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  1. Not seeing any notes either way on it. It is a sideways inside forward on four with room for four.
  2. OP You are in an OS so you get the three bottles of booze, unlimited in room water and soda plus a bottle of champagne although they will sometimes try to cheap out on that and give wine. You will be deck 9 or 10 forward as you can get. Haven area is 14 mid plus 15 that has an outside area. Some light snacks there and a tiny pool.
  3. Last drydock was March 2016. So at a minimum 2021. Some of the older ships have to go more frequently but not sure if it applies here.
  4. MSC has had it at POM since at least early this year.
  5. Thanks for confirming Did they have any bookings pre cruise or did you have to do online?
  6. So what time did you board? We were lucky last time to get on at 10:50 with last of prior guests off at 10:15. Usually 11-11:30 is a normal range.
  7. For PPs, on NCL, which ships and where did you see priority elevators? Also, we've been on three MSC and yet to see a towel animal anywhere. Not a big deal, but nice surprise.
  8. That is what I've been wondering as well. Back in 2016 POA seemed to find itself in a pickle and had to go to SFO for drydock, there was talk about either NCL wasn't paying attention to when POA needed to go in OR it was scheduled but the Navy dockyard became unavailable. It was supposed to be a 11 night but cut to ten back to Hawaii. I'd have to look, but I think we made it back to Hawaii in like 3.5 days.
  9. IIRC, Teppanyaki was made into two tables from one during the recent drydock. Old capacity was 12 and from looking at the new one, it looks like 16? NCL used to have restaurant capacities on their website but I'm not seeing them now. The issue on the smaller ships is they often don't let you book Teppanyaki in advance so you'd have to do on board anyways. If I'm right about it being two tables of 8, then you'd have to split anyhow, however, the seating is close together.
  10. Thanks for the update. There was a period of time between ours in 2016 and now where they seemed to have sped the refunds up a bit, but it sounds like they have lapsed back to the old ways.
  11. Escape was pretty good but I'm going with oldest in fleet - Spirit.
  12. I posted the other day, think it was $42 US with dinner or $18 with just drink for sailings out of Miami.
  13. FYI, the BA has a movable wall right by the sofa bed and it can easily leak noise from H3
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