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  1. We have sailed on Carnival and got better drink service! Sorry - passengers shouldn't have to make sure the staff knows what they are doing and keep on top of them like this. We found our fellow passengers on Viking, quite friendly and interactive - and the staff as well. They made sure to find out what you wanted and delivered. You didn't have to chase it down. Not what I expect of a premium line.
  2. Glad to hear everyone is calm. Nothing worse than having panic complicate things! Stay safe!
  3. Yikes! That's the ship we are booked on for our Trade Routes of the Middle Ages in the fall of 2020. I was happy because it was one of the newer ships. Guess that doesn't mean much!
  4. It’s been a couple of years since we have cruised out of and back into the Manhattan Cruise Terminal. We are doing so on Azamara - a new line for us. We will be having a local airport limo service drop us off and pick us up on our return. Because it’s a new line and ship (Journey) for us, I have no idea what time to tell the service to pick us up. The last couple of times we were on Carnival and did self assist, so we were off early and didn’t have to wait for luggage at customs. I don’t know if Azamara does self assist, so I’m not sure if our usual pick up time at 10:00am will work. Do any of you have experience with debarking a small ship like Azamara Journey at the MCT? I’m thinking a small ship should be less chaotic, but you never know.
  5. This is very disturbing. We are 19 days away from our cruise on Azamara Journey and we were planning on upgrading our beverage package. My husband wants the UBP so he can get his Courvoisier. He is not going to be happy If it’s not available. I was going to get the Premium Package, so I can get Bombay Sapphire gin, my preferred after dinner drinks (Amaretto, Sambuca or Port wine) and dry sherry. We have cruised on Viking with the Silver Spirits Package and were very happy with it. We were able to get all the drinks we asked for with no problems and no waiting. By the way we also loved the Viking onboard experience very much. We recently did a second river cruise and we our 2nd and 3rd Viking Ocean cruises booked. We booked this Azamara cruise for the itinerary, but this whole drink issue has me concerned.
  6. I can’t speak for every cruise or Viking ship but on our West Indies cruise on the Viking Sea last year Torshavn Lounge was hopping every night! The dance floor was always filled! The house band seemed very attuned to the crowd and the music changed to keep people dancing. If the floor emptied a bit sometimes they’d play a slow song to give people a rest, but then they would segue Into a different decade or genre. They played everything!
  7. The river cruises are different, but the Viking Experience is the same. Other than that long list which is more ocean, than river, there is something undefinable that is very different and very addicting about sailing with Viking - either river or ocean. You either feel it or you don’t, but most do. We did a river cruise first and loved it. Did an ocean cruise and loved it. Booked another ocean cruise, another river cruise, did the river cruise, booked another ocean cruise. We are now hoping to win the lottery so we can book all the cruises in their brochures 😁 The question was will you have fun. I’d say that depends on your definition of fun. Mine is simple - anything that’s not work is fun. My definition of work is anything I don’t want to do 😜 On Viking, I have found the people make it fun - both staff and fellow guests. We have met the nicest people all around on Viking. They are full of the joy of life and make whatever they are doing fun.
  8. Thank you for posting this and thanks to Viking for confirming. Now I have to figure out Bermuda time! And not plan on doing anything that day!
  9. We are doing our first Celebrity cruise on Equinox next spring. It will also be our first time in a suite - Sky Suite. Have any of you stayed in SS 1403? Do you have photos? I have heard there are poles in the aft corners and I was wondering where it might be. I've never encountered a room with a pole. Also is there an overhang? We like a little shade
  10. This discussion might make my decision easier. I've been torn because ours is likely to be in Bermuda and they are holding Harbor Nights - first of the season, on Front St, Hamilton on our first night there, and the second night we wanted to have dinner with friends. I'm thinking we will probably skip it now. It doesn't sound quite as appealing. Our Azamazing Evening is in Charleston and sounds fun. A USO show on the USS Yorktown!
  11. I can as well. We are in a Veranda and I could have bid on the Owners Suite, but the price was way over budget. We bid the minimum on a Club Continent. Probably won’t get it, but it was worth the effort. I must say, I’m not crazy about this bidding on a “pig in a poke” idea. I would like to have the option to say “nevermind,” if the location isn’t good. When we got the opportunity to upgrade on our Viking cruise last spring, there was a number to call. When I did, I was able to choose between a few cabins. I was very happy with the $199 pp upgrade price and our cabin. Most things with Viking are uncomplicated.
  12. Newbie here. Isn’t that the same as loyalty level?
  13. Except that the cabins are much smaller, the new Carnival ship has taken some tips from Viking! But 6500 passengers is way too big a ship for our taste. We are booked on the Equinox next spring and even 3000 (give or take) seems a lot to us, but we have done 2500-3500 and can live with that size. We were able to book a Sky Suite (aft corner) so that should make it a bit better from our perspective. I do like the closets on the Mardi Gras - some great storage ideas!
  14. Not that it's likely we will get the upgrade, but how will I know? I'm one of those people who are not getting the emails. I checked this morning, I do have that box checked on my preferences. I'm assuming if we do get it, we will need to get new luggage tags.
  15. We are first time Azamara cruisers, so I really had no idea about any upgrades. The only time I have ever been offered an upgrade was for our Viking Ocean cruise last year. That was an upgrade to a Penthouse Veranda from a Deluxe Veranda for $199 each. Sounded like a good deal and we were able to pick from several cabins, so we took it. Worked out very nicely for us and for Viking. We loved the PV and booked that category for our next 2 Viking cruises. Normally, we do as others have mentioned - we book the cabin we want from the start and usually don’t look to change. We have never been offered a free upgrade. That fairy never came to visit. When we booked this Azamara cruise, we chose it because it fit our wants and needs. We wanted a closed loop cruise from a local port - no flights. We wanted a smaller ship and we needed something that was less pricey than a Viking cruise that would work within our budget. I originaly wanted the Club Continent Suite, but my husband didn’t think it worth the additional cost. We went with the Club Veranda (think that’s right). We booked through a TA, and because we knew nothing of the ship, we allowed her to pick the cabin. Through various changes through price drops we ended up in a cabin a bit further forward than I like. My preference is aft first, then mid ship. Apparently, I’m one of those people who are not getting emails because my TA messaged me yesterday to ask If I got the one about the upgrade. I had not. She forwarded it to me. I had no idea this was a new process and I’m not sure if she knew either. We decided to try it and bid the minimum on a Club Continent Suite with the notion that if we get it great - if not we are fine where we are. I will say say that one of the things we like about Viking is that it’s so much less complicated than other lines - other than Carnival, which may have gotten more complicated. It’s been awhile. With Viking, you pick your cruise. You pick your cabin and you’re done except for optional excursions If you want them. Specialty dining is included as is WiFi, a shore excursion in each port and beer and wine with lunch and dinner. You can upgrade the beverage package and that’s it. No bidding. No other classes with special privileges other than an earlier crack at booking optional excursions. But Viking pushes the envelope on our budget. They require the final payment 12 months out and their off the ship service is a rather mixed bag. We may or may not book another Azamara cruise. I’m not ruling it out. We are not motivated by loyalty programs and look at other factors when we are looking to book. Our main thing, I guess is we don’t like the mega ships. Our outside limit is 3000. We can deal with that. So this thread has been interesting. I’m guessing we will be sailing in our Club Veranda 😁
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