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  1. When we were on Island in September, they said it would be out in November. All of the bartender's had to go to a meeting on how to fix the new cocktails.
  2. Plant

    Medical evacuation/delayed boarding

    They ask that passenger's on the side of the ship where the helicopter will be hovering, stay off their balconies because of the draft and also to avoid distracting the pilot (i.e. with flash photography).
  3. Yes, but I'd probably wait until Monday morning. I don't think you'll have a problem booking. You did check under Travel Arrangements on your booking? Have a great cruise :) !
  4. Plant

    Self service laundry

    Here's a link to the sheets on Amazon:https://www.amazon.com/s/ref=nb_sb_ss_i_4_14?url=search-alias%3Daps&field-keywords=laundry+sheets+detergent&sprefix=laundry+sheets%2Caps%2C257&crid=1FCCDN5RN7KS4
  5. Plant

    Self serve laundry on Princess

    There is a cold water setting, but no tap water on the ship is ever truly cold. It's tepid at best and sometimes lukewarm.
  6. Plant

    Smokers question - Emerald Princess

    When I saw that I'd posted in this thread I was surprised, as I didn't remember posting. Then I saw it was 11 years ago! No wonder I didn't remember! Things have changed!
  7. Plant

    Princess Share Holders Program?

    We use a copy of our Proxy Vote statement. Don't have to black out all the info about other investments. We paid about $32.00 a long time ago and have definitely gotten our money's worth!
  8. Plant

    Mini-suite(s) with shower only

    Thanks everyone! Thrak, I always enjoy your posts, OT or not :) . Some of the above cabins are still listed as HC. We'll check when we book our next cruise. Getting in and out of a tub with knee problems is a pain in more ways than one!
  9. I'm sure I've seen deck plans with a few mini-suites that have only a shower, but now I can't find the ship(s) they're on. Can anyone help? Thanks,
  10. Plant

    Alaska teaser

    We'll be there for two weeks in September on Island Princess. Can't wait to see Alaska again! Thanks for the great pics!
  11. Plant

    Yes Regal Laundromat Pics (Emerald Deck), WOW!

    That's great, but be aware that if there are many Elite's onboard the laundry service can take between 4 and 5 days to get back to you :eek: ! On our last cruise we used the self serve laundry since we pack minimally.
  12. Plant

    Mean & Nasty Passengers

    We had a guy at Crooner's threaten to "beat you up and your fat wife, too". The bartender's watched him and were about to call security when his friend got him out of there. I later learned that he and his wife had been banned from any place that was selling alcohol. I would have had the bartender's call security ASAP instead of waiting, but I guess they have their rules.
  13. Plant

    Carnival using Princess Cays?

    Carnival Corp owns Princess and other cruise line's. I wouldn't be surprised to see sharing when necessary.
  14. Last April we stayed in Sydney for six days before a cruise. We picked the Meriton Serviced Apartments, Kent Street. It was a great place to stay, the people were incredibly friendly and helpful, and it was reasonably priced. There's a Cole's Market and a Woolies within easy walking distance for stocking up. We went to Paddy's Market (more souvenirs than you'll ever need :) ! We also went to the zoo, which was nice, but we were disappointed to find that you had to pay extra to "visit" the koala's. Be sure to start at the top and work your way down! It's on a mountainside! We also went to The Rocks area on Saturday when they have a "flea market". That was fun and interesting. I think anything that you do that's new to you will be a great experience!
  15. Just FYI, if you're Elite and supposed to get free laundry service, if there are a lot of Elite's on board it can take up to 5 days to get your laundry back :(! You might want to plan to spend 2 hours some afternoon to go to the Passenger Laundry and wash and dry your own clothes. Also, be aware that there's no such thing as "cold" water wash. We just don't take anything that we wouldn't want to be ruined.