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  1. Just picked a random sailing that happened to come in a search. Not logged in. This is before they add in taxes or insurance. It's still 74/94 a day for the packages not the 60/80 advertised.  This was a solo booking. 



    Same cruise, but 2 people is "better" but it's still 67/87 a day per person




    The pricing per day for solo 74/94 has been the same across several different sailing I've checked. Every one has that pricing. Which is why I was asking for clarification. I know Celebrity's all inclusive pricing doesn't work for solos, so was wondering if it's the same here. Though at least Princes lets you buy it on board for the advertised price. Glad to hear it's $60 all in on board. 

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  2. 18 hours ago, JimmyVWine said:

    There is a Plus Package for pricing out the cruise ($60 with no additional fee) and a separate Plus Beverage Package (which is something like $64 or $65 to which they also add 18%). You probably want the former which you add to the price of your cruise at the time of booking. You can add it on after the fact but make sure you ask for the Plus Fare Package and not the Plus Beverage Package. When I booked my upcoming cruise it was done under the 3rd Person Sails Free program. Because of this only the first two guests got Plus. I had to call to add Plus to the third person. The cost was $50 (at that time) times 8 days for a total of $400 even. No extra tax or gratuity. Had I added the Plus Beverage Package I would have paid more and gotten less 


    I'm talking about the package. For a solo it's Standard - $504; Plus - $1023. Which is a $519 difference which for the 7 day cruise works out to $74/day. Not $60. 

  3. Hi, I haven't cruised with Princess before, but I'm looking at a few cruises. I'm a bit confused about the pricing and hoping you can help because I can't find the answer. I see everywhere that it's 60/80 a day, but every cruise adds more than that to the standard price on all the ones I've looked at. I don't know if it's something to do with me cruising solo? Or does Princess charge an 18% gratuity on the package? Or something else I'm missing. The last cruise I priced out is adding $74/day for the Plus package not $60. Though that's more than 18% so I'm just confused! (I priced the same one for 2 and it's $67/day.) I saw that you can now buy it on board, so if they don't charge gratuity on top of the price it looks like it would behoove me to just buy the package on board. Do you still get the Medallion accessory with Premier if you buy on board? Thanks!

  4. 2 hours ago, dreamer321 said:

    I don't think they are deliberately going after solo sailors. They are just trying to generate as much revenue as possible.  


    They ran a great promotion starting last June for solos.  No singles supplement and All Included for the week cost me $352.  Given the recent cutbacks on dining and service and rising prices across the board, I don't think we will see a repeat of the promo any time soon.  


    If you are a solo sailor you are better off not buying AI and just getting a beverage package if you think you will drink enough to justify it.  I have a cruise in December and chose not to get any beverage package. I will just pay for drinks à la carte.  


    Maybe when that promo was running was the last time I looked. 

  5. I swear when I was looking at solo pricing a few weeks/months ago the All Included pricing for a solo was a good deal. Now when I'm looking at it there's no way it make sense. If two people in the cabin want All Included it's $500 more a person - a pretty good deal if you do drinks. But if I switch it to 1 person it's $1000 more. I was expecting the fare portion to double going solo not in a studio - but why is the All Included price doubling? Definitely no savings that way, especially if you have status that gives you discounts on drinks and wifi. With the current obc they're offering I can add everything a la carte for cheaper than their "savings" price. 


    Any solo cruisers notice whether this is across the board or is it just on the sailings I'm looking at?

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  6. 17 hours ago, JessyCruises said:

    It would allow you to see if they rang it in correctly. It won’t help like in the case above where the person did not even order the drink. 


    The question is - if they ring it incorrectly, does the waiter/bartender have the ability to fix it? Or are you still going to GS? If you order the $3 coffee and they bring you a receipt that's $0 when you wanted to pay for it - can they fix it or is it still a trip to GS?

  7. On 8/21/2022 at 7:17 PM, 77red96 said:

    Hi pcrum, this is my first post, I've just come off a Mediterranean MSC cruise were we had the Easy Plus package, I guess it is personal taste but I honestly didn't see many drinks on the menu that weren't covered by this package, mostly the upgrade was a brand thing, like the easy plus cocktails would have had rum but the premium would have had Havana Club 12 (please excuse my ignorance I have no idea if that is even the name but it's more to give you an idea), I literally drank caparuskis (with added brown sugar) for a week and they were fantastic. I wouldn't worry about the drink upgrade. I've included a copy of the drinks menu from the most expensive bar on the ship hopefully it is of some help.


    Have you sailed MSC before? It's the most laid back relaxed cruise I've ever been on, I wore designer Chino shorts, short sleeved shirts and boat shoes in the dining room at dinner and didn't feel out of place. The food was amazing! The T-bone (porterhouse) steak supplement in the main dining room is €18 well spent. 

    My top tip, which I picked up on day 4, I couldn't decide which main to have, the waiter said, "Sir, you can have both, in fact sir if you wish you can have all the dishes!" 


    I loved it so much I have just booked another MSC for myself and my family for 2023 for 7 nights in Norway with a balcony for under $2000! 

    QR_K_BAR-LIST-GENERIC_OTHER_DAYX_EN_1660661434.pdf 642.26 kB · 15 downloads


    Thanks so much for this - I'm about to do a Med cruise too! The Easy Plus is everything up to 9 on the menu you posted?

  8. 20 hours ago, LatinaInTexas said:

    We had the easy plus package and I believe it was $346 bought pre cruise. If bought after you pay the 15% service charge.

    Have a few pics of drink menu.


    So those Signature cocktails aren't covered by any drink package? I think the Premium is only up to $13. That's a bummer. 

  9. 22 hours ago, iloveglee said:

    We have cruised with many different lines, and I have never seen this before, always you know in advance of booking how much the add ons were going to be.


