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  1. We used to see the cards distributed but last couple trips only saw them in atrium area.
  2. What was their response to not giving refund in 60 days?
  3. All of this is total BS on the part of MSC. There was some hope. I will try to contact MSC but if no resolve, CC will be next. Total breach of what they told us and total breach of trust with loyal, supportive customers here on CC.
  4. As I posted earlier, this was happening 11 years ago. Excuses about refunds being a factor is just that, excuses and guessing.
  5. One of the first things the butler tells you now is they can't bring drinks to your room under beverage package right after they tell you their name. I have no problem getting own drinks but if that is literally the first thing they tell you, then there must have been quite a few requests. If I were to give NCL butler program a grade it would probably be a 'C'. IMO, that isn't due to the people doing the job, it is due to NCL not having enough staff thus leading to overworked staff.
  6. On the ships that still have a front lounge, maybe they could be converted. If they already have signage as 'Observation Lounge' they wouldn't even have to change the signs.
  7. This is very weird and thanks Tara and PS for your input. I had odd thing happen last week couple of days when logging into Amex account. When I logged in, I'd get a quick flash of a credit close to what was owed for fees but once fully seeing all transactions, nothing was there. I wonder if they did same thing to us by cancelling.
  8. The ability to book these types of trips has been going on for a long time and not just on NCL. We had a 2009 Vancouver to LA booked flying into Seattle. NCL had a one nighter Seattle to Vancouver the night before. Several on our rollcall booked it to only get contacted by NCL mid summer for early September cruise that they could not do that. Some ended up taking a Princess one nighter up then moved over to NCL. Others took the train or bus up.
  9. They do last a long time and we aren't good at following directions to flip the sticks. We just buy them in the gift shop.
  10. Like others reported, our cancelled trip showed back up on the revamped website and is now gone again. Been checking card and still no refund but we filed a few days later than the lucky few who have recently seen refunds.
  11. We still have a few diffusers in the cabinet. First trip with two chocolate ships in carry on no problems with melting. MIA TSA found them to be suspicious and were swabbed for you know what. Never been detained so long. Future ships went in checked bag.
  12. For us, those pictures are not even close to what we've gotten or requested and then received for snacks. I suspect that few ever get that type of service. Us too when say no the first day to certain snacks they still show up. As far as meals, we do routinely get what is ordered and usually delivered no problem. We have done a few dinners but mostly breakfasts.
  13. You are the third or fourth person to report that here. Only about the same number have now gotten refunds. Unacceptable.
  14. We filed same date as OP for a 3/22 cruise. Haven't seen anything.
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