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  1. You can take the bottles with you to breakfast. We did that on Empress of the Seas and the Windjammer staff happily brought us larger glasses with OJ for mimosas.
  2. Premier was my first cruise ever! And I'm really looking forward to this review. My next cruise is on the Oasis with this same itinerary.
  3. That's why I'm wondering if we should keep the date or change it.
  4. We're definitely far enough out from 2021 that waiting isn't an issue. So this is good information to have. I'm happy to read this. I've been reading a lot of live reviews on the Oasis class and everyone's pictures make it look like it isn't too crowded.
  5. Hi. My partner and I are booked on the Oasis 4/4/21, which is Easter Sunday. This is the first time on a ship this size for both of us. We have this problem of booking vacations, and then after looking to see when Easter is (this year we came home on Easter, 2 years ago we visited family in Florida and ended up leaving to drive home on Easter). How busy/many people will there be? Or should we consider changing to February 4th? We would lose our $100 OBC and $100 deposit (pretty sure that's how much it was), but it looks like the date change might be $150 ish cheaper. Thanks.
  6. We did this ship to Cuba this past April. It was supposed to be all Cuba, but we lost a Cuban port and ended up in Cozumel for our first stop. We did the Amazing Secret River, which lived up to its name and was amazing! This ship is great for a very laid back vacation. We spent a lot of time in the Schooner Bar doing trivia, in Boleros listening to music and doing dance lessons, and just hanging out on deck 6 (I think that's right) reading and watching the water go by. And watching flying fish! Point of note, for Windjammer, everyone always enters in the right side. Go in the left side. It has most of the same stuff as the right side; plus more items. And the gluten free section has fantastic macaroons (the coconut things). We were on deck 7 just off of the atrium and it didn't take long to get anywhere. We had no noise issues.
  7. As in 8 days from now? That's pretty short notice.
  8. Terminal 1 at MSP actually has that now 🙂 I flew in and out of there 9/20 and 9/23 and got to pet puppies.
  9. I know you booked the cabin already, but you don't really have to worry about forward/aft in terms of being close to locations you like. The ship is small enough that it takes almost no time to go front to back.
  10. Hah! The first things available for mine are Coco Cay Zip Line, Thrill Waterpark, Cabanas, the balloon, and ship spa services. 😄
  11. Hello. My next cruise isn't until April 2021. Typically (because results may vary), how long before a cruise do the beverage packages show up for purchase in the planner? I would like to know approximately when I should start looking for them. Thank you!
  12. Something to consider regarding port of call vlogs - you're not really a tourist (because of how often you go to a port) and not a resident. If you do these, you could do them from the point of view of "this is what a cruise ship employee likes to do at a port".
  13. My partner and I did an Ireland tour last year on our own. We went to Waterford, but wish we had actually spent more time in Kilkenney. We did do Waterford Crystal (just the showroom, not the tour) and it was ok. We found a crystal place near Galway that we liked much more, and had a free demonstration. https://www.connemaracelticcrystal.com/ I second not driving in Dublin; it's way too busy and confusing. Pick up your car when you're done with Dublin. I would probably do your option 2 for the cities. Killarney was amazing! We stayed at the Dromhall Hotel, which is about a 10 minute walk into the city center and right on the road into the Killarney National Park.
  14. This past April I was on a Cuba cruise that ended up with a stop in Cozumel (all ports were supposed to be Cuba, we ended up 2 Cuba and Cozumel). My partner and I did the Amazing Secret River excursion and it was amazing! The only thing we didn't really like was having to wait to get back over to Cozumel, we would have been happy taking an earlier ferry back.
  15. My parents were on a cruise when Hurricane Wilma hit Miami/FLL. They ended up with 3 extra days at sea because of flooding in the port.
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