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  1. I am from Australia and that is still beach weather for us too
  2. I just got that email too. Having been to Bermuda at this time of year before it was still warm enough and the beaches warm enough for swimming. For me either way a break will be nice but am happy that they are putting our safety first and giving warning rather than just changing it mid trip or when we were on boars
  3. Here is a link to some including one of mine https://www.cruisecritic.com/memberreviews/getreviews.cfm?action=ship&ShipID=1270
  4. That is so good to hear about the not being asked for 10's. I will be doing my second trio on anthem in 2 weeks and remember being constantly asked for 10's.
  5. I traveled with U in April and there was a wide mix of ages. Everyone got really well across the age groups and different lifestyles.
  6. I have been coming to Budapest off and on for the last 25 years and I have never seen the Danube this low.
  7. So I was booked on an APT cruise from Amsterdam that was scheduled to leave on the 27th. Got a call literally just after I checked in for my flight that they have cancelled cruises for the next few weeks. So now I am scrambling to figure out what to do as I had precruise bookings with them that are also cancelled. Just offering a refund. Nothing else as good will. I had spoken to them last week and they had assured me that all would be ok cause APT look after you. Not so much seeing as I am now left with 18 days in Europe and now plans and also any plans have to be prepaid before their refund comes through.
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