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  1. Cyber Kat

    No World Series on Viking Star!

    LOL! I was just thinking the same thing!
  2. Cyber Kat

    Viking Buyer Be Aware

    Just an FYI - the “local” language in the Netherlands and Germany is basically English. We met no one in those 2 countries on our recent trip, nor our previous trip who didn’t speak English. Prehaps Viking should remind people booking directly with them that they are not a travel agent, but a one stop shopping center. If people need hand holding, they’re best served by an experienced travel agent. Viking bills itself as the “Thinking Person’s Cruise”. They expect you to think. I’m not sure why someone who knows to fly in ahead for an ocean cruise would think a river cruise would be different - especially when flying from the US to Europe. Sorry they missed their cruise, but I really do not understand why people don’t do more research or hire a real travel agent - not one of those faceless online consolidators.
  3. Cyber Kat

    Questions re: West Indies Explorer Excursions

    We did mostly optional tours and with one exception - Guadeloupe - they were fantastic! We did the St Kitts Railway and it was great fun and a different way to see the island. We also did the included excursion which went to Fairview Great House. The views were fabulous. In St Lucia we did the catamaran cruise to the Pitons, Marigot Bay and the Morne Cabril Estate - which was really interesting and the Creole lunch was great! in Barbados we did the Photography tour. This was one of the best - even if you aren’t interested in photography. It was a small group in a van with a locally well-known photographer who took us to off the beaten path places and ended up with rum punch in a lovely old hotel. We also enjoyed an island tour that ended with a catamaran sail out to a reef for snorkeling and a great barbecue lunch on the boat.
  4. We are just home from our 9/17 sailing with Viking. We did 4 extra days in Amsterdam after the cruise. We boarded the Viking Modi in Budapest as scheduled, but left that night instead of the next night due to falling water levels. Seems to be a day to day situation at Budapest. We got extra time in Vienna as a result. We didn’t miss the included Budapest excursion because they docked in Komárom and took us back by bus. I feel that I should mention that even during times of normal water levels, tours frequently involve bus rides. I’m not sure where first time river cruisers get the idea that bus rides are such a problem. Not all the cities on an itinerary are right on the river and some are actually quite far away. We had normal water level conditions on our previous cruise and still spent time on a bus. Anyway we made it to Passau - did get prime docking space right at the confluence of the 3 rivers. We stayed overnight. They moved the ship further north and we boarded buses for Regensburg there - cutting the length of the bus ride. The ship moved as far upstream as it could and we met the ship there when the tour ended. We stayed there overnight, and packed for the ship swap. After breakfast we boarded buses for the 3 hour trip to Nuremberg. Viking made it as painless as possible and the trip felt shorter than it was. We did the Nuremberg tours on the new ship after lunch. From there on everything else went according to schedule. We had no other issues. Sent from my iPad using Forums
  5. Cyber Kat

    What is Dress Code in MDR (Viking Sea)?

    We are currently on the Budapest to Amsterdam river cruise on the Modi, now Skirnir (ship swap). I have yet to see a sport jacket and there have been lots of jeans. Very casual, this lot [emoji16] Our Viking Ocean cruise this past spring was in the Caribbean. No jackets, but lots of tropical shirts.
  6. We are on the Viking Skirnir in Würsberg. We were in Passau on Saturday on the Viking Modi..Instead of sailing for Regensburg, we stayed overnight in Passau, then on Sunday went by bus to Regensburg - in the pouring rain. It rained most of the day and cleared up as we boarded the buses. Hope someone benefited from that rain. The Viking Modi had sailed north while we were on the excursion. From Regensburg we met the ship in its new docking position. On Monday we did our ship swap. We went to Nuremberg from the Modi to the Skirnir by bus. We had lunch, then did our Nuremberg tours. It has been smooth sailing since then, but our guides pointed out the problem areas as we crossed over on bridges. The water level was clearly level with visible rocks and sand bars. It looks like we will be fine from here until Amsterdam. The Regensburg bus ride was a bit over an hour each way - not so bad. Nuremberg was 3, but broken up by a rest stop. The scenery was lovely, the bus comfortable (with a bathroom onboard). We had water and yummy Viking cookies. It didn’t feel like a 3 hour bus ride - at least not to me. Many just slept or read, or did the crossword and sudoku puzzles they handed out. We have quite a jolly group of fellow passengers and I’ve heard few complaints. It all went smoothly.
  7. Cyber Kat

    Where does Viking Sea Dock in San Juan in January?

