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  1. We were also on that trip from SFO to Hawaii. If the requirements are every five years, it would be by March. I vaguely recall a mention too. Older ships supposedly more often based on what we were told on Spirit. Not sure where POA falls.
  2. It has been awhile since that low. Booking Haven will bring several thousand deposit.
  3. You are going to see responses both ways similarly whether it is MSC YC or NCL Haven. For YC, as pointed out, there really isn't anything geared towards kids other than food (not kid type food necessarily, just an abundance and variety). We've done three - the first was Divinia during the summer time. There was an extended family there with one of the families consisting of Octomom. Whenever we ran into them, they were all over the place doing things that should have been corrected by parents. They even let the diapered kid into the YC pool. Even outside the YC, the dads were trying to track down the kids who had gone several floors up the stairs and kept going. We spent a lot of time in YC areas and luckily this family wasn't too much which made it tolerable. Second trip was during March and there weren't many kids surprisingly during spring break time. Third time was again during the summer and there were quite a few kids, even younger. All were well behaved. Many were always out by the pool just chilling in the loungers or pool (note their pools are pretty deep in YC). The TSL really doesn't seem to appeal to them much when there is so much else around the ship. We only saw one instance where three kids were running around in the TSL while parents were there. Both MSC and NCL in some ways promote these areas for families so ignore any cranks who say no kids should be allowed since both lines allow it. Obviously though, it is on the parents to be parents which as you go about doing things where you live, you see that not always happening. Bottom line, you'll probably spend quite a bit of time outside of the YC but the YC does offer (normally) a very quiet and less crowded area with great services.
  4. Based on past practice, NCL won't talk to you if booked via TA.
  5. I know when we were there on Star on a repo there were three ships there that day. Star and a Princess ship docked and Pearl or Jewel anchored to the north. Busy and crowded day in Port but one of the nicest and friendliest ports ever. A great day I still remember today.
  6. If the deck plans shown above are correct, my remark about where you walk down a hall and the hallway juts out where the angled balconies are isn't true. You'd think it would be that way, but I guess not.
  7. That's nice of you to be hosting. We'd like to reserve the week you are in Astoria or areas south like Canon Beach. Heck, book us B2B. And we'll let you know in advance we'll be opting out of the DSC. Congrats on the retirement.
  8. Are they docking? Think Astoria can only handle two docked ships unless there is a yard too,
  9. If others not in YC I'd say no. Whenever you'd want to be with them, it would all be outside YC. Our kids had a YIN on Seaside. Fine enough room but coffin size shower. If you'd invite them to room, it would be four people looking at each other wanting out. Is this for Meraviglia? Is four in a YC Deluxe an option or two level duplex? The duplex would run a bit high but you'd have privacy and full YC.
  10. I knew what you meant as they sell various amenities. In both cases I bring peanut M&Ms for DW as not a guarantee on NCL and not at all on MSC. On MSC they have chocolate treats and or Venchi plus macaroons.
  11. Epic does not have OS but they do have DOS. Maybe that is what confused them.
  12. Rarely. In the case of your example, even more rare.
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