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  1. dexddd

    Seaside 3/23/19

    MAJOR internet issues today.
  2. dexddd

    Seaside 3/23/19

    Have fun. You certainly don't look 60 - you shouldn't have let the secret out. Happy Birthday! Those rooms on 12 are great - close to the pool, close to buffet, up one floor to a bar, generally VERY quiet as not lots of traffic. No Royal this time - YIN for the kids and a deluxe for us. June we have one of the Royals then next March a Royal on Meraviglia. The weather is beautiful BTW.
  3. Ok, so DD and I did quick deck by deck comparisons. Not all inclusive, but Wellness is gone. By Deck: 5 - aft Seaside reception moved slightly aft to atrium. 51033-5099 to green cat and other side 6 - duty free now mini mall. Venchi adds 1878 to name 7 - Venchi here also add 1878 to name, Library and Billards now just called Billards, Jewelry Gallery now just Gallery 10 - More green cats aft and forward 11 - More green cat aft, front 3 changed, some capacity changes on rooms 12 - More blues aft, front 3 changed, capacity changes 13 - More blues aft, lots of room cat changes 14 - More blues aft, 3 front change 15 - More blues aft
  4. Apologies in advance if asked and answered - did search here (never work well) plus Google. If a thread already, please post link. Thanks. So we look at MSC site and Seaside, then deck plans and it has deck plans for before summer 2019 and after. What is changing?
  5. dexddd

    Seaside 3/23/19

    Western now and then Eastern in June. I know you told me before (or maybe you've slipped in a few more Star then I recall) but aren't you sailing with your family this time around?
  6. Umbrellas seem pretty consistent across the fleet in suites. Binoculars - they may be there but I can't say I've ever seen them on the newer ships, but the older ships, yes.
  7. dexddd

    Seaside 3/23/19

    MKing - even with all the needles you put into my voodoo doll, we made it on time to FLL and hope to make it to Miami fine tomorrow. No last minute switcheroo by the airlines - kept our CRJ200 and A321. Only glitch is they gave our son the wrong boarding pass 3 times.
  8. dexddd

    Seaside 3/23/19

    Sorry JVS - meant to put pictures separate. Anyway, the reason I included them is last time we sailed MSC I started off the thread with a picture of Coke Zero as I was glad to have it on the plane. Now the first thing I could think of was posting about the Coke napkin - there was a recent controversial napkin on one of the airlines (think it was Delta) and then they retracted it. Flip it over and you have a fun little maze to try.
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