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  1. I enjoyed my day there quite a bit. It was a hot and sunny day ( 100 F, early Dec). Found plenty of places to lounge in and out of the sun. My friend and I, we found our fave spot on the floating tiki-bar in the bay. Spent about 2+ hours out there drinking and chatting. Only down side was when the buffet was open HUGE lines, and the facilities were not the cleanest.
  2. Thanks for all the tips and info. Really glad the terminal was rebuilt for the Oasis class. Like a few said, staying near the port is not that much more if not better then at near the airport. I think i'll rent a car as I plan on spending two by the port before sailing. Last time I was a Kennedy Space center, I was 18 months old. So I do not remember anything from then, lol -jeff
  3. I was thinking of flying out two nights before the sailing. I have never been to Kennedy Space center. Might try to just stay near the port then. How are the shuttle fares and such?
  4. How well does this port handle those size of ships? I have only sailed out of Everglades/Miami on the Oasis class. Also is it cheaper to stay near the port or in Orlando and shuttle to the port? Thanks in advance!
  5. Soo curious.. If your on a sailing that has a lobster night. Is it possible to have a "lobster roll" made up?
  6. I'm curious to if anyone has tried Wonderland with any kind of allergies? My best friend in my group is quite allergic to the base protein in milk. Would the menu for him have to be changed quite drastically that it would be un-enjoyable or are the chefs pretty good at substituting for it? Also, I hear of people getting BOGO on wonderland? How does one come across that?
  7. Food will always be touchy subject to most people due to the wide varrying pallets of people. But those that say that the food is inedible. What do you normally eat? Michelin 3 star restaurants 7 days a week? Or are they expecting to be blown away like the people on cooking shows when the see the food and go "This is the best thing ever!" and totally flip out.. I hope people know they are paid to react like that. I will be on HotS this Dec, and this will be my 3rd over all cruise and I am for one looking forward to it! Particularly the cheese tortellini. :3
  8. What are the real perks of having a bungalow? Aside guaranteed place to sit, and some privacy?
  9. Last two cruises I've taken my Celestron 15x70. Yes they are quite large, but great for spotting ships on the horizon.
  10. I was on FoS late January this year, there was two big groups had bookings on this cruise. One of the groups I happened to find out about through "shipmate" app as someone was saying if there were cursing for the "Country Family Reunion". The other i did not know about till i tired to relax each night at my fave bar, Olive and Twist. It would be really nice if you are booking that RC or ANY cruise line can give you a heads up. :confused:
  11. I was on FoS this past January, and i used a mobile router to bridge the connection. It worked great to share the data to my family in the room. The speeds were good as well constantly 5+Mbps, latency a little high. So that made for a few frustrating WiFi calls back to home and such.
  12. While I was as not in a aft facing balcony room. I was in 1374 starboard side, this time last year. The vibrations are there, but its not like a constant? Its like a light shudder every now and then, could of been just waves impacting the bow and having a ripple effect through the ship? Swells were 5-9ft some of the sea days.
  13. I'm looking to just buy a 24pk or two of Caybrew while I'm there. Were would be my best option to buy a case to bring home to friends/family?
  14. That's not encouraging at all :( Only second cruise on on RC, so i'll be stuck in that Gold line. I wonder if I should just get there really early next month. For my 29th sailing. Also, were any of the Sollarium hot tubs open at night?
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