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  1. Happy Birthday, Roz! Have a wonderful day! (P.S. I sent you a friend request, I think!!)
  2. We enjoy him very much! "Look, a yellow bird!" I'm not sure why that's stayed with me... ☺️
  3. You don't buy medallion's, they are given to you. They replace the cruise card.
  4. Thank you! I've been trying to log on all evening and getting that message! Calling Princess for every error is a pain. I'll wait until my cruise is closer.
  5. Oh, my! I've just gone a little crazy and booked the 2021 Island Princess World Cruise! I'll be reading on this board for lots of info! Fern
  6. Post's get moved without any notice, so it often looks like they're posted where they were supposed to be! This one was probably posted on the Carnival board originally.
  7. Thanks for all the answers. I do agree that calling Princess is certainly hit-or-miss, that's why I'm asking here where someone may have done the same thing. I'll bring two and pay for the extra one if necessary. It's a 20 day cruise, so I don't know if that will make a difference.
  8. Since I'm paying double for a solo sailing may I bring 2 bottles of wine on at embarkation for free? Thanks
  9. I'm not familiar with that airport, but if you request wheelchair service from Delta you shouldn't have a problem. Normal speed in an airport is usually too slow!
  10. Cera-Ve makes a solid sunscreen, too.
  11. Is Hampton Plantation more convenient than Hampton Airport North? Thanks.
  12. Maybe they know something you don't... 😨!
  13. One more for the Citizen Eco Drive watches. We've bought several and they're still going strong. At the very least you'll save on taxes.
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