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  1. Everyone has its own criteria when selecting a cruise or a cruise line. For me, the top deck is not important. Regardless of the ship, I find it way too noisy. My favorite place to chill is my balcony. I find the choice of restaurants and the quality of the food much better with NCL. Also, I think that no one equals NCL for the variety and quality of the live entertainers. But some may disagree with that. I sailed MSC only once and it was a total dispointment. Concerning the cost to sail on the Prima, the inaugural season of a ship, regardless of the ship and the cruiseline, is always much higher. Lots of people want to be among the first to sail on a brand new ship and are ready to pay a huge premium. Last May, when the sailings of the Prima came out, the asked prices were already rather high. But as the reservations hit new records, the price for the remaining cabins went up an additional 20 to 30%. A month ago, I noticed a similar situation when Oceania introduced the new Vista. The demand to sail on new ships calls for those prices. But, like everything else, sailing of a ship starting with her third sailing season, there is a significant drop with the prices. For the Leonardo ships, it will be interesting to see how it will go. Prima drew lots of attention and bookings not only because it is a new ship but it is also a new class of ship. It is expected that the Leonardo 2 to 6 ships will be rather similar to the Prima (same class). Will the people that are looking for the inaugural season will do it 6 years in a row at those very high prices? We will find out soon as the Leonardo 2 is scheduled to sail late spring 2023. So bookings should be realeased very early in the new year (may be even before Christmas) If you want to sail on the Prima at more reasonnable prices, you may be okay with sailing seasons 2024 and 2025.
  2. Last month, on the Jade, when I embarked (around noon) Garden Cafe, O'sheehan's and the grill near the pool were open. But nothing was "as usual" on that cruise. With 50% capacity, I don't think there was a need for more options. And sail away time was 23h00 so several people decided to visit Athens that day and board the ship mid-evening. Even the pool deck was rather quiet mid afternoon despite full sun and 32 degrees. On a similar topic, one thing I always do is to book a specialty restaurant for dinner on embarkation day. So many people are either new to cruising or first time on that ship, I find the MDR and Garden Cafe packed and lound. It is more relax on subsequent days.
  3. As I travel solo, I have never experienced the problem of having someone interfering with my morning, before and after dinner preparations 😜
  4. I will do my share of damage to the bottles of booze. Doing a 10 nighter followed by a 12 nighter in 328 days....
  5. Yeahhhh Tom, you are in the Minority ........ to work on a cruiseship 😋
  6. I think they will use "Ultima" for the Leonardo #6. They named the new Oceania ship "Vista" Viva Italia
  7. This is also my bet. Bella was among the registered possible names for the Prima. Here's the list that was mentioned many months age (before they announced the Prima) NORWEGIAN AQUA 2019-10-17 NORWEGIAN VIVA 2019-10-17 NORWEGIAN BELLA 2019-10-17 NORWEGIAN ULTIMA 2019-10-17 NORWEGIAN VELA 2019-10-17 NORWEGIAN LUNA 2019-10-17 NORWEGIAN OMBRA 2019-10-18
  8. I don't see it as a problem. First, they have increased the size of the Haven and they have their own pool with a 2 level sun deck. Second, if you consider the 2 infiny pools on each side of the ship plus the one on the top deck, the total pool space would be similar to other ships. And the space for lounge chairs, including Vibe, should be sufficient for 3200 passengers. On other ships, everything is on the top deck. On the Prima, it will be split between 3 locations. But overall, it look similar to me. Don't forget that this ship will have almost 1000 passengers less than the mega ships and only 800 more than the jewel class ships.
  9. I have the same age and look for me as the official photographer of the GoKart's official Cruise Critic race LOL For the slide, if I want to finish the cruise in a wheelchair, that would be the perfect receipe
  10. From what I see, it looks like that my visits to the top decks will be rather limited. High tech games is not my cup of tea. I thought they mentioned earlier that the new ships would cater to a more adult population. Maybe they defined the word "Adult" by 12 to 60.
  11. So if my understanding is correct, still no additional information concerning the restaurants on the Prima? The Drop and the race track are no interest to me Fortunately, my cabins are not affected by the the Drop
  12. Oceania is inviting guests to a special webcast that will introduce their new ship Vista INTRODUCING VISTA YOU ARE CORDIALLY INVITED Dear XXX Join us as we reveal Vista, the newest addition to the Oceania Cruises family. Our esteemed executive team from across the globe is excited to unveil our take on a new perspective of cruising. As her story comes to life, we want to take you along on this new adventure with us. Discover the newest enhancements to the Oceania Cruises experience, preview the dramatic signature spaces and indulge in some of the beautiful places she will explore during her Inaugural Season. Register today for our informative forty five minute preview event. NCL should do the same for the Prima. Wishful thinking?
  13. I'm glad they wait until I'm back from my Greek cruise to release more info 😁😁 If they are to release itineraries up to 2024, wouldn't think they would also disclose the name of the Leonardo 2 along with 1rst year of sailing? For the Prima, they did it 15 months prior to inaugural sailing. As it appears that the Leonardo 2 will be released in the spring of 2023, fall 2021 should be the time where the announcement is made?
  14. I'm looking at the railing of the balconies. On all the cruiseships I've been, the railing is make of a kind of plexiglass and transparent. Here we see large bands of white. Do you think this is only a protection over the glass during construction or if it is likely that they will remain the way we see them?
  15. I spend over 2 months in Norway, on 4 different land tours. Went form Khristiansand all the way to Hammerfest and Nordkape. Very nice restaurant in Oslo, Lillehamer and Bergen. I found the food usually excellent. In the northern part of the country they don't have fancy restaurants, as there is not that many people up there. I found the Norway food much better than the Swedish food/
  16. What about a restaurant that serves the Norway dishes? I don't remember the name of all those dishes and drinks I had in Norway but for a cruise line called Norwegian, it would only make sense 🙂
  17. Agreed. And several ships will soon be looking for new material. Burn the floor and others have been running for a long time on various ships
  18. Epic and Breakaway/Getaway were new ships nothing compared to a new class with 6 ships I don't remember all the details but I don't think NCL had done the same "fanfare" with the Epic
  19. My 2 pennies worth on this: As it is the first ship of a new class, I believe they will come out with a several new shows. May be, down the road, they will alternate ships with some existing shows but for the inaugural season, I would be very surprised if they put an existing show
  20. And I have also mentioned that the Leonardo 6 name will be Ultima I guess we will find out sometims in 2026
  21. No announcements. On a previoius page, we discussed possible names for Leonardo 2. Bella was registered on the initial list but Prima was chosen. I just bet that Bella would be the next name selected. But often been wrong before
  22. Question for the experts: When we see the ship exiting the drydock, we see that there is an band with no paint on it. Am I correct to think that this is because there is not yet enough weight on the ship? And, once all the walls, the furniture, the pools and of course, the 3400 passengers will be on board, it will be more heavy and we will no longer see that line?
  23. Given the lack of communication that NCL is known for, it would be normal to name a ship Nessuna comunicazione
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