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  1. Hindsight will only provide the "right way" to handle a situation like this. If some passengers end up testing positive (might not test positive for a few more days), a quarantine would have been the right decision. If none end up testing positive, an on-board quarantine would have ended up inconveniencing all passengers currently on board, passengers due to embark today, as well as impacting shareholders. In many instances a corporation will base decisions on an actuarial analysis of risk and reward. Sometimes it is the right decision and other times it is more costly to the shareholders. Didn't work out well for Ford (Pinto) or GM (full size pickups) when they knew about vulnerabilities of fuel tanks and risk of gruesome death/injury to vehicle owners/passengers...end of the day they didn't recall and cost them dearly in PR and civil suits.
  2. Sucks for OP and others truly affected by this...new loophole for getting full credit for those passengers that have a last minute change of plans and will not be able to make their cruise. Thinking of it from a cruise line’s perspective, if they offered a full refund to someone who had been around someone else who was recently in China, it opens a huge door for anyone to cancel for whatever reason. Very hard to prove definitively that someone has or has not been in contact and meets that criteria. Some people may want to cancel their cruise due to fear mongering about the possibility of contracting the virus by being in an environment like a cruise ship...full refund for saying they have been around someone who recently came from China could cause an avalanche of cancellations. At the end of the day, unfortunately, publicly traded companies make decisions based on the best interest of their shareholders.
  3. Thanks! I'm thinking the linked flyer she pulled up is outdated. Now just need the buy one get one 50% off promo to pop back up on the site.
  4. First time on RC in 15 years and really only familiar with how NCL's drink package works. Wife and I will be on the Mariner in 2 weeks and we are considering getting the Deluxe Drink package. She found a flyer from RC's web site which indicated that drinks up to $12 are covered by the package. She also found photos of a drink menu from December that someone who sailed on the Mariner had posted and prices for many drinks including items like an Absolute Mule were listed at $13. Would those drinks not be eligible for the Deluxe package? If not, can you pay the $1 difference and still get one?
  5. Interested in this as well as my family is traveling on the Mariner in 3.5 weeks. New to Royal...used the paid app on NCL in the past to be able to stay in communication while on board.
  6. My wife and I are sailing on the Mariner in 3.5 weeks with the kids. We booked adjoining rooms. Does this mean we can each bring 2 bottles of wine on board? Thanks!
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