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  1. Good morning fellow cruisers!! I just checked, in the event our cruise will actually be happening, and the ultimate drink package is $53, for two people that came out to $875 and change.
  2. There's actually a couple of reviews on here post amplification.
  3. Agreed. I'm currently booked for April 2021 and if the price were right, I'd totally jump on this.
  4. If you bring a water bottle of your own, the bar cannot fill it for you. You can get glasses of water and pour into your water bottle (which is what we did).
  5. I'm cruising April 2021 and I tried booking direct on a hotels website. The website specifically said that they do not have booking open yet for that time.
  6. The same way they did for Minneapolis 😏
  7. I'm planning a trip to Northern Ireland next year, which is the UK. However I may be flying into Dublin, which is not the UK. So I'll definitely have to look into this further. Thank you.
  8. Is this specific to cruises or all Europe travel? This is the first I'm seeing regarding this, if you have a handy website can you provide it? If it's not handy, no worries. I can search. Thanks.
  9. I'm hoping to do a New England trip in 2023, so I'm following this thread for ideas of what to do:
  10. We ended up spending a lot of time in Boleros. But if you're looking for reading, there's sitting areas in the centrum on 7 and 8 for sure (our cabin was on 7) with seats that look out the floor to ceiling windows.
  11. However, be aware of what that may do to your deposit or OBC. If you have booked with a refundable deposit, the new fare may be only for non-refundable and you would lose your refundable. Same with OBC, the new fare may mean less OBC.
  12. The only night we had issues was after the chef's table. The rocking helped our (in)ability to walk 🙂
  13. I'm intrigued by the snorkeling trip in St. Thomas. Can you share the info? (If someone has already asked for this, apologies for the duplicate).
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