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  1. One is only miserable If one is prone to seasickness. For those of us who don’t get seasick those “exclusive enclaves” are quite lovely. We love the aft section, and I don’t usually even look at other areas. - and yes I have sailed in rough weather. The only reason I don’t look at high decks is because I like cabins above and cabins below so I don’t have the Lido or a dance floor right above. Our favorite spot on a Viking ship is aft on deck 5.
  2. This is correct! We just did excursions for our upcoming cruise last month and our window opened at 3 PM. I had no problems, but people have been reporting that they had issues with the system crashing. If you look at My Viking Journey, it should have listed when your window opens. We had time and date listed, and we had the actual excursions for our cruise with prices well ahead so you could plan. I grouped mine on paper, did the must have ones first, then the rest, then I selected time slots for the included ones we wanted to do.
  3. Long as they don’t change the train ride to a bus I’m good! 😁
  4. The musicians who play in the Living Room are the Classical Trio, the Guitar soloist and the pianist. They don’t generally play music conducive to dancing, though I guess you could dance there if the mood struck you 😁 Torshaven is where the house band plays and that dance floor was adequate for a decent number of dancers. There was also a lot of dancing around the pool at the Beatles tribute.
  5. I agree! We had issues with the one excursion we really wanted to do on our West Indies cruise - the St Kitts Railway. It was showing on my Viking Journey, then just disappeared before any of the booking windows opened. I had several frustrating phone calls with reps who insisted it was because of hurricane damage. The back to back hurricanes of 2017, had not come near St Kitts, but I couldn’t seem to convince them. I wrote to Tellus and two days after the window for DV cabins opened it showed up and I was able to book it. On our Grand European river cruise I booked the Vintage Barge excursion in Kinderdijk. It was on my calendar. It was on my cc bill. It disappeared from the calendar and the listed excursions. Once again I contacted Tellus and they said it was still a go. - not cancelled. They finally got back to me. - computer glitch and it magically reappeared. They need some new IT people. 😆
  6. We are doing the Trade Routes next September and Viking has the Thon Opera Hotel listed for us as well. Looking forward to that train ride! I am eagerly awaiting your review 😁
  7. Thanks I realized that map had more pages after I posted this. I didn’t expect it to be so confusing when we are the only ship in port those days. Knowing that Viking has had wrong information in their booklets before, I’ll go with what the port says and look for my ship at T1. It made no sense to me either that they would shunt us off to an old terminal and leave the costly new one vacant 🤣 Thanks
  8. We are sailing from Montreal on the Viking Sea 9/27. Our instructions say the ship will be at Montreal Terminal Pier 34-35 Route de Port This map shows T1 and T2. The map Viking has included shows Alexandra Cruise Terminal. I have checked all the ships in port sights and it seems we are the only cruise ship there on the 26 & 27 (we board on the 26th and overnight), so I guess we will follow our eyes 😄
  9. We are doing Trade Routes next fall. I’m excited for this one. We have done West Indies Explorer and we are doing Eastern Seaboard Explorer next month. On my wish list are: Into the Midnight Son and the Barcelona to Venice (forget the name) Med one. I’d also like the British Isles one, and I want to do a TA We have a few river cruises we also want to do so we are mixing them in. We did the Grand European, Budapest to Amsterdam last year and we loved it. So many cruises, so little time.
  10. We were in 5101 on our West Indies cruise last year and loved it so much we booked the same room for our cruise next month. We wanted it for our Trade Routes cruise but it was already booked, so we took the corresponding room on the other side of the ship. It's about 4 cabins from the corner Explorer Suite. We noticed no noise, vibration or any movement other than what you might feel in other areas of the ship. We found it very convenient quick trip up to the World Cafe and pools, quick trip down to the Living Room and restaurants. Also we shared a steward with the Explorer Suite. He told us that the more experienced stewards get assigned to that area because of the ES - bonus!
