner, which was quite good, although I only had a few bites. DH had the onion soup and the mahi-mahi, which he liked. After going back to our room to pack our bags to put them out, we spent our final evening on the deck, which was quite windy. Day 5: Debarkation: We had light blue and it was fairly quick and easy. Overall: We liked Majesty a lot and enjoyed this shorter cruise. Service in the dining room and state room was great. We were especially impressed with how little we noticed all of the kids on board (as it was school vacation week in several parts of the country) as there are lots of places to hang out on board. The pool area never seemed overly crowded. Let me know if you have any questions.
  18. Sent 50,000 points in this week and made final payment today---we were told that we would receive $500 off and credited back to our account. How long shoudl we expect it to take for our account to be credited.
  19. It is so frustrating that half of them don't seem to know what they are doing...when I called to redeem my 50,000 points, the woman said that there was no way she could give me the certificate #--and it took over 16 business days for the certificate to come in the mail!
  20. So is there any rhyme or reason to this? We didn't get a copy in the mail today (nor have we ever seen the magazine).
  21. Thanks SueL! That was exactly what I was looking for! Yes, it is for $$ off final payment NOT for OBC.
  22. I have the certificate in hand (50,000 points). Final payment is due next week. Can I call any number at Royal Caribbean (such as Crown & Anchor) to get the ball rolling in advance of mailing the certificate in? TIA!!!
  23. Thanks! Getting excited for our Majesty cruise in 2 1/2 months!
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