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  1. Windjammer on Anthem is bigger than Windjammer on Independence and is set up with many different food stations and even has a hand-washing station as you enter. Also, even though the junior suites don't have the walk-in closet, there is a lot of storage, including above the bed.
  2. Disembarking in Galveston is a nightmare. Almost everybody does self-assist. The terminal has lines that rival Disney World.
  3. I am in a JS on the Anthem next February. While Coastal Kitchen is listed in the cruise planner, when I click "add to cart" and then click on our names to select guests and then click "next," I get the following message: SELECTION NOT AVAILABLE We're sorry, this restaurant is not available during this meal time or one or more of your selected guests do not meet the minimum requirements. Please check onboard.
  4. Just wanted to report back that I just booked refundable one-way flights from London to Newark for next year. I did not have to pay anything now. It was added to my cruise fare balance. They were the lowest priced flights offered.
  5. Thanks, Bob! I knew you’d be the first to respond.
  6. When I book Air to Sea flights, do I pay when I book them or does the cost just get added onto my cruise fare? I haven’t used Air to Sea in about a year and a half or maybe two years, and I can’t remember how it worked.
  7. Along similar lines as the OP, we are looking for a hotel in proximity to the Newark Airport and Cape Liberty Cruise Port with the ability to leave our car for 17 nights. We will need transportation from a Newark hotel to the Cape Liberty Cruise Port and then, upon return, from the Newark Airport to the Newark hotel. How far is it from the Newark Airport to the Cape Liberty Cruise Port (both in mileage and in approximate minutes)? What can we expect to pay for transportation from the hotel to the cruise port and then from the airport back to the same hotel? Our trip details are as follows: Number of people: 2 (adults) Ship: RCCL Anthem of the Seas Arrive via personal vehicle at Newark hotel: 4-11-20 to 4-12-20 (1 night pre-cruise) Dates for car to be parked at Newark hotel: 4-11-20 to 4-28-20 Sail dates: 4-12-20 to 4-24-20 (12 nights) Post-cruise stay in London: 4-24-20 to 4-27-20 (3 nights) Arrive from Heathrow Airport to Newark Airport: 4-27-20 (mid-afternoon) Stay in Newark hotel: 4-27-20 to 4-28-20 (1 night post-cruise) Newark hotel budget: flexible Thank you in advance to all of you east coast departure experts!
  8. Thanks. We’ve had shore excursions and spa services since we booked, but we are still waiting on everything else.
  9. When did dining and beverage options become available in your cruise planner for April 2020? We sail Anthem on April 12, 2020, and dining, beverage and entertainment options aren't available yet.
  10. Perhaps this is the thread that the other poster was referring to. Several ships are mentioned in the thread.
  11. I am on the April 2020 Anthem transatlantic as well. I too am disappointed about losing Halifax as a port, but, as I recall, the Titanic did sink in the month of April. In fact, our cruise coincides with the anniversary of the sinking, though we are on the reverse itinerary. Their weather was pretty crappy on 4/15/1912 (remember how cold it was for Rose and Jack when there wasn't enough room for both of them to float on that door out in the open water? 😉), so I'm not ready to call RCI a liar when they say the Atlantic can be rough at that time of year, or at least filled with icebergs. We have plenty of time to cancel the April 2020 if we want to, so RCI didn't hold onto that itinerary change until after final payment date. And, in listening to our greatly respected resident chief engineer, there's no evidence that RCI made a calculated and sinister move by waiting to change this Hawaii itinerary until after final payment date. Ship happens. And the more we all sail, the more we are bound to experience ship happening. Remember when the Grandeur had a fire? My cruise was canceled. But I'm still sailing and still rolling with the punches.
  12. It was definitely $1 for the cruise fare. Say the cruise fare per person was $500. They applied the Visa points as having a value of $499 so that I had to pay $1. (I'm just TOTALLY pulling these figures out of the air because I don't remember the value of the free three-or-four-night cruise). With free cruises with RCCL Visa points, the taxes (and I think port fees) always have to be paid and are not part of the free cruise fare.
  13. I've sailed free twice with RCCL Visa points. Both times, the rep charged us $1.00 each for cruise fare and told us that, as long as something is paid for the cruise, C&A points will be awarded. And we did get the C&A points on both cruises. Hopefully the FCC will work the same way.
  14. We’ve lost Halifax and have had times altered in two ports. ABOUT YOUR UPCOMING TRAVELS Dear Guest, Thank you choosing to sail with us on our April 12th, 2020, Transatlantic Anthem of the Seas cruise. We are reaching out to let you know that regrettably, we have an itinerary change to share. At times, sailing across the Atlantic Ocean during the winter months can increase ship movement. As a precautionary measure and to ensure your safety and comfort, we’ve made the decision to give ourselves more time for the crossing so that we can steer around any unfavorable weather as necessary and still make our itinerary. As a result, our visit to Halifax, Nova Scotia will now be replaced with a day at sea. Our time in Ponta Delgada, Azores will also be adjusted to 7:00 AM to 4:00 PM, and our arrival time into Paris (Le Havre), France will now be 8:00 AM. We are sorry for these changes; however, your safety and comfort are our number one priority. Below, please find our updated itinerary. Day Port of Call Arrive Depart Sun Cape Liberty, New Jersey 5:00 PM Mon Cruising Tue Cruising Wed Cruising Thu Cruising Fri Cruising Sat Ponta Delgada, Azores 7:00 AM 4:00 PM Sun Cruising Mon Cruising Tue Cork (Cobh), Ireland 10:00 AM 8:00 PM Wed Cruising Thu Paris (Le Havre), France 8:00 AM 8:00 PM Fri Southampton, England 5:30 AM
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