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  1. Well, you have certainly put me in my place! Wiki states: A green salad, or green leaf salad, another name for garden salad, is most often composed of leafy vegetables such as lettuce varieties, spinach, or rocket (arugula). If non-greens make up a large portion of the salad it may instead be called a vegetable salad.
  2. Check your phone app, on the screen after your boarding pass.
  3. We stayed in Aqua after they converted the Millie. We were on the cruise when the Panama Canal hit the ship or vis versa. We tried it again on the Reflection and still wasn't impressed. There is too much good food in the world to worry about what we don't like.
  4. I think of a green salad as lettuce, tomato, cukes, and onion with some nice Thousand Island dressing. No mangos or goat cheese, blue cheese etc.
  5. They immediately offered to replace it with many apologies.
  6. The menu is too limited. We are not fans of frozen fish and one night DH had fish whose center was still frozen. You can't get a green salad.
  7. Who can at the current prices?
  8. With Celebrity, it is not OBC, but taken right off the price. In my opinion, that has more value.
  9. You know that, but there are people at the desk that have no clue. Best to have it and not need it the need it and not have it. I lost me DR license in a state. The license agent said a passport was not adequate identification....
  10. She has a cat so her life is puurrrfect. If she was a dog person, life can be pretty RUFF
  11. LOL! Now THAT is politically incorrect. What happened to "woke"??
  12. Since it is coming from your TA, it may very well be refundable. You won't know until you see it.
  13. My Hubby does the same. He also keeps a photo of it on his cell phone.
  14. LOL! Now THAT is politically incorrect. What happened to "woke"??
  15. That is not correct. The TA can get you the Military Discount. They will tell you to bring your DD214 to the port with you to prove eligibility. They may or may not actually asked to see it.
  16. Who is not a Kate cheerleader? Do you know of anyone who has interacted with her that is not a fan?
  17. Of course! The Captain makes a big difference in the vibe of the ship.
  18. I guess you have never sailed with her.
  19. If I were looking at 2 sailings at a similar price, I would sail with Captain Kate, regarless of the itinerary. She really is an asset to any ship she is on. We enjoyed her company on the Equinox. Always smiling, always engaging.
  20. Hopefully you set them straight or called your TA.
  21. Keep in mind that if you are high up in Captain's Club, you get a percentage off the upgrade. You have to do it before you sail. Elite Plus gets 10% off. Also, if you are in a suite, you pretty much automatically get the premium package.
  22. LOL! I'm married to Bill! Does anyone have feedback on the bars on the Apex? We love the Passport on the S ships, and we are trying to find the replacement on the Apex. Something with that social type vibe.
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