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  1. My experience in Alaska has been that phone GPS can be spotty. I put a visible geotag on photos from one of my camera apps and I have quite a number of them with no geotag. Two trips so far, different phone on each, consistent result. Usually I seem to have problems north of Juneau but be fine starting a couple hours south of Juneau.
  2. FWIW I just rolled all this and my thoughts/hopes for the upcoming months in a blog post: https://2of8000.website/so-yeah-about-that-floating-petri-dish-thing/
  3. Hey, for those interested -- I tried to compile everything I've come across on the COVID-related developments in the cruising world the past week -- and also went out on a limb with a few predictions...not sure if they are a truly balanced belief or hopeful projection at this point 🤷‍♂️ https://2of8000.website/so-yeah-about-that-floating-petri-dish-thing/
  4. I believe the Pfizer trial is also gauging whether there is an impact on disease progression and outcome for those who get COVID in spite of the vaccine. I'd have to reread the printout of the informed consent stuff to be sure. It will be interesting to see if the 90% holds when the results of the next group are announced.
  5. I see with this structure why it's important to have the weekly testing. And I understand why the results are disclosed. I'm not certain of this, but I wonder if an additional difference is that in the UK you do this through your doctor or something funded by NHS, while in the US I am doing it through a third-party (commercial) research center associated with a doctor (I've seen the doctor exactly once). I'm not saying either is preferable to the other, just that it is a difference. And of course my assumption may be completely wrong. If you show up with antibodies, wh
  6. With one of the two shots I had more than normal soreness around the injection site for about 36 hours. No other symptoms.
  7. The second. I need to have a second test for public health and quarantine reasons. As for the rest: remember that they already know whether I had antibodies at the start, whether I gained them with the vaccine, what my mRNA load from the vaccine is, and so forth. There is blood work done each test. So they know if I'm trending differently than other similar test subjects. I understand your point about asymptomatic carriers. But I think your solution would totally overwhelm the research capability. I would have preferred to see us asked to administer and send a nasal sw
  8. I am happy to give as much info as I am able. There are no disclosure restrictions in the informed consent documentation for the study. Remember, I do not know at this time if I received the vaccine or a placebo (a saline injection). The study is six visits total. Visit 1 was intake and first shot (almost half a day). Visit 2 was shot #2, right on the day due for the interval. Visit 3 was 2 or 3 weeks after that, and was just blood work. Visit 4 is in January, visit 5 is, I believe, at the 1 year mark, and the final visit is at the 22 month mark. If I feel sick, I am t
  9. Math, physics. By measuring how the effectiveness declines over a short time it can be projected over a long time. Thus the disclaimer word "should." They don't know, but based on the 3-6 months they've had in testing, they are projecting it lasting a year or more.
  10. ...and at least for me in the trial the Pfizer vaccine was given exactly the minimum number of days apart. I've not seen indication of how long after the minimum interval before the second shot has reduced effectiveness.
  11. Agreed. I will likely get the vaccine when it becomes available, since I don't know if I have the vaccine or placebo. Doing so would end my trial participation, so I may elect to wait until the trial ends in early 2022.
  12. I realize we may not be typical, but here's our life: * I'm driving 20 hours each way to California this weekend because I don't want to spend 6 hours in a mask while making two flight legs. * Making the choice to lose weight has had much more bearing on how much we eat in restaurants than any COVID restriciton. We pciked up 5-6 days a week when the restaurants were pick up or drive through only. * I only wear mask where required, and the second I can say it's no longer required, off it comes. Example, put it on in the car before going to the convenience store, take it off befor
  13. It's comforting to know I have a 45% chance of Being immune. I'm in the Pfizer phase 2/3 study. 50-50 chance I got vaccine, 90% effective....I'll take it! And my DW is one who has previously said she won't take the vaccine due to the short approval cycle. An RN by the way. And only takes the flu vaccine when required to by work. She's not an anti-vaxxer by any stretch of the imagination. She did support me getting in the trial. We haven't discussed it recently, she may have changed her mind on taking it.
  14. There were two things that cinched it for me: final payment due date = date Canada will decide whether ships can enter, and CDC 7-day max length means they have to cut something out to make the 9 day round trip conform. Not second guessing you, just saying what my calculus is....
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