    That was our experience! We could have walked from El Convento Hotel. Sent from my iPad using Forums
  8. Cyber Kat

    Where does Viking Sea Dock in San Juan in January?

    Viking leaves from the docks by Old San Juan. We did, and the cruises I was following before ours did. We had a Silversea ship next to us. We were not at the transient ship pier, but a pier closer to the Old Gate. Viking, with their smaller passenger count, doesn’t require the facilities the larger ships do. We walked in. The porter took our luggage and walked with us through a brief carry on and document check. We parted ways when we got to the check in tables inside. They looked at our passports, gave us our ship cards and led us along a red carpet to the gangway. We boarded, put our carry ons through the scanner, were handed a glass of bubbly and were welcomed aboard. Easiest embark EVER! Debark was just as easy. Walked off the ship had a nice chat with the one customs agent and that was it. This is from the book Viking sends with your cruise info The pier did have some damage from the hurricane, so it is possible that they are doing repairs. OP I would call Viking instead of trusting a Google search - but that’s me [emoji16]
  9. Cyber Kat

    Viking Age Discrimination

    Seriously - you need to forget Viking. It’s clearly not for you. Pick from any one of a dozen or so other lines. You will be happy and those of us who like Viking just the way it is will be happy. Maybe go talk to the people on the Virgin cruise line. See if they agree with you [emoji13]
  10. Cyber Kat

    Viking Age Discrimination

    Have you ever been on a Viking cruise? There are only cabins for 2. No cabins allow for more than 2 in a room and there are no connecting cabins. There are no water slides, rock climbing walls, no children’s camp and the pools are very deep. Viking Ocean was intended from the start to be adults only. Now they have codified it and Hallelujah! Praise Oden! [emoji16] They aren’t going to lose, clientele. More likely they will gain every adult who wants an adults only vacation. We are legion and that is part of Viking’s appeal! You want to cruise with children? You have at least 10 cruise lines to choose from. Those of us who prefer to cruise in a less frenetic atmosphere only have a few. Viking is wonderful! Quite frankly, I’m rolling my eyes that this question was even asked [emoji849]
  11. I like that mug! Is Munich the only place you can buy them or will they be available in other Bavarian cities as well? We aren’t going to Munich, but I would love to get one! We will be there soon! Sent from my iPad using Forums
  12. Cyber Kat

    Where does Viking Sea Dock in San Juan in January?

    One of our absolute favorite was that photography tour in Barbados. Small group. Fantastic tour guide/photographer who took us to some unusual and fabulous places with spectacular views. You don’t have to be all that interested in photography to enjoy it. He gave tips for casual photographers who just shot selfies with a cellphone. Sent from my iPad using Forums
  13. Cyber Kat

    Where does Viking Sea Dock in San Juan in January?

