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  1. I have the stanly breakfast available in my personalizer, but no date! Hmmm, wonder if it's booked and no spaces available or if it's just a place setter. Oh and HI YA GIMER! Figured it out, there HAS to be a child, nope, we can't go if it's only adults. SIGH
  2. Grand does NOT have a thermal spa. But you can use the steam rooms, jacuzzi and pool. Those are public access. You can NOT use the lounge chairs, those are for sanctuary.
  3. I love the Grand, mostly because SanFran is only a couple hours drive south for us. I'm going to be disappointed when she leaves. We did the 10 day mexican last month, just before dry dock.
  4. Thank you SO much, this is exactly the information I was after. I did see the "smoking thread" and attempted to wade through, but it's 40 pages long.
  5. I've searched. Where are the smoking sections on the star princess? Thanks!
  6. On our last cruise, they never took the minibar, but our coffee packages were activated. Ended up taking the minibar home, no charge was ever made for either.
  7. We were escorted to CC dining and told our rooms would be available after lunch. She offered to take our carry-ons to the room, but we declined. It seems to be the norm now for suites stays leaving from San Fran. I guess we'll see tomorrow if it holds true! Happy cruising!
  8. Our first experience with CC was outstanding. The same window table and the same staff every meal. It was wonderful! Our second time, not quite the same, we had any table, but the same wait staff. They knew who we were and our preferences by the second night. Our third time was chaos. I'm not sure if it's because they added the extra rooms without increasing the waitstaff or size of CC, but we had random servers, some pulled from the MDR, not CC trained or up to the standard we had grown to expect. Several times, CC was made bigger by roping off some of the MDR, which is acceptable. We were promised no wait and we were always immediately seated. Maybe we were overly spoiled the first time, or maybe we've gotten too used to cruising. We've done the same itinerary 2 times every year, so maybe we're getting burnt out. Or maybe, just maybe, the quality has fallen. Food don't taste as decedent, waitstaff doesn't seem to be as attentive, even the stewards don't seem as friendly. We took our grown daughter with us on the last cruise, her first time, so she was a blue card, BUT we were in a suite. They turned her away for the suites and elites drink service the first day. I had to create a stink when we got there and forced them to read her card, which (of course) had suite on it. She was never questioned again. It seemed like every single wine by the glass was out. The choices they did have were disappointing and the cheapest. Not what we expected when paying over $1000 per person for the beverage package. Little tings do add up. Don't get me wrong, we leave for our next cruise tomorrow. I'm going to be on the ship and I'm going to have a good time. Any bad cruise is better than being home!
  9. There is no thermal spa on the Grand. We found this out the first time we had a suite. I know, life is hard when you cruise!
  10. For the same $29 you can go to Crown grill and have the whole experience. That's my opinion.
  11. Many times we've been back on the ship earlier than they've had the table set up. We take the booze to our room, where it's up to us whether to drink or not. Only one time have I even been asked to stop at the table and again, there wasn't even a table set up. Take this as you care to. Happy sailing!
  12. Our last cruise, (Sept Northern coastal, the first time this itinerary had been offered and was sold out within a couple of weeks of release), we received a move-over offer 2 days before the cruise. We were only offered 2 dates, both 10 day Mexican. There were 4 of us booked in a suite, they offered us 2 balcony rooms with full refund. I asked about other dates or itinerary's and was told "NOPE". I asked about our club class status and our specialty breakfast dining on the subsequent cruise and was also given a great big "NOPE". Suite perks, another NOPE. The cost of the 7 day northern coastal was 2-3 times the cost of either 10 day Mexican, comparable cost to a 10 day Alaskan. Princess obviously didn't want our room bad enough to make us an offer we felt was fair, so our offer was a big NOPE! It seems like Princess is getting stingier with their move over offers, possibly because there are people who are able to change plans that quickly, but we couldn't. If they had given us just a single day more, we could have done a 5 day disney for about the same cost, within the same time frame. The NOPE's won.
  13. We're on the same cruise and have done this itinerary numerous times. Leaving SanFran this time of year is always a bit cold, could be rainy too. It gets warmer the further south we go, until it's almost hot. Bring jackets for the trip out and shorts for the time in Mexico. Join us on the roll call,
  14. I frequently use rum runners. The name or brand isn't important, it's the bag that shows as a solid instead of a liquid that makes the difference. We're not huge drinkers, sometimes we finish the bottles of wine we've brought, sometimes we don't. Sometimes I'll break into the rum runners, sometimes they live in my shoes (where they were "smuggled" in). I'm not uncomfortable if I'd ever be called to the naughty room. It's a change I choose to take. Happy cruising!
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