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  1. I believe the ships water is reverse osmosis while the bottled water is spring water.
  2. Thanks for answering my post. However, Caribbean or Africa? Which would you pick? Not excited about this at all! As for South America, for me anyways, Celebrity you are a day late and a dollar short. Princess got my $$s for a 49 day from Fll to LA this February. Let see if this new itinerary to South America will excite me.
  3. How about a grand voyage or a world cruise itinerary? Is there any plans for that in the future? It’s hard to stay loyal to Celebrity when you don’t want to go to the same places over and over again. Take a look at HAL Grand Africa voyage. Now that’s something to be excited about. Booked that before it was released to the general public.
  4. Awesome! Did you originally book the non refundable rate or the refundable rate? And I am assuming you receive this upgrade after final payment?
  5. Thank you so much. Really appreciated you checking for me.
  6. If someone can check this out for me it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you
  7. Does anyone know what is across from cabins A6149 to A6163 after the laundry room going aft on the starboard side?. On the deck plan it shows a blank space, but are the emergency exit, etc across from those cabins? Thanks for your help.
  8. We are booked on the Amsterdam next year and following with a lot of interest. Thanks for posting the menus as well. Now that I see a picture of 7021, do you know if the emergency exit is also on the deck below? We are booked in 6159 and on the deck plan there’s just a blank space. We moved from 6147 across from the laundry room thinking it might be better. I would appreciate a picture or any info of what is across 6159 starboard side. Thanks for your help.
  9. Lanai sold out, all other categories from ocean view to Neptune suite are guaranteed from HAL site
  10. Who did you talk to? I called early this morning and they told me it will be the end of the day before any changes can be done and to call back then
  11. Is the booking open up yet? Has anyone called in to get more info, perks included, etc on this grand voyage or even have a cabin change?
  12. Very interested in this itinerary. Since pricing is yet to be published, anyone with a veranda suite booked would like to share the price and what perks are included? Do i need to sell my first born to afford this cruise😅
  13. What about the tub? Replaced by showers or still tub?
  14. When you mean suite upgrades, does that include Vista Suites on deck 4 as well? I forgot where I read it but the bath tubs were replaced by showers? Also flat screen TVs installed. Is this correct? If anyone has pictures of the new refurbished vista suites it would be greatly appreciated if you can share.
  15. We have 22 cruises with Celebrity under our belt. I always book once the itinerary opens up and have found the last 3 to 4 years the prices are over inflated for the value. Example: booked a 15 day Hawaii for this Oct LA return back in Dec 2017. The price then was $4700 Cdn p/p and today’s price is $6700 Cdn p/p. At $4700 it is pricey enough let alone $6700, really? I looked at Princess at their 15 Hawaii voyage and it was $1000 Cdn p/p less. I will probably be cancelling, Hawaii should be a land holiday which we have been many times. I also think Celebrity’s itinerary has become stale. No new ports of interest. I cancelled Celebrity B2B South America itinerary last year to book Princess SA itinerary from FLL to LAX this February - March which we just return 3 weeks ago. Now, I am looking at HAL Koningsdam for this Oct. After that, I will be looking at Viking. It might be a while before we return back to Celebrity. It’s a shame, it was such a wonderful product!
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