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  1. interesting, if you try to book on the same day / sailing the original cruise leaves, it is a different itinerary. Wonder what they will do. Indy was originally scheduled for Jamaica, Labadee, and Grand Cayman but now with Odyssey taking over, not sure. Does anyone know if Odyssey can tender in grand cayman?
  2. does anyone know if itineraries will stay the same and just the ship will change or is everything changing when the ship gets switched to Odyssey? have a 6 night booked out of miami on Indy but now cruise planner is showing 7 nights out of galveston
  3. this drives me nuts. i'm not sure why it makes me so irrationally angry when people call it a boat... LOL. definitely a me-problem
  4. this is exactly what was happening with me. try opening a private tab (incognito mode) or using a different browser. it was the only way i could get it to work!
  5. There is a little online tool you can use to enter the reservation number from the FCC and the FCC number to be applied to your sailing. I kept having trouble with it for weeks using google chrome. Once I opened an incognito browser window it worked no problem. Got the confirmation email and updated receipt within a few hours.
  6. wonder if they will do this again when cruises begin to sail from US ports?
  7. also, since no one has mentioned it yet, the seaplex on Anthem has the "seaplex dog house" which serves hot dogs and small snacks (i think chips and/or french fries) and they stay open decently late... not sure what times but i know i went up for a snack there later in the evening a few times. there are lots of options for food/snacks. cafe 270 is really yummy.
  8. just as @kwokpotsaid above- definitely get there early. we usually get there around 9:30 or so. never had to wait long to get into garage or worry about large crowds. the line gets nuts. if you get there early enough though its really no problem. it will be interesting to see what happens when sailings resume.
  9. We're from CT and usually do Anthem every Jan since Bayonne is so easy to get in/out of & a short drive for us. Anthem is great. You will have a blast. We are on the 11 night sailing leaving Jan 9th. So nice to escape the cold winter and not have to fly...
  10. We were on Anthem for 11 nights in Jan 2020. It was amazing. Couldn't call at Antigua due to high winds but were able to visit San Juan, St Maarten, St Lucia, and St Kitts. Had I known it'd be the last one for a looong time I would've appreciated it more. Oh well. The next one will be so great because of the long, long wait for it. We have the same itinerary booked for Jan 2022. Fingers crossed everything goes as planned and we can sail. I'm fully vaccinated and so ready to be sailing.
  11. random and unimportant question here.. but curious when riding, where do you put your mask? i feel like it would blow away if left to the side while riding. you could always give it to someone from your party, assuming they're with you. but what if they arent? obviously unimportant and trivial. just curious 🤷‍♀️
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