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  1. did you book directly thru Carnival? We didn't book through Carnival. I always book the refundable rate so I am good there. Would really like to sail on our Mardi Gras cruise March 14th. Final payment is mid December for us. As it stands I would not feel comfortable going. I would love to be able to make that decision 30 days prior to sale date without penalty.
  2. We have a 7 night cruise booked on Mardi Gras for March 2021. Final payment for this cruise would be December 14th according to pre-covid contract. I have to cancel prior to this date to get the full refund. Does anyone know if the number of days to get a full refund has shortened from 90 prior to sale date?
  3. This is exactly why the big box supervisors called carnival supervisors and spoke to several at Carnival. My big box supervisor called Carnival multiple times to get answers and each time she had to speak with a supervisor. She said the answers she was getting from Carnival reps were inconsistent. Each time she called she spoke with the general Carnival rep and then asked to be transferred to a carnival supervisor.
  4. We were scheduled to cruise on March 14, 2020
  5. This was my cancellation experience handled by supervisors at my big box store and Carnival (I won't get into why supervisors were involved). Anyhow, the big box supervisor has called me three times now. Today on her final call this is what I was told by her: Sailing Date: March 14, 2020 Carnival Vista 1. If you choose to take the FCC the $600 onboard credit (we had a 7 night cruise) only applies to NEW bookings. We have a mardi gras cruise booked for next spring break 2021. If we apply the FCC...which we can...but then no additional $600 onboard credit.
  6. Hmmmm We were suppose to set sail yesterday 3/14/2020. We cancelled the cruise this past Monday...within the same sail week. I wonder if they would still give us a full refund instead of FCC?
  7. Yesterday I was looking at Mardi Gras to use my FCC during the summer. This morning Mardi Gras is not an option until October. Is this a glitch?
  8. Other cruise lines are offering a 48 hour cancel policy for cruises during the summer. I would book with them but unfortunately I have $6200 tied up with Carnival right now. I am not asking for insight of what the virus will do. I am asking for insight if anyone has heard anything about Carnival changing things for the summer. There seems to be people in the "know"
  9. A friends son is a comedian for a cruiseline and has chosen not to board until this calms down
  10. We took a cruise week before summer started and got "stuck" in Hurricane Harvey. My kids missed a week of school. I don't want to sail during hurricane season. My timeframe is limited here. I wish Carnival would extend the expiration of FCC It would also be nice to see a no risk policy while this virus is going on. I'm hesitant to book again..and be in this exact same position.
  11. I cancelled my cruise for this Saturday. I want to reschedule for the summer but not sure how all this is going to work. If I book a cruise for July I will need it all paid in April....I'm not sure I will be comfortable doing that? Has anyone spoken to carnival as to what their plans are? This is only going to get worse.
  12. If you booked through a big box store can you still cancel online through carnival or do you have to go through the big box store?
  13. We are waiting until last minute to cancel in hopes of a full refund. I don't like the idea of a FCC with a 1 year expiration date. Jobs, schools, etc. so many things to factor in here. I would prefer a full refund.
  14. Hello all I never received the letter but we are booked to sail vista on march 14th this saturday. How long can I wait before having to cancel in order to get the FCC? Do I have until Wednesday, Tuesday?
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