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  1. To answer your question, yes I would pay more for such an area as would I for a balcony/veranda I could smoke on. (Just not Garden Villa type bucks.)
  2. Since you're staying in a suite OP all the specialty restaurant menus should be somewhere in the room.
  3. Casino Comp Chick, I too am disappointed. Thought I had found next summer's vacation in the Royal Suite. But on a smaller ship, I think I would want to spend more time in the casino and without even being able to vape, I know I wouldn't be happy. Glad there are more choices for non smoker/gamblers though. I can pick another ship and line. I liked the price and itinerary on Empress though.
  4. Thanks! I didn't know what the surrounding areas were; just that there were 2 levels, so air suckers on the second level seemed like a real possibility.
  5. Given that the Empress will probably attract an older crowd to Bermuda next summer (given all the larger bells and whistles types ships sailing there more likely to attract families), I wonder if they might be considering any changes to their casino policy. Especially with a 2 level casino, I was surprised to read that it is completely no smoking. Older people have a greater rate of smoking than younger people. I could be wrong, but I thought Royal allowed smoking in the casino on other of their ships.
  6. Thanks! Years ago when I was researching the SF on Dawn there was a thread listing balcony sizes on the various decks. Didn't know if there was a similar one for Gem.
  7. Have only done SF on the Dawn and the Gem's configuration might be different because of the Great Outdoors. Any thoughts? Thank you!
  8. Off the Gem in an OS last Friday and they still had Bulgari products.
  9. Aubrey's, which has been around forever in Bermuda, has a shop in the clocktower mall.
  10. If they are serious shoppers, a day in Hamilton might be worth it. Lots of high quality and different items that you don't find in most stores/malls in the US.
  11. TOTALLY do the Haven. First two passengers get the dining or drinks package, internet and shore excursion, but all of you get an amazing cabin, Haven area, priority embarkation and disembarkation.
  12. Thanks dexddd. I guess I meant would NCL have any reason to accept a bid from a couple as opposed to a family for the GV presuming all else equal (like the fact that they had paid the same for original cabins booked.)
  13. Any tips, previous experiences? I know there's a whole thread on bidding, but it would take a long time to go through looking for a needle in a haystack. "Mysteriously," overnight, both garden villas on my sailing disappeared from booking. Both deluxe owner's suites are untouched. We are in an OS, friends in another OS, and there's one left out of the 4 total. Any benefit to only 2 people as opposed to a big family bidding on the GV?
  14. on OS or if upgrade to DOS comes in 9004 or deck 15. Will pack a few CDs, but would be nicer to have a wider variety of music.
  15. Hi Y'all, Old people here. What do we need to do to have some music in the suite and possibly on the balcony?
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