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  1. It appears that the Carnival Magic will be in dry dock the beginning of 2021. Does anyone have details on this as far as dates, what is being done, etc.? Thank you in advance.
  2. We are looking to book a cruise on NCL, which would be out first with NCL. Since I don't know as much about NCL, I was wondering what the difference is between a Balcony room and Club Balcony Suite is, other than size. Thank you in advance.
  3. No... but as we have my wife and I booked in each room, we are ok. We will just get my wife a spare key for my room and then she will have a key for both rooms. Agree on the price... just hope it sails.
  4. Yes... but the deal was so good, we couldn't pass it up to have 2 bathrooms for the girls to be able to get ready in. Balcony and Inside room for less than $1100 for 8 night cruise... plus $100 OBC for each room and shareholder benefit of $100 each room. 🙂
  5. I was just about to ask that next... We had to book 1 adult in each room, as it wouldnt let us, so I wasn't sure if we had to get different keys, or just call Carnival and have them fix it... but of course we would want a key for her room too, regardless. Thanks.
  6. We are looking at booking a balcony and a interior right across the hall. What is the age that a child can stay in one of those rooms alone? For some reason I thought I read in the past that if you have children, they can stay in an adjoining room or directly across the hall. Any thoughts? Thank you.
  7. On a side note... were the lines long for the slides?
  8. If you recall, they initially tendered before the dock was fully completed, so I think you may be right if that's the case.
  9. At the end of the day, it would just be nice to see something like January - March the price is "X" and March through July the price is "Y". We booked this cruise just to fill in the gap between our last cruise and our cruise this summer. We were just trying to make it a cool weekend without costing a fortune as it was incremental. Now that we booked it, and saw the prices for the slides, it just put us in sticker shock. I blame YouTube where someone stated on their review that the package was $40. LOL Use the Zip Line in Labadee for example. Its pretty much $100 all the time. No surprises. So it struck me odd that it varies. Regardless, we will have a great time and enjoy it... its just aggravating that the prices are not known up front. And it beats being at work!! 🙂
  10. I agree with point 3... but I am not buying the 1st and 2nd so much. But there again, that's my opinion. They know what day what ships will be there and the approx amount of people. But you make a very excellent point about the kids... because summer will have way more than February per say. This site is wrong for our sailing. I saw that Mariner and Navigator will be there at the same time, but if you go check the dates on RC, their itineraries are opposite... Marine does Nassau then Cococay... while Navigator does Cococcay then Nassau. I am sure it is a descent guide though.
  11. First off, I will say that it is beyond me RC charges different prices for "things" due to seasonality. The fact of the matter is, they have the same amount of guests year round, so this just doesn't work for me. Granted, just my opinion. Secondly, they do not advertise or show the price brackets by season. Can't find it anywhere. This is a little odd. So we are looking into the Thrill Waterpark and it is $119 per person. Seriously? UGH Looks like a great place but for 3 adults its over $300 to play on water slides... It bothers me even more as we booked this cruise strictly to go to Cococay.
  12. Good info. We just booked a Guarantee which is 60 days out... fingers crossed.
  13. I was just curious, with the Royal Bid program going, has anyone revived a upgrade on a Guarantee since they started the Royal Bid program? Thank you!
  14. We are just on the Explorer and we boarded about 11:00am. I am sure it can vary but thought I would share our experience.
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