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  1. cruisinfromtampa

    Internet on Brilliance of the Seas

    Had zero issues in March.
  2. cruisinfromtampa

    Specialty Restaurant Dessert Request on Oasis

    Never thought about it, but good to know! DH loves the ice cream sundae from Chops much better than what they offer at Giovannis. Thanks for the idea!
  3. Another vote for Saturday. We drive within Florida, so driving down the morning of is no big deal. Having the Sunday after to get back to normal is a much needed day.
  4. cruisinfromtampa

    Deployment 2020-21 booking season begins

    I was able to book 4 rooms on Radiance for June 2020 online, but they were unable to book them over the phone when I called. Prices seem incredibly high...hoping there will be a drop or 4 between now and then. But, I got the rooms we wanted, so all is good in the end!
  5. cruisinfromtampa

    Tell Me About Chops

    We've always been very happy with it. We usually book it through the BOGO, so for $15 or $20 per night depending on total cost, you can't, in my opinion, beat it. And the Pepper Bacon is one of my favorite items on the entire ship. I usually order 2 for myself. DH LOVES the ice cream sundae for dessert.
  6. cruisinfromtampa

    Will a balcony spoil me?

    We love having balconies, and the few times we've sailed Majesty in an oceanview, we did not enjoy it as much. We like sitting outside and having a drink, or eating a meal from room service. DH naps in the lounger on sea days. While the pitch black of an interiorat night intrigues me, I'm concerned about the rest of the time. We've done junior suites several times, and I think that's our preferred category. Though we're booking our first full suite for Alaska in 2020 when they open up next week, so that may change things.
  7. cruisinfromtampa

    Adventure of the Seas vs Harmony of the Seas

    We did a B2B on Adventure pre-refurb, and had an amazing time. We're on Harmony in June, and very much looking forward to it, but I can't imagine liking it $1,600 worth more for less time and less ports.
  8. cruisinfromtampa

    Southern Caribbean - best excursion?

    If you end up deciding you want to do something in St. Thomas, we did the BOSS underwater adventure, and it was AMAZING! We'd totally do it again. Had a blast. The views were great, and it was just plain fun.
  9. cruisinfromtampa

    Brilliance- any recent cruisers?

    We have sailed on Brilliance 3 times, most recently March of this year, and were booked for a fourth but had to cancel. She is our favorite ship. We love the layout, size, the view. We've had zero complaints on any of our Brilliance trips. The crew is great, the food has always been wonderful, in our experience, and we would not hesitate to book again.
  10. cruisinfromtampa

    3 night dining package

    Something to think about...On our first cruise, we wanted to try everything, so I booked the 3 night dining package to try all 3 specialty restaurants. Upon further research, booking the BOGO, using it for Chops/Giovanni's, and then paying for Izumi separately, was cheaper than booking the 3 night. It may be different for your sailing (we were on Rhapsody), but it saved us money that way.
  11. cruisinfromtampa

    New and Improved CC

    I’m on my phone this morning, and now having the logout issue. Very frustrating.
  12. cruisinfromtampa

    New and Improved CC

    It’s not showing up on my iPhone X either.
  13. cruisinfromtampa

    New and Improved CC

    Oof. That's no good. Gotta love teething issues!
  14. cruisinfromtampa

    New and Improved CC

    I open threads in a new tab, and have had no issues with being logged out.
  15. cruisinfromtampa

    Short Brilliance Review 10/1-10/6

    OP, Glad you enjoyed your cruise. We love Brilliance! We've done Spring Break on her the last two years, but are having to cancel our sailing for next year because they changed our dates. Doing Navigator instead. We will miss the views.