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  1. Actually I believe you will get 2 decks of these cards in your cabin. Just check in the desk.
  2. I didn’t find the noise in a Boardwalk balcony cabin to be an issue. For me the main issue was the lack of an ocean view. if you usually get an inside cabin, then you will probably be fine with a Boardwalk balcony.
  3. I never have a problem getting extra crispy bacon in the MDR. One of many reasons I try to avoid buffets is that if the food sits around it will get soggy.
  4. We did the Peggy’s Cove tour that was paired with the hop on hop off bus. The trip to and from Peggy’s cove takes quite a bit of time and by the time we returned to the port, there was not much time left for the hop on hop off bus, so we skipped it. I would recommend booking only a Peggy’s Cove tour and nothing else. That said, there is not really much time to see everything that the area around the light house has to offer. It is beautiful to see and if your grandmother is excited about seeing it, then you should do it. Just don’t expect to see the artists that are in the area. Also, it will be difficult to impossible for your grandmother to get up close to the lighthouse due to the stones that you need to walk on. You also need to be aware that the bus may not be handicapped accessible and she will need to be able to negotiate the steps on and off the bus.
  5. Exactly why I love the Diamond breakfast area. I was actually surprised to find out it still existed in our recent Adventure cruise. We had only been sailing on Oasis class for several years and those ships don’t have it. It was also nice to be able to skip the waiting line and just say we were going to the Diamond area.
  6. It actually is mentioned in the cabin letter.it says that breakfast is in the Moonlight dining room.
  7. We did this same cruise earlier this summer. We always eat in the MDR for dinner. I don’t need fancy, but I am not a big fan of buffets because I always eat way more then I should. Portion control is the main reason I avoid the Windjammer as much as possible. Anyway, this was my 20th cruise, 18th on Royal, and the first time I did not enjoy the food in the MDR. I know there have been lots of complaints on these boards in the past couple of years about the quality of the food going downhill. Our previous cruise was on Allure last December and I found the food to be excellent. I really think that the quality varies from ship to ship and that Adventure definitely needs improvement in both food and service in the MDR.
  8. A couple of years ago I booked Allure 5 days before sailing as my cruise on another line was cancelled last minute. There were 6 of us traveling together and we each booked with separate travel agents. Because we did not book together Royal would not allow one person to book dining for the others so we decided to book once we got on board. As soon as I boarded I headed straight to the dining room and had no difficulty getting dinner reservations. We also had no trouble booking specialty dining for the day and time we wanted as well as a cabana for Labadee.
  9. I did a balcony guarantee recently on Adventure. I ended up with a fairly aft cabin on deck 7. It was a bit more aft than I would have chosen, but otherwise fine. It was also half the price than if I had picked my own cabin. At that kind of cost savings I would have been happy with any location.
  10. I sailed on Song of America twice, once by myself before I got married, and once a few years later when I convinced my reluctant to cruise husband that we needed to cruise. He has been hooked on cruising ever since.
  11. My husband stopped wearing a suit and tie several cruises ago. He is much happier wearing a button-down shirt on formal nights. He always ended up ditching the suit jacket right after dinner anyway. Now there is less to pack and no time wasted going back to the cabin after dinner to ditch the jacket. He still looks great in our pictures we take on formal night.
  12. American Icon is the largest of the 3 main dining rooms. However, if you don’t make a reservation you will have to wait for a table. I usually find it best to make reservations in advance, usually based on the time that I have reserved for a show each evening.
  13. There was one formal night on last weeks’ Adventure cruise to Canada.
  14. I was on Adventure last week. I had purchased an internet package so did not need the texting feature. I did notice the option for using it was there when I opened the app to log on when I first boarded the ship.
  15. I didn’t notice any advertising for them on our cruise on Adventure last week.
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