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  1. If you are going as a couple and can afford it, in my view it's a no brainer. Priority embarkation and disembarkation (I can feel my blood pressure go up in big crowds), large balcony, especially on deck 10 aft, champagne and chocolate covered strawberries on sailaway, relaxing, delicious, gourmet breakfast without crowds of people walking against you. Plenty of room to stretch out in your balcony loungers without worrying about the pool deck.
  2. Been in suites before, but never in the Haven. What information is conveyed in the Haven "briefing"? Anything that's really important I wouldn't know from the boards here, materials in the suite, and the NCL site? When and how long is that meeting? It's my partner's first cruise and I'm so excited to show him the ship, have lunch, and get a nice cocktail. We're on the Gem if that makes any difference. Thank you!
  3. Anyone know why these would be bad days to be in Bermuda? Thought I checked for the holiday. The 7/26 sailing is $200 cheaper than other July dates. Inquiring minds want to know why. I've been watching the July dates for months now.
  4. One year this happened to me. First guarantee I had ever booked, so I called the travel agent to make sure everything was still OK with my reservation and she was able to call NCL and get my cabin number. Don't know if you went through an agent, but if you did, you could try a quick phone call.
  5. Lots of families in the summer. Someone will chime in if I'm wrong, but at 20 months, I think your daughter might be too young for Kids Clubs. There is a daily Guppies play session somewhere on the ship where the really little kids can hang out and interact with a parent or parents present. Hopefully someone who has cruised with little children can tell you more about it.
  6. Does anyone know if there is still a Bose system in these suites? Not a technologically literate person, so I just thought I'd bring some CDs if there was. And I've read conflicting things about there being an outlet near the bed. Seems to be from youtube videos, but anyone know from firsthand experience? Thanks!
  7. For me anyway, there is nothing like cruising. The slow sailaway that allows your mind and body to "catch up" with each other after a really stressful year of work and family life. The luxury of watching that sailaway on your private balcony with champagne and chocolate covered strawberries. Yeah, your cruise is probably the same amount of money as a Europe trip, but I'd prefer a cruise over slogging through airports, dealing with jet lag, figuring out where to eat every night in a new city, fighting crowds. I hope you enjoy the Haven! I've been in suites before, but never on an NCL ship with a Haven and I can't wait. HAL Neptune suites are large and quite nice if you ever have that option.
  8. Now THAT'S an expression I've never heard before. So I wonder if many people get off the ship. If there's nothing to do in Port Canaveral, I would be quite happy with a less crowded ship and the possibility of getting in the pool without 500 of my nearest and dearest.
  9. Thanks for any advice you may be able to give 1. I know weather is changeable, but about how long does it take before it's "shorts" weather at sea sailing in the middle of June? 2. Is there anything in walking distance of the port to do in Port Canaveral? This would be primarily a relaxing cruise and we just want to get off for a while for a change of scenery. Just 2 older adults sailing. 3. Never sailed from NYC before. Would be bus-ing it from Boston. Any tips/tricks about the port? Would be sailing in a suite, so once we get inside the terminal building, it would probably be familiar enough. Thank you!
  10. Even in June you can occasionally get a rough patch. I'd suggest doing the trip later. I know it's hard - more crowds when schools are out.
  11. Not going to be there until July, so it might be over by then, but how intrusive and noisy was the construction? Will be on the Gem which has the berth near the cranes and all. Was it too noisy to relax on the balcony if the ship docks starboard side to the pier? That's where out cabin is. When did construction begin and end for the day? Thanks in advance for any info.
  12. In a previous Gem thread a member reported a great vocalist in Magnums at night. Having done the Dawn the past few summers, I'm looking forward to some new entertainment options. Hard to believe, but Second City did exactly the same schtick 3 years in a row.
  13. Can you still "tan" in the Haven pool area?
  14. Even more excited now. Thank you all!
  15. Can the magrodome over the Haven pool be opened? (At least that's what I think the covering is called.) I'm wondering about that indoor pool smell and how the enclosed area might make the area extra loud. Sailing to Bermuda, so we should have some nice weather to have it open. Thanks in advance.
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