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  1. same thing happened for me too. my sailing was supposed to be jan 2. i called monday asking about my refunds and FCCs but they told me the same thing, the sailing was still "active" and not "cancelled" in their system, hence why no refunds have been processed. the cruise was supposed to return Jan 9th and still, no refunds or FCCs......
  2. i still haven't gotten my refunds or FCC for my jan 2 sailing that was cancelled by RCI. I know they said by Jan 15 but I'm not confident I'll have them by friday.
  3. I totally agree. My sister and I are now in our 20's but still keep in touch with friends from cruises when we were younger. We agreed that cruises were always our favorite vacations and still love going, even more now that we're older.
  4. I had a Jan 2 sailing that was cancelled Dec 2. Opted (rather, did nothing) for the 125% FCC. Still waiting for the taxes/fees, gratuities, and cruise planner purchases to be refunded. No refund as of yet. Also haven't recieved the FCC yet either. Wondering if they will both come on the same days. For anyone that opted for FCC, did you get your refunds and FCC on the same day? Will keep updating.....
  5. Just the size and placement. Its a large screen on the wall so more of a balcony "feeling" than just on the tv. I think the views may be different between the tv channel and the virtual balcony but i may be wrong on that
  6. we really enjoyed ours! not sure we would pay much extra for it, but it was cool to have.
  7. its all so uncertain. i'm also concerned about my july 2021 oasis cruise. i had a sailing scheduled for jan that was just cancelled and am hesitant to use the FCC from this sailing towards the july oasis one. i'm not sure how they will go about refunding/fcc in the event my july sailing is cancelled. so stressful!
  8. just got an email and text about my cancelled sailing
  9. i had a jan sailing on grandeur. i haven't gotten an email yet. how will i go about requesting a refund or FCC? i cant find any links on their website
  10. Looks beautiful!!! I did ok since march not having too bad of cruise withdrawls but seeing your pics and comments have brought all the feelings back! Soooooo jealous. Hope you're having a great time! Thanks for taking us along with you...
  11. does anyone know what they will do if there are no comparable sailings to lift/shift to? we're on Jan 2 2021 sailing of grandeur for 7 nights from baltimore the only sailings out of baltimore for Jan 2022 are 8 nights i'm expecting our Jan 2021 sailing to be cancelled but if it isn't, i'm looking at options to either take FCC or just lift and shift
  12. oh wow, the CDC report makes it too real. i didn't expect my Jan 2 sailing to happen but seeing this really seals the deal. 😞
  13. i think so too. i think even if other ships are sailing come january, it is very unlikely our original sailing on her will happen.
  14. hmmm.. interesting. i just looked up the prices for the sailings on Jewel out of galveston. they're pretty expensive. it follows the OP theory of trying to deter bookings on sailings they don't anticipate to happen. i cant wait to look back at this thread in a few months to see how it pans out.
  15. very interesting! we are on the Grandeur Jan 2 2021 sailing. i'm curious to see if there is a staggered restart (i'd assume grandeur would not be a ship they would rush to get sailing again..) if they'll even bother with prepping grandeur since she is leaving the fleet in March? it seems to me it'd be almost a waste to prep the ship and get her sailing again just to leave the fleet in March... just my thoughts... would love to be cruising in Jan but i'm not too hopeful.
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