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  1. Do you know how long Perry Grant will be on Adventure. We will be on board in July. My mother saw him on a few Celebrity cruises years ago and is still raving about him.
  2. I have never had problems fitting our suitcases under the bed even when they are closed. If they are very high you just may need to lift up the bed slightly to get them in.
  3. Shared with our daughter a few years ago. She is the queen of overpackers, likes to change clothes at least 4 times a day. DH also overpacks, he has to bring at least 2 weeks worth of clothes for a 1 week cruise. We had no problem fitting all of our clothes into a balcony cabin.
  4. I don’t know about Symphony, but on Allure they were by each level of the MDR, by the staircase on deck 3, several locations on deck 5 and also in Central Park. It is more likely you will have trouble avoiding them, rather than not finding them. The photographers will also come around to your table at dinner several times during the cruise and they will be there when you get off the ship on each port. If you go to Labadee or Coco Cay they will even find you in the water. On a typical week long cruise DH and I usually take a couple of dozen photos and that is with us turning down most of the photo ops.
  5. When I was traveling with two other couples I got the same message when I tried to book dining for all of us together. I had no trouble with the entertainment reservations. When I called customer service I was told that dining could not be booked because we had all booked the cruise using different travel agents. We all would have had to call customer service to give our permission for one of us to book everyone’s dining. It was too much effort and i just booked our MTD dining times as soon as we boarded.
  6. I’ve seen this show at least 4 times now and I still enjoy it.
  7. When our kids were young we always booked connecting cabins, which are limited, so booking early and choosing a specific cabin was important. Now that they are grown and rarely cruise with us, having a specific cabin isn’t so important. If I am on an Oasis class ship I prefer a balcony cabin on deck 8 near Dazzles, but it is not a necessity. As I have cruised more, the exact deck or location isn’t as important. I only care that I have a balcony. For our upcoming cruise in Adventure we booked a balcony guarantee. It was almost half the price of choosing our own cabin. Now I can look forward to finding out where we will be.
  8. How many formal nights can I expect on a 6 night cruise? I will be on Adventure in July going to Canada. I’m not asking which nights, just how many so that I know how many dresses to pack.
  9. I was actually very surprised when I booked a cruise through my travel agent last week. My booking showed up on the app within minutes and I didn’t have to do anything to add it. I guess Royal IT is inconsistent at best.
  10. Mint is often used as a garnish on the desserts. On our next cruise I will have to notice if there is any the first night or two or of it doesn’t show up until later in the week.
  11. You would think that if they order enough mint for the entire cruise but don’t start using it until later in the week, they would have enough left over for the following cruise until they find the new supply.
  12. Loving your review. I totally understand your excitement about having new ports to visit. I live in NYC and despite having grown children and plenty of vacation time myself, my husband’s vacation time is extremely limited. Most of our cruises are 5-7 nights, either out of Bayonne or Florida. Having done the standard Western or Eastern Caribbean itineraries multiple times and Bermuda 7 times it is ost time for something new. Last cruise we were on was Allure and we actually went to Roatan and Costa Maya. We were just as excited as you were to try new ports. Next up is a 6 night on Adventure to Canada.
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