  11. We are definitely going to the Basilica. Viking has the multi-media performance as one of the excursions and we are booked! I do want to see it in the day time as well. We are also doing a Taste of Montreal tour through Viking - this is all once we board the ship. "Sample the delectable specialties of Montreal during this fun and enriching culinary tour. Meet your guide and head to lively Saint Laurent Boulevard, where an appetizing array of shops and eateries lines the street. Stop to meet the vendors, who will proudly offer you Quebec cheeses, delicious ice wine, handmade chocolates and perfectly prepared bagels that some say are better than New York City’s. Continue to the open air Jean-Talon Market in the heart of Little Italy, one of the largest of its kind in North America. Here, you will meet more local producers and taste their products. Later, follow the upscale Saint Denis Street to its “restaurant row,” the hottest dining spot in town." We are staying 2 nights at Auberge du Vieux Port in the Old City before the cruise. We were only going to do 1 night, but the flight gets in at 4, so we won't have much time and then we would board the next day. We decided to have a full day to explore on our own. I know I want to ride the big ferris wheel, for sure. I was thinking of getting us up to Mount Royal, but as much as we like to walk, hiking up there is not an option 😄 I'm just making a list and I think we''ll wing it or maybe check out what Viator has listed. We don't want to wear ourselves out before the cruise! This cruise has so many interesting ports - some repeats for us and others, like Montreal & Quebec, brand new. We are doing a Horse & Buggy tour of old town Quebec. And, of course, I want to check out the Hotel Frontenac! I'm looking forward to a lot of lobster 🧡 We won't be buying anything expensive. I'm at the point where mostly we buy magnets. I might buy a scarf or something like that if I see something interesting. Perhaps a beret! I have a weakness for hats! We have a land and sea excursion booked for Gaspe, and we are going to have fun playing tourists in our own back yard in NYC. Depending on the weather, we might walk the Highline or hop a ride on the Circle Line since it's so close.
  12. All of this is interesting to me as we are doing the Eastern Seaboard Explorer next month! It’s been booked since March 2018, so it feels strange to suddenly being able to say, “next month.” 🤩 I’m still looking for things to do in Montreal. We are flying up 2 days before and we are docked over night. I wanted to see the fjord by boat in Saguenay, but it’s not looking good. I booked the included show, so I’ll see if something works out. We left Boston open because we have been there before. I think we will take the water taxi to the Constitution one day and DH wants to do a tour of Fenway Park on the other. We will take the shuttle to Faneuil Hall at some point so we can visit the Black Rose Pub for a lobster roll and a couple of Sam Adams. I’m assuming we will dock at Black Falcon. As I mentioned we are going to Portland instead of Halifax. Don’t know why, but we have been to both before and we like both ports. We didn’t have time for the Narrow Gauge Railway Museum the last visit, so we will do that and we are looking at a tour on a vintage fire engine that looks like fun. The dock in NY is the Manhattan Cruise Terminal on 12th Ave between 46th and 54th St. - unless we get shunted to Brooklyn. I hope that’s not the case.
  13. We have been to Boston on other cruise lines and if Viking doesn’t run a shuttle, there is a company that runs a shuttle out of the terminal to the Quincy Market. It was fairly reasonable and most everything we wanted to see was walkable from there - but we are walkers. We are doing the Eastern Seaboard Explorer in September also, but our sailing is going to Portland, not Halifax for some reason unbeknownst to me 😁. I will find out, but it’s not all that important because we like both ports. I have been to Halifax before and it’s a lovely city. There is dock which can handle 2 ship. This is close to most everything unless you are determined to go to Peggy’s Cove - which is about an hour away. There is another docking area further away, but I think that’s mainly used for overflow. Last time we were there, a hurricane was churning around FL, so many ships were diverted north. We went north to Canada/NE intentionally and we kept running into a lot of disgruntled cruisers who were looking forward to the Caribbean. If Viking is at the better of the 2 docks - and I suspect they will be - there is a lovely Farmers Market one building down. There is an immigration museum right there, and a nice little brew pub across the way - Garrison’s. You can walk a little further and reach the beginning of the Harbor Boardwalk very quickly. It’s a lovely walk along the harbor with shops, restaurants and vendors. The Maritime Museum with the Titanic exhibit is near the end. Last time we hopped a cab to the Citadel. It’s walkable but up a rather high hill. We went to see them fire the noon cannon. It can be heard all over the city when they do. It’s quite an interesting ceremony with soldiers in uniforms from the 1800s. There is a museum and a bagpipe performance. The views of the harbor are fabulous.
  14. We are first time Celebrity cruisers booked in a Sky Suite on Equinox. Any guesses as to what we might find in our cabin 😁. While I don’t need another tote bag, it would be nice not to have to pack one. And my husband loves having the slippers (me too because I don’t have to fit his big ones in the suitcase!) Are these standard items for suite guests?
  15. My answer to this question would be no. And if by some crazy chance he did, I would tell him that he looked dumb. Not an attractive look, IMO.
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