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  1. We have sailed NCL's Haven a few times and MSC Yacht club a few times. Love this concept and it works for our family. My kids can enjoy the water slides and we can enjoy less crowds and quiet time. As far as creating a class system...I don't understand that at all. Why is it okay to have 5 star hotels? Why is it okay to VIP access or fast passes at theme parks? Why is it okay to have 5* restaurants? So why does a cruise line get criticized for having the ship within ship concept or suites with private access? As far as taking away spaces from others....well the ship is bigger so are you really taking away or adding? I will say this...Carnival is marketing and trying to attract a crowd that might compare the suite experience to other lines. If they are going to do this...then they should take note and do it right. Go all the way carnival...suite restaurant should be included for the price.
  2. We all enjoy cruising for our own reasons. Some enjoy the ports and will get off every time and others stay on onboard. I used to want to get off and be on the go when vacationing. I'm a stay at home mom but my husband has a pretty busy schedule at work...with bahamas usually being the day before we get off the ship...he likes to have that day to sleep in and relax. So, we stay onboard...get a massage...hang by the pool. That is not for everyone and only you can decide!
  3. Also, not to get greedy here...but typically other lines include alcoholic beverages for guests 1 and 2, wifi, and a private lounge area, reserved seating at shows. Having said that...other lines don't include soda packages for all guests in the cabin...so it is a trade off I guess. Don't get me wrong...I am excited for something new...but its hard not to compare what you are getting for your $ also.
  4. I haven't sailed Carnival in a long time. We have been enjoying the ship within ship concept for quite some time on other lines. Looking forward to trying something new. I am curious though...what are the chances they will include a private restaurant for those staying in the suites? On RC they open up one of the specialty restaurants as a "private" restaurant for suite guests for breakfast and lunch. I only say this because the price was not much less then what we would pay on other lines. I booked directly through carnival.
  5. When I thought we could fit 5 in the aft cabin I was looking at both of these cabins. It’s a toss up because you get a nice balcony with the aft but the rooms looks more narrow. It seems more spacious with the DS category but it really isn’t. Either way it doesn’t matter because even though you can fit 5 in some of the aft excel suites they aren’t available for my sailing. I’m torn and would like both I think. The midship location I got is nice but that aft balcony.....can’t go wrong there either!
  6. Our spring break is March 13 so "sadly" we will be "stuck" in our "awful" mid ship excel suite ;)))))) The first rep wasted my time for 45 minutes. He did not know anything about the ship and categories and was fumbling with me. I must have been his first call....really! I hung up and called back and got someone who knew what she was doing. She should have told me it was sold out instead...she said it wasn't an option. As a family of 5....I have learned not to rely on agents and do my own research. Its not uncommon for me to talk agents through bookings. With mardi gras being so new..I really didn't waste time researching it....I wanted to grab a cabin and think later 🙂
  7. I was looking at the march 13th sailing.
  8. I spoke with two different carnival agents and both confirmed that we couldn't fit 5 in these rooms. Have you been able to book 5 in this room?
  9. Thanks, We are excited also! I really wanted one of the aft suites but none could sleep 5. So I got category DS which is an excel suite.
  10. We are a family of 5 with 3 very active boys. The twins are 11 and the youngest 9. The ship within the ship concept is soooooo nice for us. My boys can have fun while we get some private time as well. We have done NCL Haven, MSC Yacht club. I don't pay for a suite on RC or Celebrity because they don't have private areas (now they do but no cabins for 5). We are booked for March 13, 2021 and excited to enjoy the private areas...my kids will be 12, 12, 11 and we have an excel suite.
  11. Family of 5 with 3 boys ages 12, 12, 11 during sailing of March 13, 2021. We were able to book the Excel suite. So excited!
  12. We were the only ship in port that day. They had a lot of hotel guests there. It was awful waiting in line in the heat with 7 kids between the three families. Had we been able to enjoy the park leisurely I would highly recommend this place...but this just wasn't the case. It was poorly managed and they wasted so much of our time. When cruising your port time is limited anyways....every minute counts...I felt like they should have had a separate line for cruisers who had already pre-paid for the excursion. They could have handed out wristbands on the bus. The waiver forms could have been handed out while waiting in line....which by the way was not a simple signature like most waiver forms...they wanted all kinds of information.
  13. I do tequila and club soda with a lime
  14. We have stayed in this room 2 times now and about to stay in it for a 3rd time. The first two times we didn't have suite perks...so in June it will be awesome to have that. We thought we would miss the balcony...but the views are so phenomenal....we LOVED it...and we frequent suite rooms on other ships. The 180 degree view at the front of the ship is spectacular. Last time we sailed her was during Harvey....we went through it when it there was a lightning...at a distance and it was so neat to turn off the lights and watch from the comfort of our room.
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