    I don’t know if this helps but Viking usually docks In Old San Juan not at the new Pan American pier. I think it was pier 1 This is a photo from the ship. This was the sign
  14. WOW! Here I was thinking I was providing a little information and I come back to a maelstrom! #1 I think the St Kitts Railway may be difficult to book for a large group. We did it through Viking but it was off again on again, partly because our itinerary was completely up in the air due to the hurricane. Viking came through and we were able to book. It was great fun! #2 we didn’t do the Montserrat helicopter, so I can’t answer for that. #3 we just love boating! [emoji7]. big boats small boats any boat. It’s the first thing we look for. We were also eating on board the ship, but this was an all day trip with stops at Shirley Heights and Nelson’s Dockyard. The catamaran went out to a reef and people snorkeled and the crew cooked us a lovely barbecue on the boat. Not everyone’s cup of tea, but we thoroughly enjoyed it. #4 Now for Guadeloupe. Viking has every tour guide hand out evaluation forms. They actually change things on the fly as a result of those forms. Our St Lucia excursion was supposed to be Land and Sea. The land portion was canceled because people complained about the bus rides making them sick. We got a notice that it was changed when we boarded explaining, and we could have canceled. We didn’t and it was a wonderful day! Back to Guadeloupe. I have to say it was my least favorite excursion and my least favorite island. The bus was the worst. It was cramped. 5 seats across - all the other tour buses were 2 and 2. We got stopped leaving the port area - along with every other bus - by some French officials doing a vehicle check. We sat there for nearly a half hour while various people got on and off the bus and argued in French. Finally they came in, said everyone had to put on their seatbelts and we were free to go. This was the Jacques Cousteau Nature Reserve and glass bottom boat excursion. Our originally booked excursion - Carabet Falls - was canceled, but we weren’t all that excited for that one, so no big deal. The bus ride was very long through dense kind of jungle with nothing to see but trees. It wasn’t a comfortable ride, but the guide said that it was the only road across the island. The guide was a problem. Lovely man, but he had a very heavy accent. He would forget the English word for what he wanted to say and he would just lapse into French for a bit. He also didn’t use the QuietVox even though we were told to bring them, and we really had difficulty hearing him no matter what language he was speaking. I felt bad complaining because he was nice, but it made the whole long bus ride and the whole tour not so much fun We did stop at a lovely waterfall for about 15 minutes. Barely time to go down the path and back. When we finally stopped to switch to the glass bottom boat, we were told we had time for a bathroom break. By this time most of us really had to go! Guadeloupe has embraced the European custom of charging for bathrooms. So we lined up to pay, then headed to one of THE dirtiest bathrooms I’ve ever seen. It was in a supply closet. Just a toilet, no booth, no toilet seat. There was no place to put a purse or anything you were carrying. But there were 2 bright spots - toilet paper, SOAP and water. The glass bottom boat was okay. Would have been better if there was more to see, but that’s the nature of that sort of thing. We sailed around a bit and the scenery here was really nice and it was relaxing after the bus ride. A lot of people went snorkeling. Then we went back to the bus for the long ride back. ☹️ Could have been our choice of excursion, but even riding around before we got into the junglish center of the island I wasn’t all that impressed. It was my least favorite of all the islands we visited. I didn’t hear anyone else raving about it either. So our evaluations were among the ones that probably convinced Viking to change the itinerary. Sorry. They asked. We answered. I have never been to Dominica, so I can’t speak for that Island. #4 If there is one thing that I have learned through 17 years of cruising, is that you can never count on getting to a particular port. Ports change all the time for all sorts of reasons. We originally had Tortola as a port. I’ve been there. It’s a pretty Island. Very unspoiled and I’d hoped to visit Jost Van Dyke a neighboring island. We didn’t get to go there, but we went to St Croix - which I hadn’t heard much good about - yet I very much enjoyed our stop there, and we did nothing more but the included walking tour. Our Eastern Seaboard Explorer was supposed to include Prince Edward Island but I knew we wouldn’t be going there because there are issues with speed and protecting whales. We were supposed to go to Halifax. Not going there. Going to Portland, ME, instead. I have no idea why. This is just the way things go. So I suggest you go on this cruise with an open mind. St Lucia, Antigua and Barbados were absolutely gorgeous. I would return to any one at any time. St Kitts was fun because of the Railway. It wasn’t lush like some, but we liked it. IT did have a lot of charm. San Juan, St Thomas and St Martin were a bit sad and inspiring at the same time because of the resilient spirit of the people. This whole thread has gotten far from the original question. Sorry to take it further afield, but I thought I should address the Guadeloupe questions. I’m sorry if the info about the lounge was incorrect. I didn’t remember seeing any lounges, but we were on Delta. I thought that info I posted was from the airport website. Didn’t mean to mislead. And lastly if you fly regularly from JFK and Newark - yes, the airport in San Juan is small. It’s all relative. Hope everyone enjoys their cruise. I thoroughly enjoyed mine and I can’t wait for the next one! Sent from my iPad using Forums
  15. Cyber Kat

    Day Trips from Amsterdam

    We love the Amsterdam Jewel Dinner cruise because it is a lovely way to have dinner, but it’s not a curated canal tour. There is no narration at all. If you are looking for a fabulous dining venue, this is it. If it’s a tour you want, perhaps look into Kinboat Cruise Like a Local. We are considering this in addition to the Jewel Dinner cruise. Sent from my iPad using Forums