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  1. If by "they" you mean Royal, they are. Royal refunded mine from my 4-12-20 sailing that they canceled.
  2. We received this same email last night regarding our April 12th Anthem TA that was canceled by Royal, as the followup to the apology letter. This morning, nine credits appeared on our B of A Visa account. The total amount reflects everything (cruise fare, air to sea, gratuities, taxes, insurance, and cruise planner purchases) but for $100. Hopefully the other $100 will show up soon. I guess I'll go order the $39 DBP now for our upcoming December cruise. I wasn't going to give them any more money while they still owed us money. Thankfully it's still on sale.
  3. I didn’t know they changed this. 😢
  4. I'm with Biker all the way. Depending on your cabin location, there may be no close public restrooms for a "tinkle." Royal permits minors to be booked in their own room as long as the cabins are beside each other or across from each other, so there are no rules being broken while doing so. I would never squeeze four adults, or even four adult-sized people, into one cabin, not even a JS. Your husband will have to share a bathroom with three women. Do him a favor and book connecting cabins and leave the door open between them. The extra space and two bathrooms, not to mention some privacy 😉 for you and your husband, will be appreciated by all of you. It will feel like a suite experience with a lower price tag. As for sailing together in one cabin until your girls turn 21, don't be surprised if they don't want to share a cabin with Mom and Dad at that age. As parents, I wouldn't want that either (insert more winks here!). When my boys were rather small, the four of us shared a cabin one time (a JS). After that, it was connecting cabins until they were older. You may be surprised how inexpensive connecting balcony cabins can be. On some ships, there are even balcony cabins connected to inside cabins, which may alleviate some of your concerns.
  5. Update: The $900 refund from Cruise 2 showed up in my B of A account today (dated yesterday). It was two random amounts equaling the $900.
  6. Q If I was already issued my 125% Onboard Credit and I choose to take the cruise refund instead of the 125% Future Cruise Credit at a later date, do I get to keep my Onboard Credit? A Yes! If you choose to take your cruise refund after you have already been issued the Onboard Cruise Credit, you will get to keep it. However, if you request your cruise refund before receiving the 125% Onboard Cruise Credit, you are no longer eligible for this offer and your Cruise Planner purchases will be automatically refunded. When our 4-12-20 Anthem TA was canceled by Royal, I originally intended to accept 125% FCC and 125% cruise planner OBC. When I changed my mind about wanting the 125% FCC because I accepted a free casino offer and didn't think I'd use the FCC before it expired, I was specifically told by the casino rep that I could request the cruise fare refund and still get the 125% cruise planner OBC. She claimed to have processed both the refund of my cruise fare and also the 125% OBC. She recommended that I use Royal's links to do the same as well, which I did (I clicked the links to opt for the cruise fare refund and for the 125% OBC). Of course, at the time I was doing this, Royal had no terms and conditions regarding the OBC. Recently I called Royal to see when I could expect to have the 125% OBC applied to my free cruise because there was a good sale in my cruise planner. The rep told me that my cruise planner purchases had been processed for a refund, not for 125% OBC, because once I opted for a refund of the cruise fare, instead of an FCC, I was no longer eligible to receive the 125% cruise planner OBC. I told him that I was specifically told by the casino rep that I could request the cruise fare refund and still get the 125% cruise planner OBC. He claims that his supervisor told him that I was given misinformation by the casino rep. After reading the FAQS regarding the 125% OBC, I'm glad that I'll be getting a refund of my cruise planner purchases as the OBC can completely be lost in certain scenarios. Now, if Royal would just refund me the money they owe me...
