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  1. Anchorage to Vancouver, or Vancouver to Anchorage?????
  2. Agreed. We don't let things like this, or rude passengers, or chair hogs etc. ruin our trip. What percentage of people in the world have the opportunity to take a cruise vacation??
  3. When sailing on a ship with a Sanctuary area, you can book for single days or the whole cruise. Every time we sail, we rush to the Sanctuary to be able enjoy this area, only to be told that all spots are sold out. We were one of the first to board, and went straight to the Sanctuary even before going to muster station. Seems that the guests doing a b2b booked for both weeks and we were put on a cancellation list. How is this fair?
  4. Is it possible that this attraction is booked so far in advance?
  5. We have a few hundred dollars OBC for our next trip. If we want to book a specialty restaurant, we can't use it because it is not available before we board.
  6. Interesting. Having problems logging on and the error message says, Don't call us, we can't help you sign on?????
  7. Thank you all for the info!!
  8. This will be our first back to back. Do we need luggage tags for the second leg, or will cabin steward just move our bags?
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