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  1. My bet is that everything that's normally included in your fare is free - because they can't charge. Extra cost stuff on board will still be extra cost (maybe discounted). The only other for cost thing that might be free would be excursions because they need to test those.
  2. It's 18+. This is just a cattle call now to get the main list. Once they get closer they'll either ask everyone from the list more info - or cull some and then ask them. I'm betting somewhere in there will be "can you sail any time between x - y" to give them flexibility on booking people. It's just step one of many on the volunteer side I'm sure. Not sure I wanna go, but kinda wanna add my name to the list just to see.
  3. I'll start saying I have no idea. But I will say San Juan closed its ports to ships coming back from the last cruises. So when the CDC stopped cruises on March 13 there were still two ships that were scheduled to return to SJ on the 15th. Just before they were to dock they said no way bye - so the ships high tailed it back to Miami and Canaveral both of which still let people off the ships on March 17th. So because of that I wouldn't be surprised if SJ took its time starting up cruises again.
  4. So then what's your explanation for why the cruises that resumed over in Europe haven't had hundreds or thousands of cases on each sailing? Because based on what you're saying they all should have been infecting each other left and right.
  5. Yes, but going to a theme park where you're surrounded by thousands on day one. And then a new thousands on day 2, etc. But most people don't stay at the parks for more than a few days and with next to know contact tracing it's impossible to pin point where they got it. Similar to planes, but in much larger numbers. The only difference is that on longer cruises people are all still in one place together when the symptoms start to present whereas with planes and people that go to theme parks they're flung all over the place and make it practically impossible to point when someone is infected.
  6. One airplane can fly thousands in the span of a week though. While longer exposure to an infected person increases your likelihood of getting it, it doesn't mean it can't be contracted in a "limited time frame". If you google around you'll see articles referring to long-haul flights were one flight is linked to dozens of cases. I read another article recently where 1 US air marshall has died and over 100 have been infected (pretty much their entire job is to be a passenger on a plane). Not to mention the virus got here via plane, not a cruise ship. The length of time
  7. That's what I'm thinking the thought process is. Though technically even on longer ships you don't *know* they got it on the ship because it's possible the got it from one of the ports. But no way to know for sure besides they likely contracted it at some point after the ship left home port.
  8. I would ignore the thread above. Most of the information is old, but more importantly NCL's promo air is very different from regularly purchasing air through the cruise line. With the promo the only choice you have is the day you fly. You can't chose the airline or the time. NCL tries to keep it to 2 connections for international flights but that's not guaranteed. If you don't want to arrive the day the cruise leaves or leave the day the cruise ends you have to pay for a deviation, but that's only up to 2 days before or 2 days after. You won't find out your flights until about 45 d
  9. I'll be bold and say there's no way a cruise will be going out of California. The governor still won't let the big theme parks open. I'm not well versed on who has control over ports, but my guess is he would do whatever he can to not have cruises in January. Plus the consistent speculation is that cruises will start out of Florida and likely of the 3/4 day variety. It being a casino comp adds in a whole other set of problems. I was reading a thread on Royal's forum the other day and they don't offer anything but a refund to casino comps right now besides the option to pick some 3
  10. From what I hear they're rare and pretty much only exist on port days. I think they're only sold if they don't sell the passes that are good for the whole cruise. So if you really want a spa pass you can just buy one for the whole cruise. I think it's around $200pp depending on length of cruise. Hopefully someone who knows more specifics will chime in.
  11. The water feature is the thing you see when the video turns right and goes up the stairs. The water didn't look like it was on, but it has some water that rains down and pools a little. Jan/Feb will have less kids than say Mar/Apr or the summer, but there will still be kids. Some schools have a Feb break. There's also families with kids that aren't in school or are homeschooled or parents that still pull kids out for vacation. The kiddie water play area is where the main pools are so even if it's not packed with kids there's a bit of kids having fun. Man that sounds l
  12. They might be? Since the all ages pool is pretty much right next to the adult only pool on NCL 95% of my time when it's in the Caribbean I spent back in Spice which is adults only. There's a water feature back there you can use to cool off and a decent breeze. And of course no kids.
  13. I liked the Bliss. I did it for Alaska and it's definitely great for not bathing suit weather all the time. I have asthma so I think it ranks as my favorite NCL ship due to it having the smoking part of the casino walled in and a very small smoking area up top. My cruises are split probably around 60/40 NCL/RCL. The main reason NCL has more is because they are more solo friendly than RCL in both cost and atmosphere on the ship. I also like the drink package and solo + drinks on NCL is almost always cheaper than solo + drinks on RCL. Though RCL had some great solo deals for May tha
  14. NCL does the same thing. But just like RCL the times aren't enforced. I've always gotten to the port whenever I wanted for both RCL and NCL and neither cared if my checkin time was still a couple hours away. Though in this new covid world that might change.
  15. It's very likely that it's just a place holder. With the last air promotion everyone got place holder routing on their registration and it was almost never the actual fights based on people that posted here. You'll get your flight info around 45 days when they actually ticket it. Could be a little more than 45 days out or a little less than 45 days out.
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