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  1. I cancelled March 10 for the Maasdam March 15 cruise from Papeete. HAL cancelled the cruise two days later. I had booked it through VTG. My guy there got me the insurance back within two weeks and the port fees and taxes were credited back to my credit card within a week. It took HAL exactly 100 days to get the cruise charge refunded to my card. But I am completely whole now - insurance, cruise, all fees, shore excursion, etc. VTG guy was great! (HAL not so much).
  2. I just got my refund (after 100 days!) for my Maasdam 3/15 Papeete to San Diego sailing. I know it is not a new ship, hence the bargain price I paid. But HAL does a decent job maintaining their ships. What did you find problematic?
  3. At exactly 100 days since I cancelled the refund showed up on my credit card. Should I be grateful to HAL? Should I ever travel with HAL again? Enquiring minds want to know.
  4. Maasdam has been on the market for a long while. 120 million. You can find it on Yachtworld,
  5. I got the $245 port charges and taxes within a week and the one shore excursion I booked through HAL two weeks later. Two other shore excursions booked through Viator were refunded to my credit card within days. I did speak with HAL yesterday. They said my refund was sent to my credit card last Monday but it has not yet shown up. Why? When I book a cruise through VTG the charge appears almost instantaneously.
  6. Cancelled my March 15 Maasdam Papeete to San Diego on March 9. That was 96 days ago. When I call HAL all I get is that we are working on it. Friends who were on the same cruise received their refund over a month ago, friends on the Amsterdam GWV were kicked off in April in Perth received theirs, a friend on the Volendam Antarctica trip thst was suspended in April got his. So far, 96 DAYS, HAL. Should I remain patient? It is much less expensive to keep a customer than it is to obtain a new one.
  7. HAL says UP to 60 days. Sure, they are busy. Some people want to give them the benefit of the doubt, but then some should have received their refunds on day 1, some on day 2, etc. But nobody it seems has received them. I am now at 64 and counting. I cancelled the 3/15 Maasdam, Papeete to San Diego, on 3/9. I have heard nothing from them. I would trust HAL as far as I could toss them. Come on, folks. HAL is NOT your friend. They are a large corporation trying to maximize their profits. They do not give a rats ass about you unless they see something in it for themselves.
  8. Geez, Pete. Aren’t you owed a big refund on your 2020 world cruise? I presume you have not received that, yet you are handing them some more bucks? Not for me, thanks. Doug Martin, Cape Cod
  9. I cancelled March 9 for the March 15 Maasdam sailing from Papeete up to San Diego. When I cancelled I was within 12 hours of getting on a plane from Boston to Papeete. I have not yet heard one word from HAL. Nada! Shameful public relations, HAL. Not a good way to keep your customers, in my case I would have become a 4* on this cruise. HAL says 60 days, but I am now at 63 with nary a word from them. May be time to get a class action lawyer involved! Has ANYBODY received a refund yet? And if so, when was your cruise scheduled and when did you cancel?
  10. Pete and Judy. We met on the 2016 world cruise (I was on only as far as Sydney) and shared the Jeep/van on the Nuku Hiva tour. You guys got stuck in the back and I kept offering to switch but you wouldn’t do it. Sorry this cruise is ending way too soon. I have been following your travels on your blog. I was booked on the Maasdam March 15 Papeete to San Diego. HAL sent me an offer yesterday via VTG, either a 100% refund or 125% future cruise credit. I’m so confused! And I wonder if they might up the FCC if too many refund requests come in? Doug Martin
  11. I am on the 3/10 flight from LAX. I too booked it through AA, Boston to LAX on AA and then LAX to PPT on Air Tahiti. They wouldn’t let me choose seats online so I went to their site and asked for a callback. Got one within a minute and they gave me a seat assignment (although I paid an extra $80 for more legroom). They were great!
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