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  1. Thank you everyone for your reply, will certainly think about this itinerary.
  2. Oceania has a itinerary that does only the Amazon from Miami to Miami. Most itineraries carry on around South America which we have done. If anyone has done this itinerary your input, comments are welcome. Is Dec a good time to cruise to the Amazon? We are new to Oceania.
  3. Has anyone been in contact with this tour operator recently, after Covid? I would like to set up a tour with them when the ship is in port for 2021. I don’t know if they are at minimal staff but it seems I can only talk to one operator. I have asked to talk to someone else but with no success.
  4. Give your head a shake!! You are going to be disappointed...there will next to no one taking care of you!
  5. We are trying to come back to X but it is getting really hard. We are elite plus and Celebrity was our choice when we first started cruising. We have done pretty much all the itineraries Celebrity has to offer and it has become stale. We have no more places to go. We have 4 cruises booked on board three years ago and had to keep pushing these bookings out hoping to see new itinerary but only to be cancelled since we can’t find an itinerary that would interest us. This year we will be cruising around Africa with HAL and later on Viking Oceans with a fabulous itinerary that Celebrity cannot
  6. we had cabin 4154 this fall for the big veranda and the noise was so loud that I can not sleep and once asleep the noise would wake me up. It’s sounds like wiring being pulled through the ceiling and a few times I swear a helicopter was in the wall right next to my bed.
  7. Thanks for all your replies. That is what I thought, it was just odd that he told me on board currency is Euros. I guess Viking does it differently...It does not remind in USD as a OBC that I can use for on board spending instead converting it back to Cdn
  8. First time on Viking Ocean and booked an Australia / Asia cruise in Canadian dollars. Was told by a Viking Rep that I booked with last week that my gratuities is a “set amount” in Cdn $ that I can pay before boarding, no conversion rate. All other purchases on board like tours or a drink will be in Euros because the ship is registered in the Netherlands. Is this correct?
  9. Can anyone that has stayed in the DV1 aft cabins eg: 4122 4123 tell me if the balcony is deeper than the balconies on either port or starboard side. Wondering if those aft cabins are worth the substantial increase in price to a DV5. I love the aft location for the 180 degree view and to sit in a deeper balcony to hear the wake. Viking sales rep tells me the depth of all the balconies are the same, the width differs by the room category.
  10. The only time I booked a guaranteed cabin I got the royal suite 👍
  11. I agree, same old itineraries. We were loyal to Celebrity but have looked elsewhere. We are doing all of Africa stopping in the Seychelles, Kenya, Tanzania, Madagascar, Mozambique before the ship goes to Cape Town and then up the west coast. Doesn’t this sound exciting? Come join us on HAL. Can’t wait till Oct 2020!!
  12. Anyone have any insight on what the “New Places, New Spaces 2021/22” Is? Is was on the CC newsletter.... Get ready for New Places, New Spaces for the 2021/22 sailing season. We’re about to launch our newest sailings, this year with a twist. Previously, we would roll out new sailings destination by destination, over the span of several weeks. This year, all destinations will launch at the same time, on December 12. Captain’s Club members will get a week-long preview starting Dec 4th—accompanied by a special offer. We’ve added some new ports-of-call, along with a new stop on our Alaska
  13. We did that itinerary back in 2013 in a Sky Suite for $6000 Cdn for both of us. Yes, that was before drink packages and all. But is it worth over $8000 price difference?
  14. This morning I almost fell off my chair when I was told the price for the 14 day Iceland and Greenland cruise for Aug 2021!! For an Aqua class the price was $14,270 Cdn. For a C1, I was told it was $200 more. It just didn’t make sense. It hurts even more when we need to pay 33% more because of our weak dollar. At this price I am waiting for HAL Voyage of the Vikings 2021 to be released. We just returned from our first HAL cruise, 26 days on the Koningsdam which we really enjoyed. The crew and service was great, the food was comparable and at times exceeded Celebrity, the Captain was f
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