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  1. Thanks to everyone for the replies. It has helped significantly. Devo
  2. We are looking at going on the Eurodam over Christmas. We are early 40's, won't have kids on this trip. We are NCL cruisers and enjoy their cruises but I am a little concerned about the amount of kids that will be on the cruise that time of year. I know there will be kids on this cruise but maybe not as many?? I assume HA is a little more "classier" than NCL but I have nothing to go on other than some reviews I have read. I have a few questions to ask if you would. -Is there a set time for meals or is "freestyle" -I am correct on thinking this a little classier? -attire for meals? -For people that have made the switch to HA from the mass cruise lines, did you enjoy the switch? Sorry for so many questions but just trying to get a feel. We are pretty easy going people that just enjoy being away with a drink in our hand, sitting somewhere kind of quiet and enjoying the day. Thanks, Devo
  3. We were on the dawn a couple months ago and it wasn’t availble till around 20 days out. Well worth it in my opinion for our son.
  4. We just did this a cruise a month ago. We had 2 nights pre cruise as well. We stayed at the Wyndham in Santa Monica. Hotel was excellent. Loved Santa Monica, lots to do, great places to eat and drink. Took the Ub's to the port and it was around $40.
  5. Use pesos. You will get wrong exchange rate back as they will give you pesos. Was just on this cruise last week.
  6. Thanks tips, never thought of that.
  7. Excellent. Thanks for this. We are coming from -40 celsius so I am sure anything will feel better than this. Hoping the warm weather at nights carries on. Thanks again,
  8. Just wondering if anybody is currently on the star? Curious as to how the weather is? Cool at nights? We are on it this Saturday and just wondering what jackets to pack. Thanks, Devo
  9. Is there anyway to know if your cruise has a large group booked? (music/gay/lesbian/sports etc?) Thanks,
  10. Is the arcade package available on all ships or just certain ones? Specifically the dawn.
  11. We have never tendered before. How big of process is this? We get in at 7:00 am and leave at 3pm and I am thinking of booking an excursion for 9:00am-1pm, is this enough time? Where exactly does the tender boat drop you off in Cabo? Our excursion is leaving the marina docks. Thanks Devo
  12. It makes sense if you are not planning on taking the drink package. If you add this on for two people, just pay what ncl is offering.
  13. Looking at booking a cruise on the star In mid March from La down to a few stops in Mexico. Looking at a few pictures on line I see that Spice H20 is covered and doesn’t have lounging chairs? Is this correct? Was hoping spice was the same set up as on the getaway and escape. Thanks. Devo Sent from my iPhone using Forums
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