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  1. we had a situation where we had to file a dispute due to a fradualent business opportuinity. While it had nothing to do with NCL or any cruise line, the process should be similar. Each credit card issuer processes disputes in a similar fashion but some cards are quicker to resolve the case than others. American Express was by far the easiest card company to deal with. With all the cards, we were issued immediate provisional credit. We had to provide written responses a number of times. Outside of American Express, it took at least 60 days (sometimes longer) before the dispute was conside
  2. Which dates? The one I have been looking at has stayed the same . Thanks!
  3. I am sorry this happened to you. A really good example of why it is important to check your account statement frequently before the end of the cruise. We were on the SKy for a 3 day cruise and the morning of disembarkation I discovered the spa had inadvertantly charged another lady's services to my stateroom because we had the same first name and they grabbed the wrong key card or so they said. Anyway, got it resolved but it was a frustration at the end of the cruise. I hope you can get it resolved with out too much hassle. We recently had to dispute some credit card charges b
  4. Please let me know how you like the Breakaway! I put the the Haven Spa suite on hold on Friday to grab the OBC offer and then somehow with the time change or something it dissappeared from my NCl.com account. I was supposed to have until tomorrow to pay the deposit. I freaked out but was able to get in touch with my PCC and she put the info back on hold. Have to decide by tomorrow noon and pay the deposit. Thanks for your input!
  5. The category i picked was haven spa suite H9. The description says it comes with thermal suite access but I will double check. Thank you!
  6. Thank you for your input! I appreciate it! While 5 days is better than no days, i do think i will think it is too short!
  7. I keep changing my mind between two itineraries in July. We currently live in Florida so I plan to leave from Miami. I am celebrating a major milestone birthday in July. I would like to accumulate emough points (need 9 pts) to be a platinum by November. My choices of cruises are a 5 day out of Miami on the Sky (none of which are available for my actual birthday). I would either need to be in a suite in order to get double points or do a 5 day followed by a 4 day in any cabin. or take a Breakaway cruise the week of my birthday. We could do a suite or Haven in order to get double points .
  8. I wonder if cruise critc could some how archive the older posts so that they can be read only? that would probably help alot!
  9. I also prefer the jewel class and the dawn class ships. We dont have young children so dont need all the extra things the big ships have. I am trying to plan a birthday trip and the only ship with a week long cruise that works with my birthday week is the breakaway...just cant get excited about it so i think i will just either wait or put two sky trips together as. B2B. I want to leave from miami so that is also a limitation. Anyway, i agree the bigger ships need to work on their crowd control.
  10. I was going to mention the vow renewal also, I think they have a $400 dollar package for it.
  11. Not sure...nothing booked yet but looking at one in july and one in November! .
  12. the Jade is scheduled to do Southern Caribbean out of Tampa starting in November! We are planning on doing the first on in November but I think there is a January option also. I know the Jade doesn't have all the bells and whistles of the big ships but there should be pretty reasonable flights from Indy to Tampa!
  13. There is a box near the left hand corner that says "cant find your reservation?" . You can fill your info in there I think and that should help you find it. May need to check that your latitude # is linked to your reservation. Some times my husband's doesn't follow him for some reason. I think that might have been when we used a TA but it doesn't hurt to check.
  14. There are 150 passengers on the windstar star pride. Everyone knows your name by the end of the first day. The service level is similar yet different if that makes sense. We havent tried the sailing ships, just the yachts. There arent a lot of shows, restaurants, activities.. It is more relaxed. They don't have a lot for kids. I dont believe they have a concierge, you don't really need one. It is smaller, more intimate , more personalized. If we werent so close to being platinum on NCL and if windstar left from miami , we would probably cruise more with wi
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