  7. Okay. I'll get us back on topic! Cruise 1: 4-12-20 Anthem TA booked on 4-29-19, canceled by Royal on 3-24-20. Paid $7650.88 (includes $298.04 in taxes & port fees, $348.00 in prepaid gratuities, $388.00 in Cruise Care insurance, $996.20 in refundable Air to Sea flights, and $803.64 in cruise planner purchases). I had $200.00 OBC from Bank of America Visa sitting in my cruise planner waiting to be spent. When Royal canceled, at first I was going to go the 125 percent FCC route and was going to go the 125 percent cruise planner purchase OBC route and apply both to Cruise 2 (see below). Cruise 2: 4-24-21 Anthem TA booked on 3-14-20, anticipating that the 4-12-20 cruise was going to be canceled by Royal. Paid $900.00 refundable deposit. Cruise 3: 12-7-20 Anthem Southern Caribbean booked on 3-29-20. This was free through Casino Royale. I paid $308.26 in taxes and port fees and $36.00 to upgrade to a balcony. My $200.00 OBC from Bank of America Visa showed up immediately. On 4-2-20, I upgraded to a family junior suite for another $2,420.00. I have paid $2764.26 total. Incidentally, when I booked Cruise 3 on 3-29-20, I canceled Cruise 2. I told the casino rep that I wanted a refund on Cruise 2, not FCC, and that I wanted my $803.64 in cruise planner purchases to be transferred to Cruise 3 as 125 percent OBC. The rep claimed that she processed both requests on her end and advised that I should also use the links on Royal's site to make those same requests as well, which I did. On 4-20-20, prices in the cruise planner dropped significantly for Cruise 3. Having received no refunds thus far on Cruise 1 or Cruise 2, I called Royal to inquire as to when I could expect my 125 percent cruise planner OBC from Cruise 1, as I wanted to use that OBC to make cruise planner purchases for Cruise 3 to take advantage of the cruise planner sales. Additionally, while I had them on the phone, I inquired as to when I could expect refunds from Cruise 1 and Cruise 2. The rep told me that my cruise planner purchases from Cruise 1 have been processed for a refund, not for 125 percent OBC, because once I opted for a refund of the cruise fare, instead of an FCC, I was no longer eligible to receive the 125 percent cruise planner OBC. I told him that I was specifically told by the Casino rep that I could request the cruise fare refund and still get the 125 percent cruise planner OBC. He claims that his supervisor told him that I was given misinformation by the casino rep. At this point, I guess I don't overly care as I don't know what would happen to the OBC if Royal cancels Cruise 3. Also, the rep told me that my $900.00 refund from Cruise 2 was processed and refunded on 4-19-20, that the funds had left their bank (his words), and that I should see the credit on my account any day now. Yeah, right. Still waiting. Further, he told me that I could expect my refund from Cruise 1 thirty days after the cancellation date, which was 3-24-20. After reading everyone's posts, we all know that's B.S. So I have one cruise pending, and Royal has $11,615.14 of my money, of which I am waiting for $8550.88 in refunds. There's no way I'm making cruise planner purchases for Cruise 3 and tying up more of my money with them, even though the $39.00 DBP is very appealing (though not as appealing as the $18.00 drink packages we lost when Royal canceled Cruise 1!). Thanks for listening. Misery loves company I guess. 🤪
  8. For our 12-7-20 12-night Southern Caribbean cruise on Anthem, DBP has dropped from $52/person to $39/person. DBP + Voom has dropped from $62/person to $47/person. Voom has dropped from $15.99 for one device to $11.49 per device. Will I book any of these? Nope. Royal owes me over $8500 in refunds for a cruise they canceled and for a cruise I canceled. They have enough of my money tied up.
  9. If you have both gotten each offer, you can combine your offers and book both cruises in nicer cabins. DH and I each got the fall offer for a free interior. They combined them and gave us a free ocean view (which we then upgraded to a balcony for $18/person). If you both got the offers, you can combine them and book them both. Edit to add: We each received the summer offer today, but I don't know that I want to tie up the money on airfare to Florida or Texas for cruises that probably won't happen. We can drive to the port for our December cruise.
  10. Carol, that is FABULOUS! A B2B is something to look forward to!! I’m happy to have provided helpful information.
  11. DH and I each received the email with code 20SUN104. I called the 1-866-578-3667 yesterday for some info and again this morning at 9:00 to book. I got through immediately each time. The offer was for a free interior cabin on any Caribbean sailing, any ship, any length. We booked the 12-7-20 Anthem 12-night Southern Caribbean (which sails over DH’s birthday!). We were able to combine our two free interiors for one free ocean view. Then we upgraded to a balcony for $18 per person (and paid taxes of $154.13 per person). We prefer a junior suite or a grand suite, but right now the only suites available are owner’s suite and royal loft suite, so I will keep watching. You cannot use your balcony discount when upgrading, and you cannot pay the balance with FCC. Also, this cruise has a Pennsylvania residency discount, but that is not combinable either. However, I did apply 125% of my cruise planner purchases from our canceled Anthem transatlantic as OBC. Also, I had $200 Visa rewards OBC on the canceled TA which is transferring over to this cruise as well. I’m happy to have a replacement cruise to look forward to. I hope things are somewhat back to normal in December so that ships can sail.
  12. Thanks for the responses! Next question. Are the Bahamas considered to be Caribbean? They are two different destination choices on Royal’s search engine, so I’m thinking not.
  13. Also, the free offer is for an interior. If we pay to upgrade to a balcony, can we use our Diamond balcony discount, or can those offers not be combined?
  14. DH and I each received emails from Casino Royal with "unique offer codes" (though they are the same code) for a free cruise, any ship, any length, any Caribbean itinerary, sailing between September and December of this year. This includes the email recipient and one guest. Does anyone know if we can book these back to back, like have DH book one week with me as the guest and then I would book the following week with DH as the guest?
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