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  1. We had one issue about five years ago. Tried contacting the department with issue a few times, no response. Wrote HQ who replied they were sending back to department for action even after I detailed how they have not responded. Five years later still nothing.
  2. Update. Got June 2021 money back yesterday. March 2020, still waiting for FCC.
  3. Right, this summer Virtuoso was to sail up to Norway for a week then Baltics then repeat. We had a b2b booked but cancelled. I questioned why the swap but Seaview with outside deck space makes more sense if few or no port stops.
  4. Got this June cruise, cancel by us, refund at approximately 45 days. March of last year, another day, not any FCC.
  5. We canceled a June Virtuoso trip early March. Told sixty days. Now roughly 45 have passed. Setting expectations low since we are still waiting 13 months for fcc on a different trip.
  6. Did I miss it or did they jack up Moderno and Teppanyaki to $39 pp recently? I'd have to check the ala carte.
  7. Here is a picture a few months after the last drydock although it looks like they've removed all furniture from the aft suites from the balconies and from Spice as well. Also looks like all loungers and tables and chairs removed from tiered seating area.
  8. On Seaside out of US, Gelato has been included for YC, at least since 2019. That great pizza, the butlers source it out of the pizza place in buffet - fresh and hot.
  9. Spirit has forwarded facing suites on 10 and aft facing on 9. The ones forward facing are like little apartments but yes, there would be wind while underway. If sitting in a chair, your knees would be level with the break between the solid metal part on the bottom and the glass part for the top. We stayed aft OS. The balcony is tiny (not deep) compared to what is out there now, but there is at least one lounger sideways when we went. No noise from above despite that being the kids pool at the time and a whirlpool above us. That area all got changed to spice H20 and the kids po
  10. MSC will be the last to let you know. The experts and locals here will tell you first.
  11. Translation ...nolonger a reservation. Step 6-30, Wait at least 13 months for FCC.
  12. This is now a sixteen page thread. Over 13 months later. They clearly have zero interest in doing the right thing. I hardly doubt MSC as a whole in financial bind.
  13. I'd agree 17 but notice NCL has priced 17 quite a bit more than 18.
  14. Been closely watching all the new sailings and those coming to your area. Glad to see that happening. I wouldn't be surprised if NCL put a ship there too. We were supposed to be on Virtuoso in June b2b celebrating DD college graduation and DS HS graduation in three YC including the RS with family. They've worked hard and really looking to see some areas we've been to before and enjoyed and to see some new ones. I can't just say we'll go next year as I don't know where they'll be. Was able to get reservation for graduation night at hard to get into restaurant so I'll
  15. Not sure if MSC knows something NCL doesn't as MSC has moved ships on Northern Europe routes for this summer only to replace with older ships. Heck, MSC still selling summer cruises out of Florida.
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