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  1. We can agree to disagree - even so, it is more socially appropriate to deal with an obnoxious adult in a fine dining experience than a child who is behaving like a child.
  2. A child is still developmentally a child - they are not mini adults. Regardless of how well behaved you think your child is they only have a certain behavioural threshold based on their age and there are challenges and limits to that threshold. A two hour dining experience is a challenge to certain ages. And yes there are adults who can be obnoxious but that’s not the majority nor is it generally expected.
  3. I completely agree with you.
  4. Thanks everyone for contributing. My original question was not if X was right for kids or good/bad for kids. It seems like this thread took a turn towards that theme of topic. It doesn’t matter to me if you think celebrity is good for kids, I just don’t want to vacation with loads of them. This is a debate that has and probably will continue to go on for many many posts...... I started this thread because I genuinely wanted to know if the kids sail free promo affected how many kids are on board. I don’t like sailing with infants and young children on board
  5. Wow that would have been a rude awakening. Not ideal at 3am. What about celebrity makes them behave ?
  6. I didn’t post X was a bad cruise line for kids. I posted I recommend it for couples and singles. We aren’t interested in adult only cruise line at the moment. We are elite plus with celebrity. So part of the reason for not choosing another cruise line ie: adult only cruise is that we get loyalty points with celebrity. When we first cruised with them there were hardly any kids on the ships we boarded. Lately loads more. Disappointed us. I started the thread to inquire if this trend is continuing or if it is an anomaly. The
  7. I’m expressing my opinion. My apologies if it offends. I don’t want to If my opinion offended you I apologize. Regardless of whether X is good or bad for ALL children is irrelevant to me because as a passenger I don’t want to cruise with them period. I want my vacation to be as enjoyable as possible given my likes and dislikes and that means having very minimal encounters with infants and young children. As for a blanket statement, I’m sorry if That’s how my post came across, to be clear.....usually the people I am recommended X to have similar likes and dislikes to myself and hence
  8. Photos of a baseball cap Hawaiian t-shirt wearing cruiser in a “what not to bring” section might help those who want to abide by the dress code 😉
  9. I agree. I don’t recommend the line either to friends with families. I recommend it to singles and couples. What I have witnessed though unfortunately is that the parents will off load the kids to the grandparents and either the parent or grandparents will bring the kids to areas such as the martini bar and sunset bar. I witnessed a grandmother babysitting a toddler at sunset bar and she had the toddler catching ants crawling up the wall. Then there was the parent that parked the stroller at the martini bar while they got their drink on. Good for the parent for wanting a fun vacation but that’
  10. That’s like us. We have only sailed with Celebrity. Your post is reassuring. If you don’t mind sharing some info, What cabin class do you usually stay in? We are thinking if we stay with celebrity we will book aqua. Hopefully less chance of kids at meal time then. Itinerary length and ports? We usually go for 9 - 11 nights. Now we are thinking of doing the southern Caribbean. And when do you usually go? We go outside of school holidays in the winter.
  11. Yes photos would definitely help. Even a more defined description. Every cruise line is different and for new cruisers to Oceania even a google search of “resort wear” “country club” came up with loads of different things. It’s better for new cruisers to the line to ask the questions first on a forum such as this rather than bringing clothes you don’t feel “fit in” with the other cruisers.
  12. Awesome! Thanks I’ll check our your review 🙂
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