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  1. We leave Saturday, and I just bumped 2 couples from a 4B to a J3 for free, and us from a 4B to an OS for $200, plus gained $300 OBC. Prices are definitely dropping for close in sailings.
  2. We LOVE Radiance Class. The views can't be beat. But Navigator post-AMP and Harmony were both fantastic. In the end though, my favorite ship is Yes.
  3. Thank you for sharing! We're spending 1.5 days in Seattle before flying to Anchorage...a Funko stop has my name written all over it.
  4. While there may be Spring Breakers from elsewhere, Spring Break in the surrounding counties and public universities will already be over. Most are scheduled for the week of March 16th. I know this because I'm a teacher in Hillsborough County (Tampa), we are on Break that week, and also on Rhapsody that week. #maytheoddsbeinourfavor
  5. I know we're lucky. But we've also had to fly. Those tickets to Alaska from Tampa next June weren't cheap! It's an entirely different ball game when it comes to budgeting.
  6. And I hate 75. We've been lucky on I4...a little traffic at Disney, but then smooth sailing after.
  7. Same here. We don't mind driving to PC, but we are loath to go to PE or Miami.
  8. I've never understood why people get so pressed over someone else's planning tools. 15 minute increments is detailed!
  9. Our last names is hyphenated, and their system doesn't allow for hyphens. We put both last names in the last name box without the hyphen. Perhaps you could put "IV" in the box with your last name? I don't know if it would solve the issue, or be allowed, but an idea.
  10. Same here. DH doesn't drink much, so buying 2 packages is a complete waste. We come out very much ahead paying as we go vs buying the package, but we still spend a nice chunk.
  11. We paid $58.99/person in June. I believe we were able to go almost all the way up. The views were incredible, and we got some amazing pictures. It was definitely worth it for a one time thing. We won't pay to go up again if it's just the two of us.
  12. Hello Everyone! We’re off on another adventure! Thank you to those have followed along with us the last few reviews! This time, we’re trying out Harmony of the Seas, our first time on an Oasis Class ship! We’ve previously sailed on Vision/Radiance/Voyager/Freedom Class ships, plus Majesty, and are excited to try out the big one. A little bit about us: We’re both career educators, me a middle school band director, a saint, I know, and him a high school administrator, both in Hillsborough County. We love our jobs, but every chance we have to get away we take. While I h
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