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  1. Keys Kathy

    Luminae 14 days of menus

    That is one of the things that bug me. We have been on X over 30 times and always the same menus. Actually, they have removed many items such as the JVC meatballs and other tasty items. We are in a Suite in October and we have signed up for a 4 night specialty restaurant package. The offerings in Luminae have gotten boring.
  2. Keys Kathy

    Caffeine Free Diet coke on Azamara Journey?

    I may have to bring a couple of bottles of Clamato. We are allowed 2 checked bags so one may have Clamato and my Demitries.
  3. Keys Kathy

    Included "complementary" drinks

    This seems to be a thread of people who know Azamara and their drinks. This is our first Azamara. Do they carry Clamato to make Bloody Caesars? Do they use the Demitri's Bloody Mary Mix like they do on Celebrity?
  4. Keys Kathy

    Caffeine Free Diet coke on Azamara Journey?

    We are sailing on the Quest out of Barcelona. Can anyone tell me if they have Clamato on board for my Bloody Caesars? The shore people in the States say yes, but I would like to confirm with people who actually know.
  5. Keys Kathy

    # of Passengers in Penthouse Suite - Celebrity Equinox

    Here is the list (finally) from the Eclipse. We got off on March 3. Click on the attachment, Arno, feel free to do with this what you will. whos on board.pdf
  6. What???? You don't want to meet the REST of us? We are fun too!!! See you at the Martini Bar just around 6:00ish
  7. Keys Kathy

    Fathom Adonia to Dominican 15 Jan 2017

    There is a coffee bar just outside the MDR. You should be just fine.
  8. Keys Kathy

    Fathom Adonia to Dominican 15 Jan 2017

    It is a hike to get to the highway where all the other taxi's are waiting. You can make arrangements in advance and you will find several popular and highly rated tour operators on CC and Trip Adviser. We had 90 YO Mom, so saving a considerable amount of money was not an option. Winter should be a lot easier to make the walk since the temps will be lower. There really isn't that much to see, so a half day trip may be enough. Sign up early for Filters, it sells out early. You can always cancel 24 hrs before, but best to have that option.
  9. Keys Kathy

    End of Cruise Blues

    Dear Dolby: I have extra socks for ALL my cruises. Just meet with me at the boarding area and I will be happy to hand them to you!
  10. Keys Kathy

    Fathom Adonia to Dominican 15 Jan 2017

    We have done this cruise 3 times. All of the activities are very satisfying. We have done Community English, Chocolate, Paper and Filters. My great Niece did floors. She said the woman owner burst out in tears when the floor was finished. I find it sad that Carnival is abandoning the Fathom brand after so little time, but when they are sailing to DR with about 350 passengers, I can understand the $$$ don't add up. I hope you all have as great a time as we did all 4 times we were on Adonia. We did the Cuba cruise in May.
  11. Keys Kathy

    No More Free Internet Adonia

    Dave, thanks for the update. We are getting back on this Sunday and we don't want any more surprises. We were on August 28th and had the free wifi on the ship. When we went back on Sept 11, we expect the same and were very surprised by no internet on the ship in port. Now I know so I will purchase the browse package on Sunday.
  12. Keys Kathy

    MSC Divina--a photo review

    Miksa1721, we are also sailing the Seaside on the 21st. See you in the lounge! IMHO, Yacht Club is the only way to survive MSC. Even then the food is so-so.
  13. Keys Kathy

    WHO'S ON BOARD: Officers, Staff and Crew

    We are of the same thought. We have been trying other lines too. I liked X when they had intelligent speakers and activities other than trivia and knot tying. The food was better. Now you never see a lobster unless you go to a specialty restaurant and even those aren't that good anymore. The staff is still great, I just hope that moral stays up. Without a good staff, it is "why bother"!
  14. Keys Kathy

    May 29th, 2016 Fathom to Cuba

    We didn't have any problem with the WIFI, but we were not uploading photos or anything, just checking e-mail. The package was about $65 for 250 minutes, so really reasonable. We enjoyed the trip. The ship is beautiful and well cared for. The food was amazing. You can travel the world on one menu. An example? Curried Shrimp, Pork tenderloin with Thyme baked onions, Crusted Rack of Lamb, Rabbit enriched with coconut milk and for the vegans, baked sweet beetroot and candied walnut risotto. Yes, this is all on one night. They need to have more varied on board sessions. I am really not sure what demographic wants to know their animal or super power. That was kind of hokey for us. Havana was very interesting, Sanitago De Cuba, not so much. They don't seem to like Americans there. We would go back to Havana.