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  1. Also District brew house The slides are different Smoking blocked off in casino and only small side of spice No howl at the moon Silent disco Cavern club Maltings No ice bar A chocolate something place No noodle place Race track & laser tag No ropes course or sports deck The aforementioned observation lounge is probably the biggest difference
  2. You might have to wait for a better answer as Epic has not home ported there, or at least not in the last few years. I'm interested if there's any answers since I'm going in March.
  3. I would think so. The system is based on nights on the ship. It's not just kids that sail free on NCL, anyone could be 3 & 4 and an adult would get the points for it.
  4. The time to rely on anything printed with regard to itineraries was left many years ago. They're no good beyond being guidelines. (And frankly would wish the big TA I used would stop freaking sending them to me already.) If I want to know anything I'm going online to the source. (Though even though that's not always up to date!)
  5. It really is one of those you won't know until you get there. Case in point - I don't find NCL's Away class claustrophobic inside as I like that so many of their bars/venues are more open than over on Royal most were enclosed. I frequently make a pass on 8 and can quickly see the atmosphere of each bar where with Royal I'd have to duck into most venues to see if I liked the current atmosphere or knew anyone there. I agree on the pools though - I was in the pools much more on Oasis than the Away ships. Though part of that is they don't have any pools in Spice which is where I spend most of my daylight hours - I spend hours in the water features though. Whereas Oasis has an adults-only pool that's more removed from where the kids are.
  6. Assuming this article is correct (and with how strict Singapore is I'd want it verified in several places) Bringing Alcohol Into Singapore Travelers are given a duty-free allowance for up to three liters of alcohol in one of these possible combinations: 1 liter of spirits, 1 liter of wine, and 1 liter of beer 2 liters of wine, 1 liter of beer 1 liter of wine, 2 liters of beer But there is a catch: you must be at least 18 years old, have spent at least 48 hours outside of Singapore, and can't be arriving from Malaysia. That last stipulation causes some travelers to get busted. If you arrive with more than one bottle of spirits, you’ll need to go through the Red Channel and pay a steep duty tax. https://www.tripsavvy.com/how-to-stay-out-of-trouble-in-singapore-1458521
  7. I don't know specific to a transatlantic or the Star, but when I was looking into NCL transfers on the Bliss they were one of the first groups called to disembark. I think your flight had to be after 11am to use it, so that means they're likely expecting to get you to the airport by 9am though the last few buses might get there after that. So assuming the same thing will happen with Star, I'd bet you'd be there well before noon.
  8. For a non-Haven room? Because I can only select 2 when mock booking a balcony or mini-suite.
  9. Cruise ships use a different fuel than gas, so while it's an indicator it's not a for sure thing. Cruise lines won't want to add another charge if other lines aren't doing the same unless they have to. NCL likely has some line (probably a combo of price point plus length of time at said price point) where over which they would start to charge the supplement.
  10. Because the promo is Take All, not take what you want.
  11. 1030 should be ok. But figure 30 minutes from the time you're on the tender until you're on shore. I'm not sure whether gem does tender tickets or not, but make sure to check the line isn't super long for some reason. Also the last tender back will probably be more than 30 minutes before all aboard time - so make sure you pay attention to that.
  12. I figured, just wanted to point it out as the sports bar does not have the local or Osheehans menu. I was quite disappointed when we headed up there for food at night!
  13. There are several hotels near the port that let you pay for a day pass. I'm not sure when they let you come in as my friends have only used them on disembark day (ie get off ship at 9am and then chill until they have to leave for their 6pm flight).
  14. I've been on both and it's pretty much cost (and itinerary) that makes my decisions for me. As a solo that's almost always NCL, especially since I prefer to have a drink package. (Though I missed a couple great solo deals on an Oasis class since I already had one booked for the fall/winter on NCL that I'm kinda bummed about.) I pretty much agree with everything graphicguy and fitchburg mentioned. About the only thing NCL does that I'm like man I wish Royal did is getting back on ship - love the cold towels/drinks/popsicle in the Caribbean and Alaska had hot chocolate/coffee. I wish on their newer ships that NCL didn't have the pay things - so I do like how so far Royal has kept all their fun activities up on deck free.
  15. Ummm...the Sun does not have The Local. It has a sports bar that serves as it's late night food, but definitely not the local.
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