    Don't ever book with Royal then. 

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  10. On 7/15/2022 at 12:08 PM, HipHipOnAShip said:

    Yes, you CAN get apple juice at breakfast in either the buffet or Main Dining room.  It is absolutely included (but you might need to ask for it).


    That must be new - but good. In Sept on the divina they were like only with this drink package. 

  11. On 6/19/2022 at 10:03 PM, CGTNORMANDIE said:

    Trying to figure out the MSC Drink Packages is an endless conundrum.  The real show stopper is the MSC policy that all occupants in the same cabin must take the same package.  In your case you can simply go with the Non Alcohol Package for $25.00 per day per person.  As long as both of you in the cabin subscribe for the same package.  Now if your DW or SO doesn’t need the package that means you’d be spending $50.00 per day to get your fruit juice.  Maybe charging each drink would be cheaper than getting a package?  


    Oh I drink alcohol. And I'm solo so that's not an issue. I'm just weird that instead of coffee in the morning I'm an apple juice person and I found it crazy that it wasn't an included breakfast juice on MSC. 

  12. 7 hours ago, kernow said:

    Yes, fruit juices are included on Easy Plus, Premium is just some more expensive wines and spirits. I think the apple juice is poured from a carton.


    Thanks! MSC was throwing me off with only listing soft drinks for easy plus now yet under premium it says soft drinks, fruit juices, mineral water, and energy drinks. And I couldn't find the chart they used to have. 

  13. 1 hour ago, CruiseScrooge said:

    Have you considered bringing a apple or apple juice flavored instant powder? I'm a pomegranate addict

    and get my good enough fix with it.


    Didn't even think this would exist! Only thing I've ever seen in powder form is maybe lemonade...and I'm not even so sure it's not just a bunch of sugar lol

  14. Hi everyone,


    So the last time I went on MSC was before the switched the drink packages up. At the time Easy was the free one and Easy Plus covered most things and Premium covered the rest. Since they changed in the fall the packages have tweaked just a bit. So I'm looking for the differences and the biggest one I want to know is not the alcoholic side.


    So when I went last summer the free package was the easy package and it didn't include any juices or water not included. I upgraded for better booze - but found out the next day that the juices they had for breakfast was VERY LIMITED. Basically I really like apple juice for breakfast so I'm trying to figured out if the bottles of apple juice (or if they've started just serving glasses) is included in Easy Plus or if I need Premium to get it.


    I ask because online premium says fruit juices but it was included with easy plus last time I was on. So I want to know if they changed it to only apple juice for premium.



  15. 1 hour ago, Merion_Mom said:

    It's just going to be extra work for you to create and prepare two documents to send.  And you'll include a note of explanation.  Other than that, I see no problems.


    I wouldn't think so either, thanks. Just know sometimes I've been like why is this an issue! when I wouldn't have thought.


    I feel like it's a reasonable question to ask if royal can actually do basic math considering their sales 🤪

  16. I'm just wondering if everyone here has their 100 shares of Royal all in one account or if anyone has the 100 shares in more than one and still get the OBC. I bought some stocks in one account, but realized I'd rather be buying stock in an IRA. Was just wondering if you still get it if you had 30 in one account and 70 in another - both in your name. Or if they're sticklers and it has to be 100 in one account and they won't do addition. 



  17. 1 minute ago, poocher said:

    Each state is so different!!  It really shows how you have to read and understand the requirements!


    It's annoying that this became such a cluster. The original idea was a national ID card with set standards across the board - similar to passports, but a license. Most other countries have a national ID. But there were several states that didn't like this or wanted more strict requirements that devolved to this cluster - where there's a minimum amount required but each state is allowed to add their own. And some dragged their feet to even start issuing the IDs. And they allowed the states to keep issuing their non-REAL licenses. Which just so happens to be cheaper, so a lot will get a rude awakening if they have the wrong one. 


    I need to look up which month this goes into effect for flights so I make sure I don't fly then. Though it'll be causing problems for months after. Or cruises. 

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  18. On 6/6/2022 at 10:54 PM, rudeney said:

    I still don't understand jumping through all these hops when you can get a passport and be done with it. 


    For an Enhanced License? I could see it making sense for someone that lives close to the Canadian border and happens to cross it frequently. Why bother with always making sure your passport with you if you go that often? Some places towns on either side are really close where one could be crossing it a lot. But for the majority of people it makes more sense to just get a passport. 


    If you were referring to REAL ID - well once they require it for US domestic flights I don't want to bother taking my passport with me to fly from FL to NY so REAL ID license it is. You only have to do it once. 

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  19. So I'm looking at a cruise that interports - has boarding in both Rome & Barcelona. And I was just curious if anyone that knows how that works with regard to bringing wine on board. Since people are embarking at both ports bringing on their allowed 2 bottles - is there something so non-embarking aren't bringing on wine on those ports? I'm guessing there's probably something in place, but figured I'd ask. 

  20. 7 minutes ago, goodml said:

    They made sure they collected final payment though the day before they pulled this sailing down plus the two before it. I was price checking yesterday morning and could pull up available cabins (and there were lots) and then the sailing disappeared. I knew then it would be cancelled. Just like our last one that got turfed.

    I get the reason for the cancellation but seriously, couldn’t they have done it before collecting final?  And then there’s nonrefundable airfare, hotels etc. No option to transfer funds to another sailing. Pay out of pocket again and wait for the refund. The last one took 5 months. I’m so annoyed right now. They can stuff their paltry 10%


    Where were you price checking? Those 3 cruises were pulled off NCL's site this weekend, but starting last Thursday if you clicked on the 3 sailings it said sold out even though the page before had a price. If it wasn't an NCL site I'd make note that they don't update as frequently. 

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