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  1. Nothing specific enough where we can so oh they always serve X on that night. The chef could choose to pick some of the more fancier options for that night, but it's no guarantee and I don't particularly remember that being so. There's more than 7 menus they can rotate through so on a normal 7 day cruise there's always options that someone never sees.
  2. What @hallux said. You can't use points to pay for the ticket so I mean pay for it as in you have to pay for the ticket - cold hard cash or rather credit card at the time of final payment. You will earn miles though and can use perks if you have them with whatever airline NCL ends up booking you on. It just logistically wouldn't work with points - there's several different airlines NCL could end up putting you on and they likely don't even know until a bit before tickets are purchased. For all you know they could put you on one that you don't have points or enough points for. Or since NCL is acting as a consolidator maybe they get a deal on flights that are twice as expensive point wise than other flights.
  3. What? Aft studio? Geeze. Wish the ship sailed where I'm looking to sail right now.
  4. There's this whole saying that if it's not there then it means it doesn't exist. Meaning if there's no get you to the ship guarantee in the T&Cs then there isn't one. Also, the part you highlighted is with regard to ticketing in other words if they can't ticket everyone in your group on one flight they'll move everyone to another flight (ticketing in airlines now refers to when you get a ticket #, which is usually but not always right after you buy a ticket). You'd be looking for a guarantee to get you to the ship if you wanted a guarantee to get you to the ship. It's just worth noting because traditional airfare bought through the cruise ship often gets this guarantee. For example Royal's FAQ (though I know it's not specific T&Cs) https://www.royalcaribbean.com/faq/questions/what-protection-is-provided-with-an-air2sea-ticket Or Princess' page is specific in the guarantee https://www.princess.com/plan/ezair/ or HALs https://www.hollandamerica.com/en_US/pre-post-travel-cruise/flight-ease.html
  5. Royal Caribbean's KSF is not on guest 2 if there's not two adults either. Not sure about the other lines mentioned as I haven't priced them for kids. But wouldn't be surprised if it was the same thing. Much like they all charge double occupancy for solos in regular cabins most of the time.
  6. Be advised I know from posts on the previous air promo that they put in place holders and more often than not the flights you see were not the ones finally assigned. Oh, and with the last air promo there was also no guarantee to get you to the ship. So if you were flying in day of and your flights got delayed NCL wasn't paying for you to catch up with the ship.
  7. Doesn't matter when they book it - it matters when you have to pay for it which is by final payment which is officially 120 days out. They don't usually book it that far out, but you have to pay for it with your final payment then. The last promo it averaged around 45 days but I saw a few got booked like 60 days before and others that didn't know until around 30 days before. Also beware that if you select the airfare, after final payment you can only get the obc or upgrade if NCL is still offering the air promo you booked under (very likely they won't) so you won't be able to do that if you choose it.
  8. I checked Odyssey's deck plans and it's back to only 12 balconies. Though less helpful at the moment since Spectrum is over in China - think they changed deck plans again though as I only see 12 on Spectrum too.
  9. Royal put studios on one or two of their Oasis class but then took them back out on Symphony. Quantum class do have balconies - but only like 10 of them. So they can sell out quick, I've seen them not be any cheaper than a regular balcony yet if you chose it over a regular balcony for the same price you only get 1 loyalty point per night while the regular one gives you 2 points. I'll be shocked if Royal has studios in their new ships once they move on from Quantum class. The size of NCL's studios don't bother me. Most of the extra square footage just goes towards enclosing the bathroom and that little hall that goes by the bathroom to get you into the room. In other words pretty much useless space. And the interior/oceanviews I've been in somehow have worse storage than the studios. On my last cruise prices started dropping so I got an upgrade from studio to an aft balcony and as I was unpacking I was like damn where does the second person put their stuff (excepting the hanging storage, though you need more hangers)? When I usually have some empty spaces in the studio.
  10. I hope they do. It'd be sad for NCL to back away from that corner of the market that they more or less own. Carnival doesn't have them and while Royal does they mostly screwed it up (a lot are in crappy spots of the ship and while they only offer 1 point per night vs the 2 solo cruisers get in regular cabins they often aren't that much cheaper and don't have a plus like the studio lounge). If NCL has no studios on their new ships they'll be in direct competition with others for solo travelers. There's a good chance NCL wouldn't be my most sailed line if that happens.
  11. It's likely similar to a previous promo. Basically you have no choice on the airline or time of day - you just get to pick the day but it's no more than 2 nights early or 2 nights late. They try to limit stops, but you're not guaranteed non stop even if they're available. Only use it if 1) It's a decent price and 2) you're ok with having no control over your flights.
  12. They don't do it if it's less than $100 because they only give 25% of the difference in OBC. I guess they figure it's not worth it to give less than $25 in OBC. Not sure why they drew the line in the sand there, but they have.
  13. There will always be people dressed up, how many depends on individual cruise. I was on one with a group of 300 people and the group had a formal night so if you were on that cruise you saw a lot of people dressed up. When I was on an Alaska cruise with them I saw way less formal wear than cruises in the Caribbean. I didn't bring really fancy clothes myself to Alaska because I needed room for warm clothes! Maybe in the middle of the summer more dress up in Alaska?
  14. Depends what "not big drinkers" means. NCL cost of drinks are a lot higher than most place on land. You're looking at $8 for beer, $10+ for wine, and liquor $10+. Don't forget there's an automatic 20% gratuity on the prices I mentioned. The gratuities for the package promo works out that on a 7 day cruise if you'd drink at least 13 drinks (14 if beer only) the package is a better deal for you. It's even less drinks if you prefer the fancier drinks or better quality liquor that are near/at the $15 limit.
  15. Considering when I log into do anything with a future cruise that's after my birthday and everything lists me as a year older than I currently am, it might be age when you sail.
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