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  1. Interesting feedback, thank you for the technical description, chengkp75! I love hearing from people who know the information behind the curtain. I had a feeling at the end of the day, the last year or so wouldn't have an overall effect on her lifespan. If anything, I'm sure we all agree as long as this doesn't *shorten* it, that is all that matters. It is a bit of a disappointment that this has delayed her interior refit (by how long is anyone's guess) since she could use a touch up in some areas, but if that's what Cunard has to do for now to get the lady back on track, so be it
  2. A question I have been pondering, and wondering what you all may think. When she does get back up and running, QM2 will essentially have been in "hibernation" mode for more or less 2 years. While she hasn't been completely shut down, she also hasn't undergone the rigorous pressures of her cruising/crossing schedule. Do you feel this will ultimately result in her being in service for a few more years than initially planned? QM2 was built with a service life of 40 years. Obviously, economic factors could make or break that lifespan, but strictly speaking on hull stressors alone, I'm curious if b
  3. Thanks for the input! The price isn't really an issue, just a mere curiosity, but of course now that I think about it, it makes total sense why it would still be the full fare, and totally understandable.
  4. I'm referring to voyage M033. We would plan on disembarking in Quebec and just flying back to Boston.
  5. Hi All- Glancing at the 2020 itinerary and daydreaming/brainstorming in my head. Specifically for the New England/Canada cruise next October. My question is, would one be allowed to join the trip in Boston rather than New York? If that was possible, would the fare remain the same or would it be discounted in some way? We actually live 10 minutes from Boston's cruise terminal and would love to be able to hop on board and enjoy this voyage for a few days rather than the hassle of getting down to NYC. Appreciate any insights!
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