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  1. My DOS on the Gem in July is about 200 less than last year and the agency threw in free DSC. Since I booked a month ago, the price has gone down a little too, so I cancelled and rebooked. I'm a little obsessive...I check my date and category every day up until the point of no return.
  2. Twice I've enjoyed Moderno, last summer on the Gem not so much. Maybe wait to book until you get on board and ask around how it seems to be doing in 2020. Last summer they were slow bringing the better cuts of meat around, meat was cooked more than the medium they aim for, and it all was very salty. Love the pineapple and the little cheese biscuits.
  3. Sailed on the Gem in summer of 2019 in a forward owner's suite, 9004. I think the forward suites are similar in layout to the aft penthouse suites. Your suite has an amazing forward view. Be sure to take advantage of all the perks!
  4. Owner's suite on Gem, deck 9, all the way forward (my first time in 20+ cruises that far forward). Boston to Bermuda in July 2019. I really didn't feel much. Family suite on deck 12 of Dawn in July of 2018, I have to say I felt more motion.
  5. Have been to Mass most recently at the Cathedral in Hamilton and years ago at the parish in Warwick when we stayed at the old Belmont Hotel. Felt comfortable at both places if that's what you mean.
  6. Why did they switch from the old search? It was really great.
  7. I stayed in one 2 summers ago and I remember finding balcony sizes on cruise critic. Some of that category have really odd balconies. Maybe try google searching the category letters after the word Dawn and that will direct you to the cruise critic posts that list sizes. I think ours was 12250 - the last after the pool, about 4 suites from the pool area, and I liked it because you could see down the length of the ship.
  8. Full suite only and I'd be really careful checking out what comes with the different levels of suites since NCL has been reclassifying. In the Haven, you have your own pool area with comfy towel covered loungers. Imagine actually being able to get in the pool! 2 hot tubs in the Haven area also. The second level of the Haven is all shaded daybeds and other comfy places to lounge. Haven area has waiter service and drinks and snacks out during the day. In your suite, priority embarkation and disembarkation, a special restaurant for breakfast and lunch. Not crowded and some nicer items availa
  9. Since it's just the two of you, maybe look into getting a suite? Gem can be really crowded and noisy in the summer and it's nice to have your own quiet sunning space and loungers. NCL suite perks are great!
  10. To answer your question, yes I would pay more for such an area as would I for a balcony/veranda I could smoke on. (Just not Garden Villa type bucks.)
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